Protests, The Middle East And American Islamists

For those unfamiliar with Islamist and Salafist ideology you may have been surprised by the scope of the protests. Don’t be!

The question remains what to do? Dependent upon who you listen to in the Middle East the problem is: Israel, American Policy, post Colonial angst, criticism of Islam, cartoons featuring the Prophet, Jews in general, Christians in general, Hindus in general, Buddhists in general, dictatorial Muslims, Western use of Arab resources and international influence in the area. Please feel free to add a few of your own. Oh, and don’t forget, the reasons for the ‘rage’ are a floating point target subject to propaganda based change.

Traditional approaches to foreign policy have not gotten us anywhere. Favorable opinions of America in the Islamic world are at its lowest point in history.

Perhaps we should start an insult of the week contest? Perhaps we should empty our embassies and throw a cartoon out there every week. Maybe the best way to handle the situation is to keep the raging mobs so busy with protest that they eventually fall by the wayside, exhausted and spent. (For some of our readers, I need to clarify that the above was a tongue in cheek comment.)

As silly as it is, where is an answer that makes sense. Short of the courage to draw bold red lines in the Islamic world that come with the threat of and execution of retaliation once the line is crossed; what’s the answer to these ‘protests’? Appeasing them has not worked, apologizing has not worked, PR campaigns have gone begging, coddling them has not worked, our money has not worked, failure to support our own Constitution has not worked and accepting a 10th century ideology has not worked.

Of even more importance; what’s the answer to American Muslim Imams and groups? CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations; a Brotherhood sponsored organization and unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial) says the protests are America’s fault, a result of a failure to treat Islam with enough dignity and respect. CAIR enjoys unprecedented access to and influence over our current Executive Branch of government and have accomplished influence everywhere from the State Department to local police forces. If you do the research you’ll find that a frightening number of CAIR leaders over the years are in jail, indicted or deported, just saying.
Islamic Imams want the First Amendment changed to fall in line with Sharia law; really? A Sharia compliant First Amendment has a big bold BUT in it; free speech BUT, not a word of complaint about Islam or Muslims. What’s next, free speech unless you criticize the government, free speech but only if politically correct? One may surmise based on past statements and behaviors that were CAIR’s or the Imam’s First Amendment rights limited all hell would break lose.

We accept what is essentially on the borderline of treasonous speech from these folks and we don’t engage in organized or government sanctioned violence such as we see in Pakistan where everyone got a ‘holiday’ so that they could come to the protests. Apparently it’s Pakistan’s version of Woodstock, although I can’t imagine the music is better.

Let’s look carefully at what is going on in the Islamic world. Let us reflect on and be clear about the differences between our cultural and legal norms and theirs. It should lead us to embrace more strongly what we have and commit to its protections. It should lead us to reject what we see from the Islamic world; especially that little piece of the Islamic world that exists right here.

The reactions of American Islamic organizations are proof, yet again, that these organizations put Islam first above any commitment to the American ideals that shelter them. It’s their right under our system, it is also our right to hold them to account.

  • Bones

    What I’d like to see is more routine mockeries of numerous major religions together: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Atheism, and of course Islam. Mockeries that show that Islam is not being singled out for insult, but also is not singularly exempt from it.

    That being said, I don’t believe the attack on our embassy on 9/11 was a spontaneous happening, and neither do I believe this shoddy anti-Islamic film was truly the cause.

    I do believe that large groups of people without jobs, regular access to basic needs, and stability are generally more prone to forming angry mobs. I doubt anything is going to change that

  • Citromog

    This belief system can be stopped by turning it against itself. We should apologize for interfering in their part of the world and leave them completely alone. Let allah take care of them. No foreign aid, food, technology, weapons, or medicine. No commerce or immigration. No charity or disaster relief of any kind.

    This can be justified by using verses such as quran 9:51 which states that “nothing will afflict us save what allah has ordained for us”, or 16:71″allah has bestowed his gifts of sustenance more freely on some of you than others: those more favored are not going to throw back their gifts to those their right hands possess, so as to be equal in that respect. Will they then deny the favors of allah?”, 28:86 “Never be a helper to the unbelievers.”, etc…

    Civilized nations could agree to reestablish contact when moslem nations demonstrate they have reached civil society standards for at least 5 decades…

    Or we could just nuke mecca and kill any islamist that pokes its head out of the sand.

  • Bones

    Mass murder for the sake of peace sounds less like we’re teaching other’s how to be civil, and more like we’re forgetting it ourselves.

