Since Election Day

Sometimes seeing things all in one place helps with the perception of context. Here we go: one week post election.

The U.S. supports international ‘law’ that will impact gun owner ship in the U.S. Hey it’s the law.

Unemployment ‘adjusts’ to 8.3%; ‘real’ unemployment is at 15%.

Iran shoots at a U.S. drone in international air space five days before election, reported two days after election. Not to worry, we issued a ‘protest’ by way of the Swiss Embassy.

Reports of secret negotiations with Iran continue by way of that top foreign policy expert, Valeria Jarrett. The White House denies the persistent reporting. No wonder Hillary is out of there.

The Egyptian President demands that President Obama must bend to the will of the Arab people. He then demands that it’s up to the U.S. to change its policy on a few minor issues: support for Israel, establishment of a Palestinian state and, of course, respect for Arab Culture and traditions.

Hillary will not testify regarding Benghazi as she’s doing a great job of staying out of the country.

The U.S. Ambassador tells the Saudis that U.S. Foreign Policy positions will change in the second term. The likelihood of additional bowing was not mentioned in the reporting.

Minorities in the GOP are ‘just window dressing” so says Joy Reid on MSNBC. One must wonder at the backlash if that opinion was aimed at Democrats.

CAIR, a single day after the election declares America is now ‘less Islamophobic’. What a difference a day makes.

Harry Reid announces his intention to raise the debt ceiling to nearly $19 trillion. That would cover the next three years of deficits and remove the issue from ongoing litigation until the next Presidential election heats up..

United We Dream a Hispanic political group has demanded of the President immediate amnesty, for 11 million illegal immigrants.

“ Peoples World” a Communist party newspaper is overjoyed at the re-election of President Obama. “We Won! The American people speak and act with strength and determination”.

Crowds of students at the white house on election evening chant “Karl Marx” and “Socialism.”

Boeing announces massive layoffs, delayed until after Election Day, other Defense contractors will soon follow suit.

The CIA Director resigns just in advance of the Benghazi Hearings. An affair that was known to investigators months ago.

Coal companies begin to lay off workers led by Murray Energy; the country’s largest privately owned coal mining company lays off 156 at two locations. In fairness Murray Energy has a less than perfect environmental record.

But it’s not just coal, the following have announced layoffs: Energizer, Exide, Westinghouse, Research in Motion, Lightyear Network solutions, Hawker Beechcraft, Boeing, CVPH Medical Center, US Cellular, Momentive Performance Materials, Rocketdyne, Brake Parts, Vestas Wind Systems. Husqvarna, Bristol-Meyers, OCE North America, Darden Restaurants(limits workers to 28 hours a week to avoid the 30 hour per week ObamaCare rendition of full time work), United Blood Services Gulf; Utah American Energy will close 204 coal fired plants by 2014. That’s a total of approximately 5,000 jobs. But wait; there’s more, 20 businesses announcing closings in the two days following the election; entertainment companies, food companies, manufacturing, retail and consumer products, all represented in the closing announcements.

TSA workers have ratified their first Union Contract, National Security with the Union Label?? What could possibly go wrong?

1.6 million acres of previously approved (Bush Administration) land for oil shale development has been put off limits by the Department of the Interior.

New Federal regulations are currently occurring at the pace of 68 per day, nearly 25,000 per year.

Four candidates are rumored to replace Energy Secretary Chu. One is an Al Gore protégé, one a George Soros protégé and two others from deep in the Green Energy business and prior beneficiaries of stimulus funds.

59 voting precincts in Philadelphia recorded zero votes for Mitt Romney.

The CBO reports that the President’s tax plan will have zero impact on the deficit.

The President is now looking for $1.6 trillion in tax increases, double the number he wanted during the failed negotiations with Congress.

Use of secret, alias based e-mail accounts to conduct Government business is exposed, a clear violation of the FOIA law that requires the use of government e-mail accounts to conduct government business. Chief among them, Lisa Jackson at the EPA. Why the need for secrecy?

  • I can’t read it all, makes my eyes bleed with the amount of disasters going on right now both foreign and domestic. These are tumultuous times in America but we’ve faced them down before. The question is how bad do things have to get before a majority of voters decide that new leadership is needed. Apparently the last 4 years wasn’t bad enough so we haven’t hit bottom.

