Leadership: Not Happening

From the 30,000 foot view, sequestration cuts are essentially insignificant were they spread over the vast scope of the Federal bureaucracy; about 2-3%. Were that the case no one would suffer overly. The design was supposed to be so onerous that Congress would find a better way.

Not happening!

The President set off on a, now, typical campaign against the ideas his administration designed apparently unaware (shocking) of the potential for unintended consequence. The President could have campaigned for a set of ideas to ease the ‘crisis’, a middle ground proposal to spread the cuts. He could have been out in front with a proposed solution. The President, instead, chooses to demonize his own administration’s ideas, which he signed off on and blame others. Leadership?

Not Happening!

The politics, so far, appear to favor the President if the numbers are to be believed. The numbers, of course, are disconnected. The President’s overall approval is at the 53-54%; on the issues, however, he’s in the red on a significant majority of the issues polled. That means that 53% could turn into 46% in a political heartbeat.

Our traditional perception of what effective leadership is appears to be eroding. We appear to be on the verge of defining leadership not based on strength, commitment to address challenges or the ability to gather disparate points of view in common cause. We move toward a milieu where the ability to deliver a speech (frequently) is the standard we apply to effective leadership. It’s always been a part of the job, is it now the entire job?

America redefines itself on a continual basis. There can be little doubt that we are the most successful democracy in history, due in large measure to that ongoing drumbeat of change. The question is in what context does that ongoing redefinition occur? Will it occur based on a rededication to Constitutional principles that served as the foundation for our success, or does it redefine itself based on the ongoing effort to vacate those principals.

Do we move back toward the model that created our success, or replicate models that have or are on the verge of failure?

  • Bill Hedges

    buma the *** a·nom·a·ly ***. Not a reason for our major change…

    “That means that 53% could turn into 46% in a political heartbeat.”

    Maybe. Maybe not. Don’t believe it has SO FAR. Bad happens but he comes out sparkily clean. Mostly immune. THEN, never say never, BUT, don’t hold your breathe either.

    To jump to THAT CONCLUSION for THIS particular President, is to look over his job approval numbers to that of his popularity numbers. Then try to correlate the two. I certainly have not done that & obviously author hasn’t either or else he would provide the data with links, instead of conjecturing. Such supposition may very well hold water in past. But like Bill Clinton, buma is “IN LIKE FLINT”. Recently I quoted and gave link to buma’s popularity and he was AT A HIGH. While author showed job performance WAS POOR. A SWIFT turn around, without a drastic event occurring, seems unlikely. We have been in the depth of economic death valley to no avail. buma not losing his popularity with him at helm. He lives to fight as quarterback in his second term with a horrible report card. Non- Presidential elections demos lose BIG. With buma in race little loss for demos. Leading to conclusion they only vote in great quantities for him.

    As I have pulled out the numbers in past, voters with age grow more conservative. With his 2 bids for President, less older voters voted for buma. For example purposes only, say a 26 year old voted buma first time, but 2nd time 4 years older NOT. MAYBE buma color, charisma, etc., youth in great numbers, along with minorities, flock to vote for him first time. Maybe more responsible, etc. 4 years later buma dream burst. With ignorance, or uncaring; youth concern for product of buma politics is not germane to liking THE GUY for young. SOMETHING for the show that says “ BELIEVE IT or NOT”…

    Like a heard of sheep following the leader off the cliff to destruction. Pinpointing the cause may be a verity of reasons after the altered movie title “The Perfect President (Storm)”…

  • Bob

    This Presidents whole legacy will be based on his “leadership from behind”.As Landreaux stated he is quick with a speech and even quicker with his fear and smear rhetoric of passing the blame.Growth to this President doesn’t mean to the economy but to the size of government.He was an absentee Senator and now he’s an absentee President where he is more concerned with getting a tee time with Tiger Woods(over 104 golf dates in his first four years).