  • Mike

    I grew up in the south. I can remember protestant preachers defending racial segregation as god’s will. Jewish fundamentalists in Israel want to push palestinians off the land that remains to them because god gave the land to the jews three millinia ago. Islamic fundamentalists murder those who see through their theocratic nonsense and have the courage to renounce it. All of these types are profoundly conservative and profoundly self rightous.
    When christian fundamentalists held power in medeival europe, they behaved just like the muslim fundamentalists behave today. We need to stand for the democracy and free thought and speech that our ancestors won from these tyrants and support the small but growing freedom movement in the islamic world.

  • Bill Hedges

    Mike wrote:

    1. “I grew up in the south. I can remember protestant preachers defending racial segregation as god’s will.”

    Republican Party came about helping freed Blacks and slaves. Many civil rights bills passed with only our votes. kkk went after Blacks and us:

    “The Democrat Race Lie”

    2. “Jewish fundamentalists in Israel want to push palestinians off the land that remains to them because god gave the land to the jews three millinia ago. ”

    They want to keep the land they have to protect themselves from Countries whose ADMITTED GOAL is wipe them off the face of the earth. Take away boarder land then harder to protect.

    3. “Islamic fundamentalists murder those who see through their theocratic nonsense and have the courage to renounce it”

    Wow !!!

    4. “All of these types are profoundly conservative and profoundly self rightous”

    DOESN’T sound “conservative to me. I have NEVER WANTED to blow up any people & I am conservative. Radical seems more logical word. Many wars have been fought in the name of a god. DOES NOT MAKE IT SO. JUST a justification for the masses by the leaders.

    My Grandparents left Germany to get away from the madness…

  • Chet

    I an neither a Democrat or Republican. I vote for whom I think is going to be the best for our country. But when it comes to people of the Muslim Faith, there are soooo many that are so radical and hellbent on destroying the USA. I feel that the Muslims that are radicals and believe that Allah is the only savior and calls for non-Muslim believers to be killed in the name of Allah have an extreme hate of people who disagree with them. Unfortunately it is beginning to appear that their numbers are increasing exponentially. My belief is that the countries in the middle east that have so many radicals is to nuke them until they glow and in 15 years or so go back in and resettle the area (s).

  • Landreaux

    Chet, if you want to see how the numbers work, look at demographics in Europe over the past 30 years. It proves your point.

    The non Muslim birthrate in Europe is less that what it would take to maintain a stable indigenous population. The birth rate among European Muslims is two to four times the birthrate among indigenous Europeans. Europe could be one to two generations away from a Muslim political block that could dominate European politics and policy.

  • Eileen Scoles

    Chet and some others seem to be very fearful people. You are not allowing for the millions of clear headed, spiritual, practicing Muslims. If there were so many Anti-American Muslims, you would not see us in the Middle East. We would’ve been physically expelled long ago. Do they want to hurt us because they hate us or because we continue to try to control them?
    They are wanting to be Westernized and join the industrialized nations, which is why the Arab Spring. How that evolves will be seen over a few decades. It is their part of the world. We should respect that and stop inserting ourselves there for the sake of ISRAEL and OIL.

  • Landreaux


    I’d love to see us minimize our footprint in the Middle East. Developing our own energy resources, and fast is a critical step and we have not taken that step. Bill Clinton famously disapproved an exploration deal because ‘it will take five yers to produce anything.” At the time it may have made political sense for him but look where we are now.

    There is no doubt that there are millions of clear headed, spiritual Muslems but they are NOT controlling the debate. Nor do they control the educational systems in the Middle East, the media or Sharia courts.

    The people who control the agenda do not, in my opinion, want to be westernized. They view the West as decadant and weak.

  • Mike


    I agree that the wrong people control the agenda. No one should control the agenda; that’s why free speech is essential. Theocracies, where the leaders get their marching orders from a deity have no tolerance for the voice of the people.

    But I am concerned about your response to Chet. He advocates a nuclear strike to incinerate millions of people. You know as well as I do that is a monstrous proposal. You know also that it would collapse the global economy and sink mankind back into the paleolithic. Yet you say nothing.

    I anticipate that you will say that the suggestion was not meant as a serious one, so you didn’t take it seriously. I come to this site because it is one of the few places I can engage in responsible, adult debate with conservatives. When liberals say irresponsible things, I call them on it. Can you do the same with conservatives?

  • I often have. But sometimes no response is the best reaponse.