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Click! Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Japanese Emperors, most of Europe at one point in time or another, ancient Greece, Rome, turn of the millennia Islam, Hitler, Stalin and potentates of all stripes, toyed with, prepared for, spoke to and in some cases came within shouting distance of world domination.

Manifest Destiny; migrating across mountains, oceans and centuries; next slide please.

18 years ago Samuel Huntington, contrary to accepted thinking at the time penned “The Clash of Civilizations”. He argued that most societies were intensifying, radically in some cases, their cultural identities. Those cultural identities were not being shed, in most parts of the world as is the case in the West. Professor Huntington predicted that the future would be marked by disharmony, not some U.N. led Parliament of Man. So far he is correct as evidenced by: Bosnia, West Africa, Gaza, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Central Asia, Indonesia, Mali, and the greater Middle East.

Today’s Islamist movements represent the epitome of what Professor Huntington predicted to great derision at the time. The West appears hamstrung; secularists engaged in failed attempts to relate to, rationalize and in many cases appease religious and cultural extremism. This appeasement resides on baseless, politically correct moral equivalency overruling simple common sense and rudimentary knowledge.

Mr. Huntington argued that culture, religion and tradition are not insignificant, despite trends in the West. He argued that they, in reality, constitute the drumbeat to which entire civilizations will march into the future.

The clash of civilizations is, at its lowest common denominator, a clash of self image, self esteem, cultural self confidence and the strength of belief systems and institutions. The West has fallen prey to the onslaught of multi-culturalism as an end in and of itself. The West has deployed political correctness, moral equivalency and deep sensitivities to all things foreign while engaging in self emasculation. This equivalency appears to be absent a clear commitment to indigenous culture and cultural history.

The argument for fact free moral and cultural equivalency skulks about elitist salons providing a ‘pass go’ card to violence and misogyny.

The West is abandoning the confidence and, yes, the arrogance that created heretofore unknown peace and prosperity. The West is losing its groove, or more to the point has engaged a self inflicted cultural and civilizational decline. It’s Russian roulette with demographics, we haven’t hit the chamber with the bullet yet, but the odds are starting to turn against us. As cultural identity, religious faith, tradition and a deep self confidence are being deconstructed in the West. Mr. Huntington’s predictions are coming to full flower in most other areas of the globe.

The West, inexplicably, fails to perceive the challenge they face. Islamism views Western ideals as weakness, an undeniable signal of Western decline awaiting the rise of Islam as the source of global salvation. The inexplicable nature of the failure to comprehend this truism is exacerbated by the fact that Islam’s goals are unambiguous. It is not that we are incapable of understanding Islamist goals, we simply insist on willful blindness in the refusal to simply take Islam at its word.

The logical disconnects are illuminating. The criminal death penalty is unacceptable in much of the Western world and yet intellectual elites turn somersaults in search of justification for immutable Islamic theology that applies that penalty generously. The London and Madrid bombings had no impact on European elitist thought. Women’s and minority rights are a critical component of modern Western values, but medieval repression of woman and dhimmitude in Islamic culture is mandated as a matter of faith. Tolerance is to be elevated in the PC West, but Islamic intolerance and religious xenophobia enjoys the blind Western eye. Genocide is anathema, however Islamic commitments to wipe Israel off the face of the earth is met with a grandfatherly wink and a nod, followed by some manner of logic that finds that the fault lies with Israel. Imperialism is passé, and yet the clearly stated intent of Islamic Imperialism is ignored as is their history of explosive imperialistic expansion.

The next slide is not pretty!!

  • Bill Hedges

    Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and others of his famous liberal tight group set sail to stop War. We were going to war in Iraq to STEAL the oil ? Been HOW LONG since we have conquered and keep the land indefinitely (Some folks have forgotten THAT’S standard RULE OF war).

    Incoming unguided rockets KILL Jews indiscriminately. But Israel SHOULD give up land that they claim they need for self-preservation.

    SOME say asking for i.d. to vote is racist when you need i.d. to attend Democrat recent convention, board a plane, pay your taxes, get a passport, get a loan, and cash a check.

    Like the movie, sometimes I want to open my window in my house & scream, “I’m MAD as heck & can’t take it anymore… ”

