OWS; Missed Opportunities

The OWS crowd created an opportunity to make important points. The opportunity has been missed. Serious consideration of capitalism and its corruptions could have been a seminal message; a message that left and right alike could have rallied to. Had the OWS crowd spent a little time in ‘workshops’ to educate themselves and tune the message; had they self policed the craziness they surrounded themselves with there could have been some serious value to their effort.

It’s not capitalism that’s the problem; it’s the execution of capitalism.

Had the OWS folks focused on the connections between money and elected office they would have had an issue. Had they looked into the corruptive realities of what destroyed the housing market they would have created fodder for the fire. Had they taken issue with the wide swath of the early warnings of what was coming for the economy, people of all types would have stepped up to support them and more importantly be educated by them.

Had the OWS folks realized that their favorite politicians were right in the middle of perpetuating ‘too big to fail’ they might have taken the demonstrations in a different direction. If they took a serious look at where Wall Street’s money goes they would have had a lot of substance to deal with.

The history of Freddie and Fanny and the immense political influence they exerted would have been an entirely valid point of protest. The role of the rating agencies in maintaining the fictions of the housing bubble would have garnered tremendous attention. The fact that the rating agencies killed off State based attempts to eliminate predatory lending long in advance of the crash, would have angered people in general. If only!

The OWS folks are correct, generally speaking; there was and is rampant greed, extortion, fake books and political influence aimed at maintaining a status quo destined to failure. Those who embraced the corruption have not paid the price for their malfeasance. We have!

What the OWS folks fail to focus on is that Wall Street could not have done it alone, nor could have the banks. What was required was an unholy alliance between Capitol Hill, Federal Regulators, The Federal Reserve, Rating Agencies and European Central Banks. Herman Cain is right, the protest should be in Washington; that’s where the potential cure was and that’s where the disease still resides. Wall Street and the banks did what they were, literally, encouraged to do by way of public policy and regulatory standards. The corruption spans both parties and multiple administrations; Democrat and Republican, left and right.

When, as happened, capital reserve standards weaken, risk increases. When non transparent ‘securitization’ gets a wink and a nod from rating agencies you get more of the same, much more. When common sense financial standards fall to the impact of political influence you get exactly what we have; a tottering economy with more bad news on the way. When American financial standards grow out of an attempt to manage economies in a global context (Basel Conferences) absent consideration of domestic policy variations it’s just a matter of time.

Advice for OWS; go home, do your research, tidy up the message and come back in the Spring absent the deflective influence of Anarchists, Communists, Socialists and Union Organizers. Who knows, I might even join you.

  • D.D.Mao

    “The history of Freddie and Fannie and the immense political influence they exerted would have been an entirely valid point of protest.”

    They didn’t miss an opportunity.Without a Republican administration in Washington to attack they went after the next boogieman who is a big contributor to the Republican party….Wall Street.If it hasn’t been to obvious the President and Progressives in general go after anyone or any group who they perceive as a threat to their agenda.(IE: Sarah Palin,Tea Party,etc.)The way I understand the point of view of “OWS” is they are not only comfortable with the history of Freddie and Fannie but want more predatory lending along the lines of college loans.They fully embrace the Progressive view of BIG GOVERNMENT and despise anything that obstructs their access to entitlements.The President (who as was pointed out by Landreaux many times is behind in the polls)isn’t going to do anything to dissuade them because conveniently these “OWS” protestors are doing the heavy lifting of attacking the Republicans and their backers for him.No …….these are the eqivalent of the S.E.I.U. thugs that tried to strongarm townhall meetings.They both have a lot to gain or lose depending on which party is in office.

    Bill and Brian would know more about this than me but from what I read the administration can get ready for another down grade by Standard and Poors.

  • Bill Hedges

    Wondering thoughts

    In speech when taking the Speaker position, Pelosi said she will not leave our children in debt. Was that politics or her intentions? Democrats passed PAY AS YOU GO. Did they do ? Was that politics or their intentions ? Was showboating to me by their actions. Not blaming just one party here. Was a lone Republican who stood up and said how are going to pay for unemployment extension. How he was chastised. He had guts to make that statement, maybe fueled by fact he was not running for re-election. He still is my inspiration. To bad more who were running had that courage. We did well Nov. 2, 2010.

    I took great pride when we picked a relative unknown in AK as our party candidate. Not the incumbent whose views was old Republican. She won in a write in. But we stood on principle. That was GOOD.

    Bias sources are calling the flea misfits Democrat Tea party. TEA had definite agenda. Where they rallied were left clean when done and peaceful, no riot or need to condemn the property. Remember no TEA protester arrested. What do the fleas want. Outsiders must speculate.

    Surprise, I watch Bill O’. Recent show discussion of proof Soro was involved in Protest. That fleas were being used. Leslie Marshall, who I truly hate, said Koch brothers supported TEA party. Boy did Bill O’ lay into her. Bill was talking provable facts. Leslie was pushing liberalism & could not prove. Was as proud of Bill O’ then as when Bill gave it to Barney Frank. Loved that shouting match with that Barney bum who said NO PROBLEM WITH Freddie and Fannie when Bush & McCain trying to stop recession with regulation bill on Freddie and Fannie and the banking system.

