Hillary Falls On A Butter Knife

Yea, yea I know ‘falling on a sword’ is the appropriate rhetorical flourish. Secretary Clinton did not do exactly that. “It was my responsibility” but it was really the “fog of war and combat confusion”; even though Assistant Secretary Lamb followed the events in real time according to her testimony to Congress. Typically the ability to follow an event in real time exposes the exact nature of the situation, not this time; somehow!

Madam Secretary took responsibility but did not address the key questions surrounding the entire episode. She did just enough to be a good soldier, but not enough to assuage the concerns of those paying attention and wondering at the raging incompetence.

Why has it taken 35 days for her to speak to her responsibility? What changed? Was not her responsibility the same a month ago as it is now?

Why is the intelligence community still bearing the implication that the problems were with their assessments when real time intelligence was available? What justifies the considerable amount of dissembling, and change in stories, again in the context of real time intelligence being available. State has their own intelligence apparatus, their own people were begging for more security. Why is it that State Department officials were so frustrated at being denied and ignored that they described the situation as “the Taliban being in the building” referring to the State Department.

Susan Rice’s “that’s the intelligence I had” has been proven to be false to the point of distraction. As noted in prior posts Ms. Rice does not work for the State Department, she reports directly to the President as a Cabinet Member.

What culture existed at State that would make the ‘security professionals’ think it was OK to remove the Ambassador’s security detail? Everyone on the ground was asking for additional security, it never came; why?

Why was the Ambassador even in Benghazi without adequate security? Why was the Ambassador denied the plane he requested?
How is it that with $2.2 billion in unspent State Department security funds we took security in Libya on the cheap?

How is it that despite Jihadist internet postings, prior attacks on the compound, prior attacks on British interests, prior attacks on Red Cross facilities, warnings, requests for additional security, requests that the existing detail not be eliminated fell on deaf ears? Taking responsibility is one thing, feasible answers are another.

There are some very interesting theories out there. They are more complex than a political thriller. They are focused on a ‘set up’ to deliver an October Surprise; proving the President’s machismo and maintaining his edge on Foreign Policy over his opponent. The problem here is that these theories seem to be the only explanations that address all of the know facts and general context.

That, is a sad state of affairs. Pun intended.

  • it’s interesting that people would complain about that this administration has spent to much money. so no matter which way they decided either to provide on a plane, or security People, People’s are going to complained,
    First of all, they should had said they “need to do thorough investigation” no one should had said anything until the investigation was completed, There was a mass confusion going on at the same ecact time. no matter if it was the video tape or not, it was an act of terror. if it happen here in the US by America fim maker with America’s protesting, would it be act of terror, so what it took two weeks, when you are dealing with foreign countries , foreign investigation. it could had taken a month. why did it take so long for the FBI to get in? security and safety was a priority. let them complete the investigation. his office was getting confuse data and finally after reviewing video tapes, witnesses, building and talking to other staff members who was there. Hillary or Obama should had waited until the investigation was more than 85% done to give a little word but not enough for the terriost to know what is going on

  • True

    it will come out at the 3rd debate for sure.

  • Besides having the most evasive White House in the history of our nation, we now have a Secretary of State that has become part of the lies and deceit. I voted for Hillary Clinton, and she has become just like the rest of this socialist regime. What in the world has happened to her??? More important, why isn’t the American people outraged that we have been played for fools, while Mr. Obama continues to cover his behind with telling the public lie, after lie???? If you watched the hearing in CSpan , it is clear what has happened. One day soon, if Mr. Obama is reflected, you will see Jihad crimes in our country, on our streets. We have become a very weak nation in the eyes of our allies, and the world. Just read foreign papers!!! Watch out Americans!!!!! God Bless the Ambassadors family and the families of our Navy Seals, and all our armed forces fighting for our freedoms!!

  • Bill Hedges

    Good old Democrat party controlled Congress gave buma $$$ billions from stimulus package to personal loan out (surely NOT to gain campaign contribution for ?). Boy does buma know how to loan out OUR MONEY to his friends. I sure hope this was a friend of his.

    A123 Systems Company files bankruptcy putting people unemployed. Electric Car Battery manufacturer received.

    Taxpayers OUT $$$ $129 million of the grant. NOT THE FIRST TIME buma:


  • Landreaux


    This IS Hillary, there is little to separate her from President Obama philosophically if you look hard into her background. She is, however, smarter than the average bear, usually. Not so in this situation.

  • SAM

    All the conservative hyperventilating about Benghazi is ridiculous. You guys are desperate to find a scandal.

  • Diana Mitchell

    What appalls me is when one of Obama’s “Talking Heads” (Alexrod) said he couldn’t understand why everyone is making this debacle of the murder of four U.S. citizens political, and why were “we” not rallying around President Obama like “we” did around President Bush on 9/11. Hello Axlerod, there was no hidden intel that 9/11 was going to happen! There was on this year’s 9/11! Whether President Obama knew in advance is uncertain, although his lies make me wonder just how soon he did know, But…the State Department knew that the murder of our Ambassador to Syria and three more brave citizens who tried to protect him, was directly attributable to Ms. Hillary Clinton, our “Fall on the Butter Knife” Secretary of State, because members of her Department continued to deny all requests for adequate security. The attack on our U.S.A. Embassy was not on “foreign soil”. The soil on which our Embassies are located in any country is considered American soil. Regardless of how anyone feels about ex-President Bush, until this year our County has been safe from ALL attempts by extremist militants to harm us. Not anymore. May God bless the U.S.A. and may he keep us safe. President Obama’s regime certainly is not capable of doing so!!