    The sad part is by the content of his State of the Union speech he has no intention of changing his agenda and fixing the economy.As long as he can hand out favors and demonize the right his followers won’t look past the last handout.It’s hard for America to re-define itself when the motto of America today is “In Nothing We Trust”

  • Bob

    The term “Nullification” has been associated with the right most recently during the Obamacare debates.Now I don’t agree with states having the right to nullification(thats another debate for another time)but it has occured to me that President Obama has been practicing his own interpretation of nullififying the Constitution.

    While in office he waived the 1996 Welfare Reform Act,the Defense of Marriage Act,made National Labor Review Board appointments with a supposed recess of Congress and over-rid immigration laws in Arizona just to mention a few.Now throw in there his appointment of czars and “Executive Orders’ and we don’t have leadership anymore……..we have a self appointed monarchy.

  • Bob
  • Bill Hedges

    One can go online & discover Elvis is STILL ALIVE. There was a song long ago about everybody was in boxes being ALL THE SAME. All REPUBLICANS are not cut from the same cloth. Not all TEA members are Republicans. Individuals are unique by definition.

    “REMOVE THE KICK ME” SIGN FROM republicans BACKS !” because a few Republicans are for gay marriage is *** lu·di·crous ***. All Republicans are not created IN YOUR IMAGE. Last time I checked 20 % of TEA are Demos & Independents. Demos are NOT all alike either. At the last minute buma had to sign order that no federal funds would be used for abortion in bumcare. Demos voted along our side in Congress AGAINST buma’s budget proposal. Neither Party is on the right side of God all the time.

    Vive la différence… I guess you don’t. You were against aid for HIV in Africa. That’s big government ? Seemed like humanitarian help to me. A better expense for foreign aid I can not imagine. The Party is going to change. It has in the past. CHANGE IS ONLY constant, SURE THING, there is in life or politics…

  • Bob

    There seems to be little excitement about cutting ANY GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS…..yet people complain about high taxes.


    The six functions of government as noted in the Preamble to the Constitution are:

    To form a more perfect union…Governance across state boundaries and keeping the union together

    To establish justice….Establish legislation and rule of law

    To insure domestic tranquility…..Establish the enforcement of law……police

    To provide for the common defense…Establish a national defense,standing army,navy,or militia to protect us from ALL foreign and domestic enemies

    To promote the General Welfare….Govern for the common good

    To secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and posterity…To govern not just for the here and now but with and eye to serving future generations.

    If you vary from these principles I question you calling yourself a member of the Tea Party.

  • Bill Hedges

    YOU KNOW how much I value your opinion… You spoke for Nate. BUT Nate said YOU DON’T…

    Thank GOODNESS YOU ARE NOT standing at the Pearly Gates, here on earth, admitting Tea members ONLY. I PASSED the written examination to call myself __ certified TEA member __. My dues are PAID IN FULL.

    Is THIS the BEST YOU HAVE ???

    See my previous comment WAS WASTED on you.

    “Rick Santelli calls for Tea party on Floor of Chicago Board of Trade”


    TEA has many chapters across our land. Different concepts. i’LL not JUSTIFY myself TO YOU…

  • Bob

    By expanding your acceptance of things covered under the Constitution you are espousing a “LIVING CONSTITUTION” THE SAME AS THE LEFT.Hardly a trait for ANY MEMBER OF THE “TEA PARTY”.

    In a previous thread you asked for how my Jeffersonian views of the Constitution can justify his purchase of the Louisana territory? At the time I stated it wasn’t relative to what we were discussing.Well there are a number of ways it can be justified.First the Constitution was only 14 years old at the time of the Louisana purchase and there was nothing else to follow….it set a precedent as many things did in the early years of our nation.Second President Jeffersons cabinet advised him it was covered under the treaty clause of the Constitution.And lastly I refer you to an article which explains it in detail entitled “Jefferson and the Executive Powers”.

