Hagel and Iran

A cadre of 14 retired flag officers has expressed no confidence in Chuck Hagel. They cite his stance on Iran as a primary concern. We should all be concerned with a ‘soft’ view of Iran. Iran’s history demonstrates a consistent and ongoing war on the West and Western assets. Here’s the short list.

• An attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tehran leading to a 444 day hostage crisis.
• A direct chain of command from Iran’s ruling Mullahs in the person of Ayatollah Khamenei to Imad Mughniyah, generally accepted to have been the most effective, cold blooded, terrorist of the last twenty years.
• The bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut generally believed to be the work of Mughnihay at Iranian direction and by way of Islamic Jihad and Hiz’bAllah resulting in 241 deaths. We should not forget that the French were also attacked that day in 1983 resulting in 58 French deaths. A U.S. court secretly indicted Mughniyah in 1985.
• Restaurant bombing in Spain.
• Any number of Hamas and Hiz’bAllah operations that have clearly been financed and influenced by Iran including the provision of a massive inventory of rockets, weapons and training. Most experts agree that Hiz’bAllah is the “A Team” when it comes to sophisticated terrorism and that designation could not have occurred without Iranian support by way of Syria.
• Provision of sophisticated, shaped charge Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) to Iraqi insurgent forces leading to untold American deaths and injury.
• Iranian training for those selfsame insurgent groups.
• Iranian support for the now bombed out Syrian nuclear plant.
• Massive efforts to topple or influence the Iraqi political process.
• Bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia has long been believed to have been executed by Iranian surrogates.
• Arming of Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.
• Direct cash contributions to the Karzai regime in Afghanistan where Americans still fight and die.
• Sanctuary provided to any number of Al Qaeda operatives, including members of the bin Laden family and, perhaps, Zawahiri.
• Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) training camps processing literally thousands of terrorists and insurgent fighters. An August 2010 State Department report contends that the Taliban is also being trained by IRGC personnel.
• Iraqi arrests of a variety of Iranian IRGC senior officers operating terror cells in Iraq.
• Iranian markings on shaped charge IED’s have been found throughout Iraq over the past ten years.
• Massive financial support to Hamas, Hiz’bAllah and their sub groups such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Iranian support for Hiz’bAllah is estimated at $200 million annually.
• An Azerbaijani court convicted fifteen Iranian-supported individuals of treason in December 2007, on charges of plotting to overthrow the government in an attempt to establish a Shiite regime. (Washington Institute for Near East Policy)
• The U.S. State Department calls Iran the most active sponsor of terrorism in the world.
• The State Department also suspects Iran of encouraging Hiz’bAllah July 2006 attack on Israel to deflect international attention from its nuclear weapons program.
• The 1992 and 1994 terrorist bombings of Jewish Centers in Argentina have resulted in international indictments aimed at individuals who are senior Iranian Defense officials.
• Arming and training of Syrian forces fighting insurgents.
• Reports that Iran in addition to a nuclear program has also mastered eight microbiologic agents at the site in Marzanabad with Russian assistance.

  • Bob

    New footage of a speech Mr.Hagel gave in 2008 has surfaced where he says there should be no attack on Iran by the United States even if Israel is threatened.

    He goes on to say “Our policy has been so sucessful I believe,hasn’t it? I mean all those countries,Lebanon is in great shape,Gaza is in great shape,Israel is in good shape,Iran,Iraq things have never looked better because we never talk to anybody.” Notice Israel the only really free country in the Middle east is ONLY IN GOOD SHAPE!


  • The reality in Israel is a successful democracy and a successful innovative economy. From the Arab point of view it’s a point of comparision that gives lie to the underlying philosophy of the Islamists and Salifists in the region. They MUST ignite religious fervor because any dispassionate view reveals failing economies and the last remaining vestiges of Royal rule.

  • Bob

    But these remarks came from an American official Hagel not some Islamist “Bagdad Bob”.

  • And the difference would be???

  • Bob

    Check…..I get your point!

  • There can be no doubt that with most of its battle-ready torpos tied up in Iraq, there will be no U.S. invasion of Iran. Any action would be an air attack on probably hardened underground facilities. U.S. leaders have to anticipate, however, that if it attacks Iran by air, Iran’s ground forces will probably invade sourthern Iraq, cutting off US lines to Kuwait. If the Turkey-Kurdish battle is in full swing by then, the U.S. ground forces in Iraq will be in serious trouble. Bush is stupid enough to fall into that trap. The smarter candidates with good advisers have probably figured this out. They are the ones who are not committing to any action publicly and letting Iran imagine what cards the next president would use.

  • Landreaux


    There are actions that could be taken to deliver a serious message to Iran absent the need to attack the nuclear facilities. Limited ‘message’ attacks on the military installations along the Gulf could be easily accomplished. If the message is not delivered and accepted the attacks on military targets could become progressive including key IRGC facilities. So coordination with allies would be required to blunt the potential for terror attacks. This comment is a bit oversimplieied but it is highly questionable that Iraq will engage and Turkey has their own problems with Iran not the least of which is the competition for regional hedgemon.