Will Iran Step Up To Its Rhetoric?

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened, on a number of occasions, a war that “would know no boundaries” should the U.S. or Israel attacks his regime’s nuclear facilities. Now that reports of a massive explosion in the Fordow nuclear facility are being confirmed one wonders if President A has the juice to support the rhetoric. The Fordow facility is deep underground and reports have over 200 trapped by the explosion which occurred last Monday. The best information at this time indicates that light fixtures used in the facility may have contained high tech explosives responsive for the crisis.

Of interest are reports that have a significant delegation of North Koreans also at the site during the explosion to observe the feeding of uranium gas into six new sets of cascades consisting of 174 centrifuges.

While the President’s spokesman, Mr. Carney claims no verifiable knowledge of the explosions, he also questions the validity of the reports; WND.com reports that The Times of London and Germany’s Die Welt have confirmation from independent intelligence sources and are reporting the story widely. Other sources report that a barrier has been hastily constructed around the facility with the intent of keeping potential onlookers away from the site.

Iran has been the target of a ‘soft’ war against its nuclear program for some time. The Stuxnet virus was, unfortunately, widely reported. Reports have it, as well, that flawed materials and centrifuges were delivered to the Iranians by way of covert operations. Assassinations of nuclear scientists have occurred over the past two years as well as unconfirmed reports of other actions against nuclear facilities. Do these occurrences rate the label ‘attack’?

Is, as some suspect, the aggressive rhetoric of the Iranian regime nothing more than an attempt at rhetorical intimidation? The timing for Iran may is difficult as their key ally in the region, Syria, is mired in a civil war. Israel is taking significant defensive measures to protect themselves from retaliation by Iranian surrogates Hiz’bAllah and Hamas and Turkey continues its rise as a contender for regional hegemony. The sanctions are, finally, having impact despite the President Obama’s refusal to deepen the sanctions, and the potential for internal resistance against the regime is substantial.

Should the current reports be confirmed beyond doubt, Iranian nuclear ambitions will be pushed into the future. Israel has already extended their estimates of where the Iranian red line is to 2015 or 2016. One has to wonder if the Israeli revision was based on knowledge sure that these explosions would occur?

‘No boundaries’ apparently exists from “someone” else’s point of view as well.

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