Shiny Objects

You’ve lost somewhere between $40 and $120 a month based on the President’s ‘tax the rich’ campaign; tax the rich, continue to pay the unemployed and hold the line on payroll taxes. Oh, no, wait, sorry; he never mentioned that last part, oops!

Hey you, the Middle Class; the much beloved of the President, Middle Class; did you see that one coming prior to November 6th? Tell the truth. No you didn’t; did you? Those nasty Republicans did not want any tax increases, the bastards, just out there to protect ‘the rich’.

Hey you, the Middle Class; the President is not worried about how you feel about that missing money. He’s pretty sure you’ll forget all about it in a couple of months. You’ll forget because you’ll cut back to make up the difference, the media will ignore it, you’ll get used to the next new reality and we have lots and lots of shiny objects to distract you. You know, just like the campaign.

Gun control is the shiny object of the moment. The President’s proposals are pure PR distraction. Nothing he wants, save better registration procedures and background checks, is going to accomplish anything, we know it he knows it. It did, however, move the swooning media off the payroll tax issue much to their relief, phew! “Hey over here, shiny object; guns, children, righteous indignation, stage craft, the NRA; we have to do more. You see, we know all about guns; after all, we came up with Fast and Furious.”

“Wait, wait we have more shiny objects up on the shelf, look here. We have Senate Confirmations for Cabinet Secretaries, we have staff changes, we have a ton more demonizing to do and who knows what crisis will pop up and manufacture even more shiny objects for us. It’s a crazy world but they sure can pump out shiny objects. We’ve got a shiny object manufacturing operation up on Capitol Hill as well. They pump out shiny objects that are downright psychedelic, like getting rid of Presidential term limits, and re-writing the Second Amendment to fix that phantom comma. Oh, they’re good, “Damn the torpedoes (facts) full shiny ahead!”

“We will of course, in the interest of the ‘greater good’ carefully pick and choose the shiny objects most appropriate to the task at hand. We don’t want you looking at that damned Debt Clock or, for that matter, your paycheck.

  • Bill Hedges

    Is a sad STATE OF AFFAIRS that WE are like monkeys. You catch a monkey with devise that has food in the object. When monkey closes it’s fist CAN NOT free himself from devise so is caught because monkey will not release the food. Too many monkey see, monkey do. Need to find water ? Feed salt to that monkey. he will lead you there.

    My favorite link is chalk full of CBO real fact numbers NOT ESTIMATES. Middle class DID BEST with tax cuts for rich. RICH paid MORE TAXES. All of which, is negated, by “SIMPLE MATH” statement…

    Harry Houdini would be proud of the slide of hand trickery…

  • Bob

    Ask yourself how many issues did you hear the President actually push to pass in Congress? His health care program he let Pelosi and Reid do the heavy work.The gun control issue he put Vice President Biden in charge of.and he can do it in such a way that not only does the presidents programs affect the middle class tax wise but he twist the facts so that it appears to the 99% that the Republicans were the cause of the tax increase.But the President bases his whole legacy as President on this horse and pony show of legislating.As I mentioned in a previous thread the economy and jobs are the major issues in America (according to a recent Gallop poll)so what does he push…..guns and gun control which only make up 4% of the publics concern.Why? Well possiblly to divert attention to the nominations of Mr.Hagel and Lews.If this ol’e magician trick of distracting with “shiny objects” don’t work the MSM can always be relied on to ask some minor Republican Congressmen his thoughts about rape.

    Leadership is supposed to have a plan to focus on what legislation it can accomplish and what it cannot.It is supposed to know if it has the votes BEFORE IT TAKES IT TO THE FLOOR and if not try some good old arm twisting.The Republican leadership we have today seems unfocused,undisciplined and afraid of being demonized by the left.Folding your tent is not a strategy,it’s being complaisant.

  • Bob