  • Bill Hedges

    My electricity comes from coal. Higher energy cost ON ITS WAY. Canada oil comes from oil shale (our largest oil importer. Let our carbon fuel go to …..). Can oil shale oil be outlawed in America ? We have more oil in oil shale than Saudi Arabia has oil. Higher cost on everything with raised energy cost and paying for bumcare by businesses. Don’t forget no extension of Bush’s tax cuts (will they be extended for non-rich ? How about the s/s payroll cuts ?). . In open mike buma told Russian representative wait until after election about Israel. Newspaper ads wanting folks to go word-by-word through Sarah Palin’s Gov e-mails. That’s not happening with EPA & whoever else in buma’s administration.

    Now all we need is FULL WORLDWIDE rejection of our $$$ as standard currency. Start of that has been started. Second coming of our Savior could be on back page of newspapers with what is coming here on bumastreet (sorry Big Bird).

    HOW IS THIS GOING TO BE BUSH’S FAULT ?????? MAYBE MITT’S FAULT ??? Likely class warfare because rich will not invest creating jobs IF buma gets his way. I HOPE screams of Republicans are PARTY OF NO from DC can be heard in Missouri. Will that STOP enough of THIS MADNESS ???

    We are living in a HOUSE OF CARDS…

  • JD McAfoose

    What if it doesn’t get that bad?
    What if the ship is corrected?
    What if both parties come together to fix these issues?

    Will that unite people in a new american direction?

  • Landreaux


    All BIG IF’s.

    I hope it does not get that bad, but I’m not optimistic. In terms of a corrected ship we’re not even talking about that fact that unfunded entitlement liabilities make $16 trillion look like pocket change and I’d love to see the parties come together but fail to see where the motivation is going to come from. I know where the motivation should come from but it’s hard for me to see it happening.

    We have allowed so much corruption to exist in our political systems (both sides) it’s just hard for me to see a way forward that will last. The solution has to last it can’t be driven by every two year elections, it just won’t work.

    But……..hope springs eternal.

  • Mike R


    I’m interested in what you say about corruption here. Could I talk you into expanding it some?.

  • Bill Hedges

    JD McAfoose

    History. Did demos learn from Nov. 2, 2010 any lessons ? Except to scream “party of no” and racist IF against bumcare. Nearly every bill passed in demo controlled congress was hated in polls and gave us sweeping demo loss Nov. 2, 2010. In recent election we still control House. A popular president SITS. HE could pull a Bill C.. Hopefully not a dress ruiner. Did his recent speech sound promising ?

    Mike R

    I just expanded on government corruption & false advertisement on another article. Sure you will agree. You could read author’s examples given in his article.

    Don’t forget $16 trillion federal reserve printed & loaned (giveaway ?) to foreign banks as well as Wall Street, in secret, without congressional approval. With NO pay back plan or interest charged. THAT sure hit every newspaper front pages for a month !

    With demos unable to cut funding for such projects as Big Bird or Reed’s Cowboy’s Poet Society, nothing is unimportant enough to cut government spending on. Is heresy to expect public to fully fund abortion clinics. Or women pay for cheap birth control pills…

  • JD M.

    Landreaux – Hope does spring eternal and they are big if’s but I also think both parties realize the severity and consequences of the “If Not’s”. I think this will be a defining moment in history on what our parties do to come together and solve this problem.

    In the end… when elephants fight only the grass suffers.

  • Bill Hedges

    JD M.tell the demos…

    Is easy.

    House has passed a bunch of bills. Senate votes on them. If they fail Senate re-writes and goes back to House. So on. For long time no votes in Senate with Reed pulling the plug on healthy congress doing the bidding of America.

    That’s how a functioning congress WORKS…


    We have faced these problems before but with strong leaders, our non-allied world does not see Obama as a strong leader so both foreign and domestic we will see how the world turns over these next few weeks.

  • Bob

    Mike R:
    Once again the American public aren’t afaid to FACE THE SERIOUS ISSUES UP FRONT.This is supposedly on the White House website and is filed under “Human Rights”. As I said before there are wacko elements all over and we shouldn’t take them serious…….but God help America!

  • Mike R


    People get obsessed with things. I remember a college kid who showed up early to class every morning with a newspaper. He’d take the sports section out and throw the rest in the trash. Seems sad to toss aside the news of your world, country and community and give all your attention to games. The ancient Greeks and Romans had crowds of sports fanatics.

    We need to take it all seriously. Democracy cannot thrive amid ignorance.