Education At The DNC

I engaged the DNC, fully prepared to track issue notation, jot down quotes; committed to fully digest the message. I failed! I did watch seven or eight speakers, started to keep track of the ‘issues’ but my energy and attention waned at the repetition.

What was, however, clear was that education was a subject for nearly every speaker. Education is critically important; the potential silver bullet for those denied equal quality in their educational experience.

There is a problem. The very people (teachers’ unions prime among them) who make the most noise over the issue are exactly the same people who delivered the problem to its current epic proportions. These folks tell us more money is required. It is, always, more money. We spend more than anyone on education and the additional money over the years has not proven to stem the decline in the overall quality of education; most especially for those who need quality education the most.

The African American community in Washington DC fought tooth and nail to get their children into a voucher program that allowed them to choose schools for their children and save them from failing neighborhood schools. Is there a more effective ‘social justice’ issue than a quality education? The program, according to those who fought for it, was their only educational hope in DC. The Obama administration set out to kill the program early in 2009 and again in 2010.

The problem with the program was that it was a voucher program and it worked. The problem with the program was that it was not government centric. The problem with the program was that there was parental choice. The problem with the program was that it did not serve the ideological point of view and would force schools and teachers to compete. To compete encompasses the potential for failure and such a failure simply could not be accepted; no matter the facts.

The problem is that true experimental approaches to education threaten schools and teachers who are not performing. The translation simply is ‘it’s not about the children; it’s about the existing, failing educational infrastructure.’

There are great schools and teachers; there is innovation here and there. Having moved all over the country the first question in each new location was; “where is the best school?” Sacrifices were made to insure my kids found their way to those schools. We even moved once within the same city to escape a school absent discipline and standards, expense be damned. That same desire is shared by most parents and especially those who suffer disadvantage. It is those disadvantaged that know best and suffer worse from failing schools.

Competition generates innovation, efficiency, creativity and accountability. If the educational system is as important as the DNC speakers claim where is their contribution to innovation? Where is the student centric programming? To claim the importance of education is valid, to remain committed to a failing status quo is not.

  • D.D.Mao

    The Democratic parties obsession against competition on numerous issues seem to be the deal breaker to correcting many of todays problems.Health care being another!

  • Bill Hedges

    The dark cloud of ONE OF YOUR LIES follows you. Get use to it. Ignoring cancer does not make it go away you ignorant swine. YOU have CANCER called LIAR. HERE is but one of your recent one.

    ASSHOLE wrote “My praise was for,and the quote was from Ms.Charen’s article not Sec.Rice’s norning cancer does not make it go away. YOU HAVE A CANCER.speech in my post of 10;10 AM today.”

    “D.D.Mao Sep 1st, 2012 at 6:02 pm previous article”

    YOU did not give FULL QUOTE BY AUTHOR. Would proves author got her idea for article from convention THAT YOU DENY. Oh well (don’t you hate immortalized comments that bite YOU IN THE AS so often), here is her full story:

    “Among the most stirring moments in an effective convention came during Condoleeza Rice’s speech. She delivered (beautifully) a number of well-chosen one-liners that hit bull’s-eyes with Republicans and conservatives, warning, for example, that “when a nation loses control of its finances, it eventually loses control of its destiny.”

    “She touched on the problem of failing schools and the challenge they represent to the American dream. “The crisis in K-12 education is a threat to the very fabric of who we are,” she said, to thumping agreement. But when she mentioned her own story, the hall erupted. “A little girl grows up in Jim Crow Birmingham. The segregated city of the south where her parents cannot take her to a movie theater or to restaurants, but they have convinced her that even if she cannot have a hamburger at Woolworths, she can be the president of the United States if she wanted to be and she becomes the secretary of state.”

    “The house went wild with joy. The Republicans in Tampa, Fla., metaphorically lifted Rice onto their shoulders and carried her around the arena. Why? Because Americans such as Rice ratify what Republicans believe about this country — that our triumph over racism and discrimination — not the history of it, is what defines us. It’s the opposite of the Democrats’ message — that racism, discrimination and injustice are deep-dyed into the American character.”

    “Democrats go further, too. They encourage the prejudice or to put it more bluntly, circulate the slander that racism and discrimination are not to be found among Democrats but still persist is in the hearts of Republicans.”

