Barack Obama, Conservative???

The President, on Friday, said this. “The whole purpose of development is to create the conditions where assistance is no longer needed; where people have the dignity and the pride of being self sufficient”.

The unfortunate context of the President’s comments is that he was speaking of African agricultural aid. America was not; repeat not, the object of such a Conservative idea. If only.

Mr. Obama’s people produced the ‘life of Julia’ video to elevate the role of government assistance as indispensible; a path not to self sufficiency but to growing, ongoing, lifelong dependency. One may opine in a cynical moment, that the path is itself, cynical; nothing more than a means to a demographically driven electoral majority based on levels of progressive dependency on government. Whatever may be in the President’s mind related to domestic policy, it is not a path to “dignity and the pride of being self sufficient”; that Presidential idea is limited to Africa.

These two ideas are offered by the President with equal degrees of conviction and eloquence; they are, however, in total opposition to each other. We have a body of evidence, our history, proving that individuals met with freedom of choice and opportunity, tend to do great things. They also to do quietly heroic things: raising families, taking care of neighbors, doing whatever must be done to sustain themselves, working multiple jobs; giving of self for family and community. It’s not in the news but Americans do heroic, generous, selfless things every day, it’s in our DNA. That DNA grew out of struggle and challenge, not dependency. It grows out of the sense that there is something bigger than ourselves worthy of loyalty and commitment. Our history, if it is about anything, is about overcoming obstacles.

The President, a supposed fan of Abraham Lincoln, would be well advised to revisit the core set of beliefs that Mr. Lincoln so eloquently represented. “You cannot help the poor b destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”

  • D.D.Mao

    The left is ideologically egalitarian but psychologically elitist.Which translated means “Lord make everyone equal but just not yet”.You see if this is accomplished to soon there would be no need to justify their continued existance in elected office.

    For as long as I can remember the foreign policy strategy of America toward third world countries has been to save the people of developing countries from….. development.Foreign aid constantly has been distributed to countries where tyrannical dictators or warlords would seize everything at the ports and only the black market portion would get in country to the needy.When there was a civil war within a country the U.N. would intervene but little would be accomplished until and as long as America responded.Every time we would hear a story that tugged at your heartstrings it usually precedes tugging at our pursestrings and with little success.

    Domestically with American unemployment hovering around 9%,businesses closing down or moving overseas you have to ask yourself what is behind this decision? President Bush also had this guilt fetish for throwing our money at Africa but then “Dem and Dumber” are the ones who got us into this financial mess so don’t expect rocket science answers.Although Europe was the ones who had ALL THE COLONIES in Africa and should be the one throwing money there they are so financially strapped Africa stands a better chance to be the ones to bail them out of their economic troubles.Here at home Conservatives have been pushing to cut back subsidies to American farmers for years and now the President wants to expand it to Africa? When is the left going to learn that trickle up economics doesn’t work? Especially when this committment is constantly shrouded in vagueness and made palatable by imprecision.

    By the President suggesting such an idea it shows either his thumbless grasp of the state of the economy or he’s so sure of re-election he can display mind boggling chutz-pah!

  • I am hoping they won’t and will be doing everything I can to highlight exactly how dishonest Barack Obama is. I hate to say this about a sitting American President, but I lose more respect for him every day.

  • Bill Hedges

    I liked D.D. Mao comment “When is the left going to learn that trickle up economics doesn’t work?” TO paraphrase JFK- Want the rich to pay and government to really collect taxes, then cut tax rate on rich. Best way to pay for war and spending.

    Government economics concerning tax cuts for rich is my passion. Especially proving tax cuts for wealthy (bad term) is __ MAJOR PART __ of our Countries SALVATION/HOPE. The fury of bad bills, shown unwanted by the polls, need plastic explosive charges detonation to get out of our mess. Good regulations implemented (like Bush wanted to lessen/stop Bill Clinton, Lawyer buma and Acorn, Frank/Dodds, & other Democrats RECESSION).

    In honor of Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini hang the Fed Chairman, in his case symbolically I SUPPOSE, upside down by his toes for doubling our debt printing $16 trillion in funny money. Then loaning to foreign banks and Wall Street. None being paid back and no interested collected. _ Oh for the GOOD OLD DAYS of sub-prime loans _. At best our economic recovery SO FAR is a sham. OUR true stability UNKNOWN.

    On liberal site I wrote on a LIBERAL Yale PHD talked of the glory of Clinton’s TAX INCREASES over Bush’s TAX CUTS for rich. He gave numbers & a IMPRESSIVE graph. This well educated liberal author left out ONE SMALL (REALLY MORE) insignificant detail OUT. NEWT’S TAX CUTS. I shamed that phoney’s theory that CLINTON RIGHT and BUSH WRONG. Site erased his article along with the comments. Reality IS Clinton’s tax INCREASES WAS A TOTAL FLOP in comparison to Newt’s TAX CUTS. EVERY tax cut in past 60 years IMPROVED OUR REVENUE FLOW and gave us LONGEST BULL MARKET in our history. John F. Kennedy learned from the 20‘s TAX CUTS and began the GLORY TRAIN. TOO BAD THE INCREASED REVENUE GENERATED WAS LAVISHLY OVERSPENT. AS was done, entitlement piggy banks WERE ROBBED to give illusions that Clinton had surplus (as verifiable by U.S. Treasury numbers).

    bum-bum once said he would rather lose revenue and raise tax rate on rich when questioned about lowering taxes on rich INCREASE GOVERNMENT REVENUE.__ For the sake of fairness __. Landreaux asks “Barack Obama, Conservative???”. H E L L – O !!! NO.

    Have links in support of near all I said if requested…

  • The Elephant In The Room….formerly known as D.D.Mao

    Upon re-reading my remarks above an article I read awhile back came to me that not only is our foreign aid never seen by the truly needy but the same can be said for any re-distribution of wealth to the needy here at home.

    If and when the government gets money it is used by our politicians to buy more time for our failing public institutions,postponing a reckoning with unsustainable pension committments,delaying necessary reform to our entitlement system and propping up an education sector that doesn’t match it’s cost.The story of the past three decades is not a story of a benevolent government starved off of funds from the selfish rich and fanatical Republicans.It is a story of a public sector that has constantly done less with more and a liberialism that has defended the interest of a narrow constituency.

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