  • Bob
  • Bob


    A recent study on the failure of the “Head Start” program for providing any noticable advantage for kids who were in the program as opposed to those who we’ren’t by the third grade.The same thing can be deduced of the “No Child Left Behind’ program and the manatory government funded Pre-school the president proposed during his State of the Union” speech.Can you say “kickbacks to the teachers unions?”……….can you say budget cut!


  • Bill Hedges

    Bill Hedges Feb 23rd, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    Bill Hedges Feb 23rd, 2013 at 3:08 pm

  • Bob

    You seem to prioritize winning over ideology and are satisfied with “Big Government”republicans financed by Karl Rove well here’s a list of the “Top 10 Establishment republicans Who Lost Senate Races in 2012″and they did it all by themselves.What excuse did they have?


  • Bill Hedges

    You JUST KNEW what Nate thought. Nate said YOU DIDN’T…

  • Bob

    In regard to your opinion that solving the AIDS problem in Africa is our responsibility I was once asked by a co-worker “Where were you when Sunday School taught compassion.” To which I replied “Where were you when Sunday School taught the evils of ENVY AND COVETING THY NEIGHBORS PROPERTY?”


  • Bill Hedges

    You hand me your garbage in “Bob Feb 23rd, 2013 at 11:40 pm”, THERE IS no “You seem” in what you conclude. I’VE destroyed many a comment of yours. You have run from the proof. You became a copycat or walked out of discussion with tail between your legs. Leaking liquid fluid like a scared puppy. You nip in fear.

    What does “Where were you when Sunday School taught the evils of ENVY AND COVETING THY NEIGHBORS PROPERTY” to do with AID epidemic in Africa ? We didn’t fight in WW 2 for “envy” or “property” . Didn’t give assistance in Africa for your those reasons either. “Compassion” DOES NOT COMPUTE with “envy” or “property” as you try to coordinate. “Compassion” is a whole different BALL OF WAX:


    “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it

    — com·pas·sion·less adjective”

    “Examples of COMPASSION”

    “She shows compassion to the sick.”

    “She had the compassion to offer help when it was needed most.”


    I CARE less about your FEELINGS or LACK OF. Have seen here where privately A conservative like Mitt donated more than buma. Government gives foreign aid. A better foreign aid to Africa for AZT and the like was good.


    I don’t “feel guilty” about slavery here. Can see 1,000 years from now some will say HOW THEY WERE AFFECTED by relatives of theirs LONG AGO being slaves. They want retribution. “FEEL GUILTY” has nothing to do with Bush’s help in Africa. Distraction from MATTER ON TABLE is annoying & won’t work. You need a logical bone in your body.

    In “Bob Feb 23rd, 2013 at 11:40 pm” you try to insult me in way that is bitter pill for a TEA person. You have a 15 count NAUGHTY LIST. I have “NONE”. MINE will stay “ZERO”. Not of your caliber. You wanted me to go after Landreaux. NO POBLEM. I found fault in his article. You spoke for Nate. Nate appears to say he can handle THAT JOB. Now, you say, I am for “Big Government”. YOU gave Bush THAT TITLE & I simple explained it away. “Big Government” was thrust upon Bush. He HAD NO CHOICE.

    NOW Bush did have a choice about helping Africa. “So far, the United States has spent about $46 billion through the program. ”


    I have NO DEBT. IF I did, there would be SOME MONEY budgeted for entertainment & charity. You can spend NONE as you see fit.

    Don’t expect this conversation to continue long. You have 15 items on your NAUGHTY LIST because you get flustered when conversation doesn’t go your way… Little self control…

  • Bob

    LMAO…..You start your nonsensical tirade saying how I was embarrassed and disgraced and end with some cockamamie “naughty” and nice list.Tell me if I’m on this list does that mean Nate isn’t going to come down my chimney?

    Your logic is even more confusing.No we didn’t fight in WWII for “envy and property”.We fought because of an attack on us by another nation and a threat to the existance of our freedom and nation.

