The President clearly believes more Washington control is the answer for us all, and yet he appears to want to run against Washington. Hmmm? This newly minted anti Washington President promised to ‘change’ Washington. He has certainly done that, providing us with ever more of what Washington has to offer: taxes, regulation, centralized control of critical portions of the economy, bureaucracy and ideologically based policy decisions. The signature accomplishment, Health Care, is less popular by the day as we ‘find out what’s in the bill’. The CBO has also discovered what’s in the bill; raising their 10 year estimate of cost to $1.7 trillion dollars. The administration’s promise was $800 billion in costs over 10 years. Promises, promises!

Gas prices; Democrats and the media savaged President Bush; ‘ DO SOMETHING’ they screamed from every hilltop. But now, . . . well . . . the President can only do so much; meaning nothing. CBS ran a segment demonstrating why higher gas prices are a good thing; a good thing!!! It’s not that the President can’t do anything, it’s that he won’t. Mr. Obama’s fundamental beliefs inhibit him from support for carbon based energy sources. Mr. Obama’s quotes from the time of the Bush gas price spike are on display, as are the comments by Speaker Pelosi and then Senator Clinton. Is the President saying that President Bush possessed magical powers over oil prices? Did he mean that Bush could do something that he can’t do? Americans who listened to Senator Obama in 2006 believe the President CAN do something, because he told us so. …. Oops.

We’re catching on, we’re catching on to the fact that the administrations inhibition of energy supply growth is not, after all, nothing. It may be a negative but it’s far from nothing! We’re being bathed in the deluge of hypocritical statements. A Senate amendment that would allow for offshore drilling if gas hit $10.00 a gallon was opposed by the Interior Secretary Mr. Salazar. Do I hear $12.00 a gallon, $15.00; going once, going twice? Secretary Chu has flip flopped his position going from ‘no concern about higher gas prices, we should be at the $9.00 European level’ to the opposite position in about three weeks; really?

The contraception debate turned against the President. Not so long ago (2 weeks) the media and Democratic talking heads were thanking the Republicans for the ‘gift’ the contraception debate provided. Now. . . Not so much! “War on Women”; really? Not paying for something that is not excessively expensive, available from a wide variety of sources and well established in the culture is a “War on Women”? The rhetoric so dramatically exceeds the reality as to nearly guarantee a credibility backlash; that is what we have.

The President’s approval ratings are the lowest of his Presidency, two mainstream polls taken at about the same time, with approximately the same metrics, say the same thing. The outliers are now the polls that show the President with a 50% approval rating. Rasmussen shows a 14 point gap between strongly approve and strongly disapprove.

The economy is improving, turning the corner says the President; stay the Obama course. The Problem is real world credibility. Un/underemployment is still in the neighborhood of 20%. ‘Are you better off?’ polling is overwhelming; 80% of Americans say, NOT! We’re still in the 70% range for ‘wrong track’ polling. A majority of Americans don’t trust the stability of the banking system. Tax the rich; 76% of Americans say a 20% tax rate is about right; approximately half of what the President feels is ‘fair’.

The President is overexposed and underperforming; something to say about nearly everything; significant improvement on anything of general concern is essentially absent. The arrogance is beginning to penetrate the collective consciousness as he compares himself to Washington and Lincoln. He is going to the same industries he has aggressively castigated for campaign cash.

There is a growing sense out here amongst the great unwashed that the man is simply not credible; that is what the polls actually say. Too many criticisms of others in similar situations, he now finds himself in; claiming solutions are beyond his powers.

He is a victim of his own ‘image’. He has lost the expectations game, Hope and Change is over, it committed suicide on the drug of hypocrisy.

  • D.D.Mao

    I believe it was Charles Krauthammer who said recently “A major portion of America is learning that President Obama’s speeches are rhetorical soothing words which come across as reassuring and reasonable.They inspire,rouse, and make you want to march….but to where? The problem is comparing what he says and does.They have a cadence but no content.At the end you feel inspired but can’t remember what he said.” Well said Dr.”K”!

    In 2008 President Obama campaigned for President largely on the claim his predecessor shredded the Constitution.This would be the same Progressive who claimed the right to shred the Constitution because it is an obsolete document and needs to be changed with the times.He claimed America wasn’t respected around the world but then went and downgraded America as a superpower as fast as he downgraded the economy.President Obama stated “If the Congress would only cooperate by passing my jobs bill.” Well Mr.President the legislative branch is a seperate branch and it isn’t beholding to bending at your wim.Lastly he claimed he would unite America and then went on to tearing it further apart with his class and race baited policies.On every level his whole administration is based on either envy,blame and putting off any decisions in which he can be held accountable.

    Conservatives promise to reform government while Progressives promise to reform America!

  • Excellent last point, you should convert it to an article. No doubt you’ll find plenty of evidence in support of the premise.

  • D.D.Mao


    An interesting but ambitious adventure you suggest above.In order to do the piece justice I would have to not only list the differences between Conservatives and Progressives attitude toward government but list the reasons and repercussions that result from them.

    If the “E” mail address for Nate is the same as given in the home page perhaps Nate could keep an eye open later in the spring or early summer for me to submit a piece.Right now we are resettling my father in-law down here in Virginia from NYC and it is taking time.

  • thats really true the president is very overexposed and sadly underperforming much was expected from the president but just keep the criticism aside and hope for the best

  • I think too much criticism don’t give a good impact at all, its more stressful. We just help to have a good economy, not always complaining a lot.

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