He’s OUR Crook!

The Virginia’s 8th Congressional district is solidly Democratic in the person of Congressman Jim Moran. I’m no fan of Mr. Moran as the ascendance of President Obama has provided context for Mr. Moran to give full voice to his true hard Left inclinations.

But wait; James O’Keefe has struck again. Mr. Moran’s son and Campaign Field Director was caught on tape providing advice on how to commit voter fraud.

This, however, is prelude to the point.

What story there is, for me, was my reaction to this news happening in my neighborhood. When I first received the story my reaction to the e-mail was a sarcastic; “shocking”!

I grew up in Massachusetts, I remember politicians being re-elected as they sat in a jail cell; the rationale? “He’s OUR Crook!”

It is tragic that corruption is so easily dismissed, expected, winked at and accepted so long as there is a point of direct deniability. Did Rep. Moran directly participate in providing a roadmap for voter fraud? Common sense would dictate that Moran’s son would operate within the context of his father’s definition of acceptability. Common sense says of course it was okay with Rep. Moran. However, direct evidence of fraud will likely not touch Moran. He will be content with “the son paying for the sins of the father.” Character issue anyone?

The voters of the 8th Virginia Congressional district will re-elect Jim Moran. The voters of the 8th Congressional will put their stamp of approval on corruption because “He’s OUR Crook!”

  • Bill Hedges

    In Missouri we have Republican Akin who talked crazy about rape & body has way of stopping pregnancy in such cases. He also is against social security which I am as well. But some folks would never save ON THEIR OWN, and I was forced to pay into for 40 + years so is dead issue for me.

    Akin is running against a woman who was handcuffed to buma’s leg when he toured Mo. in 2008. Her & her family , were rewarded (?), with fields of windmills. She is off my Christmas card list.

    Like Sarah Palin, I have no problem voting for a Democrat with good record. I’d vote for the devil before I would for Sen. Claire McCaskill unless the devil had a worse political record. Joe Biden talks REAL CRAZY and he keep getting re-elected and was chosen twice as VP…

  • JD McAfoose

    It is interested to see how both sides are preparing in the case of a loss. Conservatives are running stories like this on and Liberals are running stories about CEOs threatening to fire people if they don’t vote for Romney.

    I believe this could be an indicator of a close race.

  • Bill Hedges

    Do explain HOW an employer will KNOW how a employee VOTED so employer can FIRE IF employee votes wrong ???

    Unions & buma want votes know and not secret in union voting elections, but my vote will be unknown for Presidential election.

    THIS “Liberals are running stories about CEOs threatening to fire people if they don’t vote for Romney” sounds stupid & impossible to happen. Let liberals go back to blaming Sarah & Fox for shooting in AZ. That would out SO WELL for liberals.

    Landreaux story DOES NOT sound MADE UP BULL…

  • Bill Hedges

    Not “would” but worked…

  • JD,

    I think it’s close right now, in 10 days it will either stay close or it will break as a landslide. Won’t take much to push it to landslide terratory.

  • Mike

    As an old man who remembers his youth and a parent who remembers the shenanigans of his children, I can’t agree that common sense would necessarily “dictate that Moran’s son would operate within the context of his father’s definition of acceptability”. It may well be, but it ain’t necessarily so. I’m sure Moran took his boy to the woodshed, hopefully for doing wrong and not just for getting caught at it.

    I think tampering with our right to a fair election is a serious crime and should be punished at least as vigorously as we punish larceny or assault. Political corruption of any kind is not a partisan issue. I’m sure you’re just as concerned about the recent activities of Republican operative Nathan Sproul as you are about this incident.

    But Representative Moran has more than this to answer for. It took me about five minutes of research to find that he collects about a million dollars of ‘contributions’ per election cycle, largely from real estate interests and high-tech and defense related industries in his district. I’d like to believe that these contributions are gifts, and Mr. Moran would never think of reimbursing these generous constituents with political favors, but I can’t help being a little suspicious.

    I’ll drop the irony. Mr. Moran is a member of the Congess of the United States, hence he is corrupt, and has no choice but to be corrupt if he wants to stay there. If an opponent collects more of these ‘contributions’ than he does, he’ll be retired to private life.

    Maybe it’s not Mr. Moran’s fault. Maybe it’s our fault. Maybe we shouldn’t let special interests bribe our elected representatives.

  • Bill Hedges

    “Obama Campaign Using Illegal Foreign Donations…Just Like 2008”

    “Go to the Mitt Romney campaign site and try to donate $20 on your credit card with the wrong name and address and it spits it right back at you. Do the same thing at the Obama site and it will accept it. That’s how it works.”


  • JD McAfoose

    Landreaux – I agree but i believe it is anybody’s election currently. Of course, I think Obama will edge out but I live in Texas so my vote will not be swaying anything. 🙂

  • Bill Hedges

    The GREAT STATE OF TEXAS has done well with it’s diversity and conservative mindedness in recession. No-tax-charged for real food. Sugar no tax. Candy taxed. Orange juice no tax. Orange drink taxed.

    California with their liberals has high taxes & big spending with MEGA debt are in a __ co·nun·drum __ . buma liberal State of IL is THE SAME…