Sandra’s Slippery Slope

Here comes your slippery slope, compliments of Sandra Fluke. Ms. Fluke is, incomprehensively, still garnering media attention which says more about the media than about Sandra. Sandra is a self described Radical Feminist and strategist who feels; “it’s important, as an advocacy strategy, to pick the right battle at the right time.”

So, which battle does Sandra see as the right battle for the time?

We’ve removed barriers to openly gay folks serving in the military. Not enough. We’ve removed the barriers to women in combat. Not enough; at least not enough for Sandra. Sandra, picking the right battle at the right time, is campaigning for inclusion of transsexual individuals in the military. Feels like a slippery slope to me. Could the next issue for Sandra be getting the military to pay for sex change operations? Or, perhaps free Cosmopolitans!

But Sandra’s contribution does not stop there. To the Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT) she adds the ‘questioning community’. I’m not exactly sure what that is, I may actually be part of that community as I’m questioning where this all ends. I can, however, take some comfort in the fact that Sandra is on the case campaigning for about 5 tenths of 1 percent of the population. Of the 5 tenths of 1 percent, my experience tells me that there is not going to be a lot of interest in military service from the transgender community. And…………media outlets pay attention? We can only hope they continue to do so, who better to expose moronic priorities than morons.

Of course I have a bit of spittle on myself here as well, as I’m writing about it, or her, or some combination of the two; I’ll have to question myself on that.

Sandra ‘call me’!!

  • Bob
  • Bob

    As you are well aware it isn’t the logic behind the cause but the feelings that make it justified as something to fight for from the left.Therefore I doubt the “moranic” logic would be a factor or else the President would never have been re-elected.

    Ms.(?)Fluke isn’t doing this on her own someone is putting money behind this effort as they did with her past adventure.As a matter of fact the success of her last one probably had an influence on whoever is sponcering this one.Therefore if we trace the money I wouldn’t be suprised if it was the presidents “Operation America”or what ever he is calling it now.

    This brings a picture to my mind.If anyone is familiar with the movie”Airplane”where all sort of characters are lining up in the aisle to slap some sense into a passenger who is hysterical.This version would have all sorts of transgender,bisexuals,gays and leabians lining up outside a Marine recruiting office.

    Thank God I served 44 years ago.

  • Bob
  • Bob

    As a followup to my post of 23rd of February @1:04 Pm where I state that there is someone supplying backing to Ms.Fluke I came across this related article on the “” site.It involves a group called “Blueprint NC” and it’s in partnership with over 40 Progressive state level non-profit groups including ACORN. A memo that was just sent out gives a two year plan on how they can destroy the republican governor Pat McRory and conservative leaders in North Carolina by “eviscerate,mitigate,litigate,cogitate and agitate”.

    If Sen.Mario Rubio and Bobby Jindal think that they won’t be targeted as Sen.Ted Cruz is now then they belong to the “Stupid Party’.

    The title of the article is “Blueprint NC:How a Shadowy Left Wing Hydr Plans a Targeted Attack on N.C.Republicans” and the link can be found below.

  • Bob

    It should read in a related article NOT “followup to my post”.

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