    Acts of American “Imperialism” would get Twin towers brought DOWN…

  • Oh dear Landrow, you yourself are seeing Islam through glass. Bifocals in fact. When you look down near the desperation and violently radical side of the culture that predominately practices Islam, it’s easy to make these generalizations. Then with the out-of-focus surrounding study of the Koran, “fear-mongers” have been able to propagate this “rise of Islam as the source of global salvation” with negative connotation. It starts with people like you saying they see Western ideals as a “weakness”, but those true-to-heart Muslims don’t call it weakness; they consider it something to be pitied. The Christians are just as adamant (often more) about “saving”/converting/indoctrinating/spreading the word of the Jesus/breaking bread with thy neighbor/guiding to the light the Lord/etc. The true Muslim wishes peace and happiness across the planet the same as every other major religion. The problem with them all is that they are cultural, and there’s always going to be unfounded pride in shitty traditions. Look at Christianity when it was 1400 years old, it takes time for a religulous culture to mature; and the hostile, infertile, land of the people eliciting desperation only slows it down. But violence is violence. The Arabs use religion as an excuse while urban Chicago uses poverty, or street cred or whatever, either way it’s to protest their position in the world. You’re a damn good writer, but your pretense with Professor Huntington is also askew. Again the problem is pride, pride in your/our generation. Is the world getting better or worse? The older you get, the more you see, the more you learn, the more you understand. But perhaps as technology ascends a-proportionally, human nature hasn’t changed in 10,000 years… and only our ability to monitor, record, and broadcast it has. Global networks from spoken pen to print to broadcast to the all-knowing cloud, We (you and I) may know more about the status of any given part of the world NOW, than any generation before us. Speaking of which, I put “” as my website here because I think you could get something from his Common Sense Show 238 released last week. I’ve rambled enough, but if you’re curious Who I am. I was raised in Green Bay, WI, educated at UWM, served some USMC time and now work out here in the sand-box in an information management sort of position. And trust me, our Western world is doing fine; and I hope you’re not one of them, but there are entities who gain from making the public believe otherwise.

  • Landreaux


    I assure you whatever ‘generalizations’ I may have made are made based on literally, reams of research. Most of that research is specifically what Islamic leaders say about the intentions and teachings of Islam. You may be right about a religious culture having to mature. However the guiding lights of Islam proclaimed that the religion was ‘perfected’ 1,000 years ago. So much for maturing.

    Urban Chicago does not have as it’s goal global domination it’s not an apt comparision, I understand the stretch but it doesn’t hold up to logical analysis.

    You have my sincere respect and thanks for your USMC service.

    The Western world may be doing fine, I’d like to keep it that way. Britain in the 10 years preceeding WWII also thought they were doing ‘fine’. Anything to avoid conflict and look what happened based on an absence of vision related to what they hoped and wanted to be true as opposed to what was true.

  • AJ


    Were you drunk when you wrote this??

  • Landreaux


  • Pete Perspective

    I am impressed with Landreaux claim that “The West is abandoning the confidence and, yes, the arrogance that created heretofore unknown peace and prosperity. The West is losing its groove, or more to the point has engaged a self inflicted cultural and civilizational decline.” Peace & Prosperity? He should perhaps remember that just a generation ago the “West” slaughtered more than 5 million women and children in Europe, murdered six million Jews and gypsies,and dropped atomic weapons killing 250,000 civilians. Current Islamists would need to go along way to match those atrocities. Meanwhile, a dominant USA and a rebuilt Europe have risen to the pinnacle of “civilizational” supremacy while the Islamic world has spiraled into poverty and chaos. If “losing our groove” (a term devoid of any meaning) is what we’ve done since our insanity of WWII, I hope we continue to self-inflict some more of it.

  • Landreaux

    By the West I am referring to the post WWII western world, that omission of perspective is justifiably criticized.

    That being said, Pete assumes that Hitler’s Germany was a part of the ‘West’ I refer to. Hitler’s Germany was irrationaly Fascist. Fascism does not fit in my definition of the meme of the ‘West’. We, post WWII defined the West and I would argue that looking at the first occurance of the confidence of permanent peace in Europe and now Eastern Europe. Europe endured centuries of war and now approaches a century absent war. The deployment of an atomic weapon accomplished two things: it ended a war that would have seen thousands more American deaths and displayed the horrific horror of such a weapon. That horror was fundamental to the acceptance of MAD (mutual assured destruction) as the most fundamental reason why the weapon has not been used since.

    I have asked the question for years with, typically, no answer provided. The question? Who would you rather have as a controlling influence on events: China, Russia? Again, there is typically no answer to that question.

  • Bill Hedges

    Pete Perspective wrote:

    “He should perhaps remember that just a generation ago the “West” slaughtered more than 5 million women and children in Europe, murdered six million Jews and gypsies,and dropped atomic weapons killing 250,000 civilians.”

    You forgot mental & physical aliment people. War Germany. Not West. BIG difference.

    As far as dropping 2 atomic bombs WAS CORRECT THING TO DO. Japan, as compared to Germany, was relatively untouched by war scares. The casualties expected of invading Japan WAS MASSIVE for both sides. EVEN after dropping ONE nuclear bomb was not enough for Japan to give up. Took two.

    We warned Japan of “TOTAL DESTRUCTION” to no avail before dropping those two bombs. Conservative guess of 1,000,000 American would die if we invaded Japan. Not counting Japanese. Will guess say 3 to our one killed, wounded, or committed suicide. Really need to read this link. Japan was far from UNARMED as we thought at that time:

    Russia was eager to fight in Japan. Another SPLIT JAPAN like Germany if they had. Dropping the bombs on Japan WAS NOT A BLESSING, but…….. many things should be considered. Japan is better off with our rehabilitation of their Country AT OUR COST. Russia’s portion of Germany did not fair as well as our side of Germany. Sure same thing would happen in Japan had Russia entered that portion of war.

    The rest of your comment is out of my realm of expertise to comment on…