Stephanie’s Got The Answer

I got an e-mail from Ms. Stephanie Cutter. I’ll be crawling into my underground shelter on March 1st because the next day we’re going to have problems in River City, big problems: more people living on the street, slashed health care, slower emergency response, reduced access to early education, teachers, first responders, seniors, children, men and women in uniform. All will fall to the ax of a 2% cut, not a cut in actual spending, just a cut in the rate of spending growth. My God, what will happen if we actually cut the dollars we’re spending?? I imagine in the face of actual cuts Stephanie, can I call you Stephanie, would be in an apoplectic fit, followed by days curled up in the fetal position.

It’s a ‘sledgehammer’ approach says Stephanie, ‘indiscriminate!’ We need higher taxes! We have this problem in the first place because of tax loopholes for: oil companies, vacation homes and private jet owners. Stephanie adds for emphasis; “I’m not kidding”. Wow, that private jet thing just won’t go away, facts notwithstanding.

The buzz words are all present, all lined up prettily; the rich, fair share, balanced plan and of course working and middle class families. Good job with the buzz words Steph, don’t think you missed a one of them; and all in just one e-mail. But wait, there’s more.

10,000 teacher layoffs, $400 million from Head Start, at-risk preschoolers have no prayer. Senior nutrition is in jeopardy and we’ll be throwing people out on the street. Who would have thought that 2% would create this much havoc?

I’m guessing you’ve cut your personal spending by much more than 2%. You would have had to considering the price of gas, increasing health insurance costs, food inflation, non health related insurance costs and increases in State and Local taxes.

The problem for Stephanie is, of course, that Republicans are protecting the evil rich. Stephanie skips over the tax loopholes created for Democratic Party constituencies, Hollywood comes to mind, but well, that’s different. Why? Well, just because it is!

You’ll be glad to know that to hold off this American Armageddon is incredibly simple; just donate $25 to Organizing for America. Do it today or we’re all going to die! So says Stephanie.

  • I keep underestimating just how stupid they think the average person is. I’m sure they think that because look how many people voted a second time for Obama.

    However, when you dissect the nonsense they put out, there is nothing more absurd than their claims and tired, antiquated rhetoric. Cutter is a noted liar already yet she, of course, still works in the same position since the lies come from the top down.

    I think people are caring less this time around. The biggest fear of Obama admin is that nothing happens on Friday and most people don’t notice. This would make the threat of spending cuts less scary. The funny part is that we’ve been growing government so long that the average person isn’t sure what would happen if we cut a program here or there. They’re not sure if their car won’t start the next morning or their electricity will turn off.

  • Bob

    It doesn’t matter about ideas anymore.Conservatives put out ideas about reforming health care and social security with accounts for the young workers just starting out to save but they just get ignored or demonized.President George W. Bush attempted to reform Social Security and Rep.Paul Ryan had ideas about getting the budget under control to no avail. The electorate left in America today has been an echo chamber of anti-republican/anti-conservative thought which they hear from MSM and other sources.As Rush Limbaugh said recently “They have created far more low-informated,unaware,uneducated people than we’ve been able to keep up with……People get what they want they vote what they want and get the way they vote.” As was stated in an article I posted a link to recently(see link below)”To call these people zealots would be overstating their political energy but calling them partisans is somehow off the point.”(“Three Reasons Conservatives are Losing the Battle for America” by J.Paul Masko III in American Thinker).

    I’m not advocating giving up conservative values by any means but until America comes out of this moral oasis and the hollow thinking of if only we would have minority candidates it would solve the problem we are kidding ourselves.If the republicans think that Bobby Jindal and Mario Rubio won’t be demonized as Ted Cruz is now and Justice Thomasand Herman Cain was then Gov.Jindal belongs to the “Stupid Party”.

  • Nate,

    I do believe you are correct there is ‘crisis fatigue’ setting in, Peggy Noon wrote about it earlier this week. I keep waiting for the press or folks in general to catch up with the overreach that seems to be the favorite tactic of this administration. One wonders how long they can get away with it. WOLF! WOLF!

    Just got an e-mail from Jim Messina, same message, in some cases same phrases and sentences as Ms. Cutter.

  • Bob,

    if you are devoid of new ideas, which I believe the Left is you HAVE TO demonize. Bill Clintion, now lionized, was a pro at this stuff as was the late Lee Attwood on the Republican side. Of course the left cannot be demonized for fear of the racist, misygonist, or any other variety of ‘ist’s’ Were we attempt to demonize Jessie Jr. you know what the immediate reaction would be. Memo to the demonizers Ms. Chou, accused of shipping jobs to China is from Taiwan. I’ve know some transplanted Taiwanese and the hate China. No need for facts, or a google search; fire, aim ready!

  • Bob

    I wasn’t suggesting the right take up the “Smear and Fear tactics”.My point was the amazement of the depths the American public has sunk to in buying this hokum and the sooner the right recognizes this the better.

  • I was not suggesting that you were. I remain, perhaps naive, but confident that sooner of later these tactics crash, sooner or later folks are going to want something much closer to the truth than they’ve been getting. The Administration attacking Woodward was followed by Ron Fournier of National Review revealing his own incident with the White House staff and him ‘icing’ a high level source.

    The right has to pound factual information and be willing to demonstrate the patience to lead people along a logical path guided by those facts. It’s not happening with a few exceptions.

  • Bill Hedges

    “The right has to pound factual information and be willing to demonstrate the patience to lead people along a logical path guided by those facts. It’s not happening with a few exceptions.”

    That would be the intentions of Karl Rowe’s funding certain candidates. TEA candidate saying women don’t get pregnant in rape. That somehow, the body cleanses itself of egg that were fertilized; is a dead TEA candidate walking. TEA candidates living up to the liberal news media stereotype of looney is NOT helping the cause with a sure loser at polls carrying TEA name. Long time conservative leaders in Mo. wanted Todd to drop out.

    Cut funding only way to rid Party of POOR (destruction of TEA Party brand name) candidates…

  • Bob

    Here’s a link to a new site run by “Club for Growth” which supports CONSERVATIVE,FREE MARKET,LIMITED GOVERNMENT PRIMARY CANDIDATES running against RINO INCUMBENTS.

  • Bill Hedges

    I understand, for you all, this is a local, but very important issue. Beware. The Ides of March (really 1st not 15) __ Comes Arkansas:

    “Arkansas Abortion Law Takes Effect After State Senate Overrides Veto Of Restrictive Bill”

    02/28/13 06:58 PM

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — “Arkansas became the eighth state Thursday to enact a near-ban on abortions starting in the 20th week of pregnancy, and by next week it could outlaw most procedures from the 12th week onward, which would give it the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.”

    “That law, which took effect immediately but which will likely be challenged in court, includes exemptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother.”

    “Senate President Michael Lamoureux, R-Russellville, voted to override the veto, but later told reporters” _____ YES BOB _____, “he wasn’t sure the new law would survive a constitutional challenge.” Do you THINK they should not have PASSED ???

  • Gosh, just got another e-mail from Steph. Absolutly no change in the arguments. Same sky is falling context. The arguments appear to be being rejected but you have to give Steph credit for hanging in there. The GOP must act, but the President does not have to lead.

  • Bob

    It’s called “Leading From Behind” and now that President Obama has been re-elected and he continues to have supporters like Stephanie he feels the onus is on the republicans.And as long as they republicans stay afraid of their shadow and cave in to the left it will benifit the President.