    GIVING MONEY TO SOLVE THE AIDS PROBLEM IN AFRICA WASN’T THRUST UPON BUSH.Unless there was some hidden political motive he did that all by himself.YOU PROVED MY POINT HERE. We need to cut spending and programs like this and at $46 BILLION DOLLARS THIS IS THE PERFECT STARTING POINT.

  • Bill Hedges


  • Bill Hedges


    1. “Your logic is even more confusing.No we didn’t fight in WWII for “envy and property”.We fought because of an attack on us by another nation and a threat to the existance of our freedom and nation.”

    I was answering your previous comment in “Bob Feb 24th, 2013 at 2:30 pm”

    What I wrote was :

    We didn’t fight in WW 2 for “envy” or “property” . Didn’t give assistance in Africa for your those reasons either. “Compassion” DOES NOT COMPUTE with “envy” or “property” as you try to coordinate. “Compassion” is a whole different BALL OF WAX.

    This pertained to your idiotic statement in “Bob Feb 24th, 2013 at 2:30 pm”


    ANOTHER idiotic misrepresentation of what I wrote. As I wrote, “Big Government” was thrust upon Bush. He HAD NO CHOICE.

    That’s not Africa. That’s 911 and the resulting fail-out expenses. Africa was compassion.

  • Bill Hedges


  • Bob

    I don’t know what you intend on accomplishing when you continue with these childish victory proclamations except self gratification.

    That isn’t how adults conduct a reasonable dialogue.But by repeating your post and making “naughty list” I sometimes question whether I’m talking with a reasonable adult.People here are intelligent enough and can decide for themselves who has ideas and don’t need your juvenile scorecard.It was cute but now it’s just immature.

  • Bill Hedges


    You made YOUR naughty list ALL BY YOURSELF. DD HAD no memory of his vulgarity. Only mine when I went naughty being tired of his.

    Clarifying rather than allowing you to misrepresent the statements is not “childish victory proclamations”. YOU SPEAKING for Nate IS “IMMATURE”. Your “You seem to prioritize winning over ideology and are satisfied with “Big Government”republicans ” is NONSENSE

    Like I said carry on a conversation TOO LONG & you GO NAUGHTY as you now are. Very predictable…

  • Bob

    Landreaux was right about what he wrote on the “Will Iran Step Up To The Rhetoric” thread about you.

    As a southern buddy of mine use to say “Don’t go back and check on a dead skunk”………that’s good advice.

  • Bill Hedges

    Don’t speak for Nate

    Don’t speak for Me

    Landreaux doesn’t know the difference between job perforance and popularty ratings…

  • Bill Hedges

    Some people get _ in·dig·nant _ when their favorite, this week crusade , big government, gets castrated & tires deflated for their spot lighted politician G. Bush. Some Presidents get elected promising shiny new costly objects in order to reach the WH. PORK their key to success. BUT Bush had his fate THURST upon him. Previous terrorist attacks had occurred, but 911 set a tone that could not be denied MAJOR ACTION. Homeland security along with luck staved off other local catastrophe. Such mitigating circumstances lead to strange territory of larger GOVERNMENT unbeknownst to Bush planned future.

    Add the wars & you have majority outlandish budget up-sizing (big government). No THE NORM definition of big government. But one of forced compliance…

    So does Bush’s actions qualify as BIG GOVERNMENT ? HE CERTAINLY did spend big bucks. Which is BUT a portion of the puzzle.

    “The meaning of big government”

    June 14, 2011

    “Ever since the 2010 elections, with the prominent role of the Tea Party, there has been much discussion about big, centralized government.”

    1. “Conservatives, libertarians, and Tea Party activists argue that America has drifted too far from the constitutional principle of limited government — that the federal government is becoming too big, too powerful, with an unlimited scope of authority.”

    Here is a key point. Major job of government is protection of its citizens. Done

    2. “Creating chaos in the housing market”

    Bush warned and attempted bills to correct

    3. “how Fannie Mae contributed to the financial crisis of 2008. Fannie Mae, a nominally private company that effectively operated as a government agency, used its government-granted monopoly to dominate the mortgage market and become the nation’s second-largest debt issuer — second only to the U.S. Treasury.”