    “Just as painting Paul Ryan as a monster who wants to throw grandmothers off cliffs becomes impossible when voters actually see the man, the Tampa convention has made peddling the myth about racist Republicans a good deal more difficult.”

    “Mia Love, the beautiful, articulate daughter of Haitian immigrants who is running for Congress from Utah, became an instant Republican star after her speech to the convention. She radiated love of country, telling the delegates, “Our story has been told for over 200 years with small steps and giant leaps; from a woman on a bus to a man with a dream; from the bravery of the greatest generation to the innovators and entrepreneurs of today. … This is the America we know … because we built it.” In the 24 hours after her address, she raised more than $150,000. The roof was raised also for Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Brian Sandoval, Susana Martinez, Nikki Haley, Artur Davis and Luis Fortuno. All sounded the same themes in different ways — that the American idea and ideal of opportunity and freedom retains its power and that Americans from all races and backgrounds who believe in free markets and free people are welcome — no, lionized — in the Republican Party.”

    “Democrats and members of the press (but I repeat myself) keep the old racism charge going with ever more ridiculous allegations. Efforts to combat voter fraud by requiring a picture ID are evidence of racism, though why minorities should be any less likely to have an ID than anyone else is not explained. Mentioning that President Obama has granted waivers to states to permit watering down the work requirement in the federal welfare law brings shrieks from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: “You know what game you’re playing, and everybody knows what game you’re playing: It’s a race card.”

    “Who is the racist here? The 1996 reform had broad support from all Americans. A 1995 Public Agenda poll, for example, found that 69 percent of whites and 68 percent of blacks thought the system made it too easy to remain on welfare (71 percent of households receiving welfare also agreed). Fifty-six percent of blacks and 61 percent of whites said they would not increase benefits for mothers on welfare if they had additional children. In the aftermath of reform, Americans of all backgrounds agreed that it was a stunning success at reducing poverty — especially child poverty — and dependency.”

    “Democrats have been demonizing Republicans this way for decades. Republicans have often stumbled and stammered in reply — infuriated by the ugly and baseless accusation but inarticulate in their own defense. This is the party that was born in opposition to slavery, supported civil rights laws when southern Democrats blocked them, would have nominated Colin Powell in 1996 if he had run, and gave Herman Cain a serious look in 2012. Now, along with articulate and appealing nominees for president and vice president, the party is finding telegenic spokesmen who make nonsense of the Democrats’ libels.”

    “Tampa has turned a page.”

  • Bill Hedges

    Correction. Human & computer error. 2nd paragraph should read:

    Asshole wrote “My praise was for,and the quote was from Ms.Charen’s article not Sec.Rice’s speech in my post of 10;10 AM today.”

    “D.D.Mao Sep 1st, 2012 at 6:02 pm previous article”

  • Bill,

    Really????? Is this necessary, cannot we be a bit more civilized in making our points. Perhaps you two could exchange e-mail addresses and reserve that for the histronics.

    Honestly, it’s tedious.

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    Landreaux _ From “Sounds Like Racism To Me”. The two things I reported that had NOTHING DONE. I ALSO made comment that I did report:

    D.D.Mao Sep 3rd, 2012 at 3:36 pm


    D.D.Mao Sep 3rd, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    “3) My opinion of the conventions hasn’t changed. Only people who believe their **___ hoccum and have a “tingle running down their legs” __ ** get excited about watching the conventions.Networks cut back on television coverage because they have become dull and predictable and people can get a condensed version on the internet.”

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    If this is not enough, you can investigate and see WHO provokes “tedious”. I am more than willing to start from first of year and point out with documentation giving location so you can verify.

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    ASSHOLE draws WRONG WRONG CONCLUSION. What a idiot !!!!!:

    “Actually if you go back to the thread “Education At The DNC” Landreaux’s post of 5th September 2012 @3:51 PM it’s addressed to “Bill” when he says you’re being “TEDIOUS” NOT D.D.MAO”


    Your comprehension skills are Z E R O Z E R O Z E R O:

    Landreaux Sep 5th, 2012 at 3:51 pm “Education At The DNC”


    “Really????? Is this necessary, cannot we be a bit more civilized in making our points. Perhaps you two could exchange e-mail addresses and reserve that for the histronics.”

    A ROCK IS SMARTER than YOU. YOU wrote “you’re being “TEDIOUS”. NO. Landreaux did not write that LIAR. Landreaux ALSO WROTE “Honestly, it’s tedious.”

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