    Bush warned and attempted bills to correct

    4. “Fannie Mae was able to engage in such reckless lending because of its government backing, which helped drive out competitors while at the same time insulating Fannie Mae from any bank-style regulation. This government backing was possible because the federal government had spread its tentacles into both the individual home-buying and mortgage-issuing sectors of the economy.”

    Bush warned and attempted bills to correct

    5. “The second example involves the federal healthcare reform bill enacted last year. The unprecedented size and scope of this bill, touching every facet of an individual’s healthcare decisions, has been well documented. But one of the inevitable consequences of huge size and unlimited scope is that the actual working details often get lost amidst that huge size and unlimited scope.”

    That’s not Bush’s Plan D. Have previous discussed Plan D.

    6. “The nature of big government is that it is almost always justified in terms of lofty, idealistic, even utopian (the-country-will-be-saved) arguments. And the acts of big government are almost always billed as reformist. But as demonstrated by such recent legislation as the healthcare reform act and the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, these big government programs also provide for unbounded power and discretion by federal bureaucrats.”

    Of course “Big Government” within TEA parameter is somewhat farfetched.

    7. “The Framers, in drafting a constitution giving only limited power to the federal government, knew that a host of problems and liberty deprivations would occur with a centralized government of near unlimited activity and authority, including a lack of transparency and accountability, and the imposition by federal bureaucrats of uniform mandates on a large and diverse society.”

    Material supporting THIS has been discarded from my comment. DOES NOT apply to Bush. For example:

    “In their recently released book Reckless Endangerment, Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner reveal how Fannie Mae contributed to the financial crisis of 2008. Fannie Mae, a nominally private company that effectively operated as a government agency, used its government-granted monopoly to dominate the mortgage market and become the nation’s second-largest debt issuer — second only to the U.S. Treasury.”

    8 “The danger of big and unlimited government is that, over time, it can distort the most basic notion of sovereignty and principal-agent. Under the U.S. constitutional system, the people are sovereign: they are the principal, with government as their agent and servant. The current debt-ceiling debate demonstrates, unfortunately, how much that relationship has been inverted.”

    TRUE. Homeland security does invade citizen space. NOT without good cause. Debt relationship between Bush-buma IS comparing apples to oranges. Even in golf buma played more in first term.

    9. “Clearly, we have come to a situation where government has gone beyond its role as agent of the people. It now seems to have an independent existence that in turn must be supported by the people merely for the sake of perpetuating a government that has no limits.”

    NOT characterization of Bush…



  • Bob



  • Bill Hedges

    Some of the stuff in yout link I have an opinion about…

  • Bill Hedges


    Some people want “plausible deniability”. Like “Bob Feb 25th, 2013 at 5:21 pm”. Like Senator buma voting on bill “present”. Taking no specific accountability.

    Oh, I was against THAT part in link:

    “Plausible deniability is a term coined by the CIA during the Kennedy administration to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge”


  • Bill Hedges

    Constitutional is BLACK or WHITE ? TEA did not exist to elect Bush, but, Bob wants to hold him accountable to TEA standards. Well Bob HATE Thomas Jefferson, he didn’t live up to _ his own HIGH standards__ of strict Constitutional interpretation.

    Liberals JUST KNEW non-court ordered WIRE TAPS were ILLEGAL. NOT according to SUPREME COURT. After Bush left office was UP-HELD. We JUST KNEW at least one of our arguments would declare bumcare illegal by SUPREME COURT. In Bob’s link it talks of some bills Bush signed that was found unconstitutional. *** BIG DEAL *** Miss Brooks. IS or ISN’T __ NOT ALWAYS easy to know. Many TEA JUST KNEW buncare would be OVERTURNED.

    Do you want to come out of the CLOSET & be against Homeland Security ? The Wars ? Etc. ? TAKES some personal



    “Noun Courage in pain or adversity: “she endured her illness with great fortitude”.


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