    Keep on trucking TEA & Bill O’…

  • D.D.Mao

    The angry anarchist of “Occupy Wall Street” and in fact all of the Progressive left have no problem with wealth when it is used to their benefit.They have no problem with wealth when George Soros is backing candidates or websites financially. They have no problem with government bailouts when it is used for green projects such as Solyndra.They have no problem with wealth by Hollywood celebrities when it is used to support the re-election of Progressive candidates.And they have no problem with wealth when it is in the hands of Progressive politicians like the Kennedy’s or Kerry’s who will pass friendly legislation.So lets just forget about these 99% self appointed miscreants doing this for any patriotic or social justice intentions.This rent-a-mob isn’t interested in Wall Streets wealth but the power money has and empowering those who can further their agenda.

    Yes the Tea Party did have an agenda and big money I suppose is supporting Republican candidates. The difference being the Tea Party(and their candidates)are for a Constitution supported limited government and aren’t expecting government entitlements nor government bailouts on personal loan obligations.We of the Tea Party didn’t squat on public property like Woodstock inhabiting it for weeks on end at the expense of local taxpayers causing health and security issues.And finally yes as Landreaux said Washington is the cause of this but only the Tea Party realizes this.The lost children of the “give me,give me generation” look to a benevolent government for all their needs and members of that government are only too happy to oblige to continue to justify their existence in Washington.

  • D.D.Mao


    I just read an article on line where the “OWS” people are saying surviving through the winter in these parks is their “Valley Forge moment”.I believe I said jokingly they would equate Valley Forge to their movement about a week ago to you.They are enlisting ex-military and NYC homeless to better understand how to survive.Lets hope the rest of my jokes don’t become reality also.


    Did you read anything about possibly more down grading by Standard and Poors?

  • Bill Hedges


    I am cautiously trading again until loans are approved or not to Greece Italy, and others is decided soon. This gives hope to market. Thus am watching CNBC during market hours. Small position buy & sell in days only. The volatility is day trader paradise. Other than that, CNBC is_ off limits _ any other time. Was there I learned of Housing mess and bundling of low rated/high grade home loans paper. Which got me out before the big market BANG seeing new shift to bad business practices. I questioned why they do this. Was bad sign.

    In last few days CNBC did say another down grade could easily come. Believe deadline for Congress to agree on cut/tax increase is mid Nov.. Though sometime in Jan is absolute must do date for Congress. Democrats want later cuts and tax increase for rich now with us fighting the exact opposite I assume is the special panel dilemma. Was $$$ 1-1-1/2 trillion reduction in debt needed. As you know, debt reduction we got for debt increase was a joke in solving our predicament. S&P rating company back then told barry America needed $$$ trillion in cuts/tax increase to keep AAA.

    As you may recall, barry claimed S&P did the numbers wrong to drop our AAA rating. Barry never proved that to the people or Congress. I would have as President (Then, barry and Nancy never did explain obamacare did they as promised after passage).

    “U.S. rating likely to be downgraded again: Merrill”

    Oct 23, 2011

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – “The United States will likely suffer the loss of its triple-A credit rating from another major rating agency by the end of this year due to concerns over the deficit, Bank of America Merrill Lynch forecasts”

  • Bill Hedges

    “The trigger would be a likely failure by Congress to agree on a credible long-term plan to cut the U.S. deficit, the bank said in a research note published on Friday.”

    “A second downgrade — either from Moody’s or Fitch — would follow Standard & Poor’s downgrade in August on concerns about the government’s budget deficit and rising debt burden. A second loss of the country’s top credit rating would be an additional blow to the sluggish U.S. economy, Merrill said.”

    “The bipartisan congressional committee formed to address the deficit — known as the “super committee” — needs to break an impasse between Republicans and Democrats in order to reach a deal to reduce the U.S. deficit by at least $1.2 trillion by November 23.”

    “If a majority of the 12-member committee fails to agree on a plan, $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts will be triggered, beginning in 2013.”


    Will automatic cuts in 2013 satisfy rating agencies ? No, in my opinion. Now of course if another agency drops us to AA, is not obama’s fault and if economic repercussions comes to pass. Is special panels fault. More likely bad Republicans unwilling to compromise protecting the rich. Barry’s slogan for second term. What else can he run on. Oh yes, he keep us from falling off the cliff…

  • Bill Hedges

    Too bad obama was the one that put our feet heels hanging off the cliff edge…

  • D.D.Mao

    File Under:Eat the Rich But Not Your Own(see 12:38 AM post)

    It seems the OWS people don’t like paying back student loans and therefore decided to take it out on banks when they should be taking it out on their Liberal cohorts who run the universities charging exorbitant fees.

    File Under: W.W.G.D.

    While mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani cleaned up the beggers who bothered people and the panhandlers who annoyed drivers wanting money to clean their windshields.He called this the “Broken Window theory where if you don’t fix even the smallest thing it will only invite more and more crime to happen.He understood the “Rule of Law” and wouldn’t have let these people take over a city park and inflict lawlessness in a neighborhood.”What Would Giuliani Do?”

  • Bones
  • Bill Hedges

    The fleas can cry for a piece of bread be__ GIVEN TO THEM__ or work to earn that which he wants. Jobs general start from ground floor depending on ones marketable skills. Believe college educated unemployment is 4 %. 4 % may have degrees in basket weaving or the like. Perhaps bad grades even bad attitude (check out the protester riots).

    Am entertained watching Judge Judy. Many students in school getting loans for school, lodging, food, and all his needs. They show up in court unhappy they loan that money to someone who did not pay back. No wonder so many do not pay on their student loans. No sense…

    A person who has money and invest, risking, get richer if successful and gets paid sometimes handsome . They earned it. The wage earning, not risking, gets his pay accoring to his abilities…

  • landreaux

    My suggestion to all, if you have not already done so, if get a copy of “Reckless Endangerment” it’s a story of greed and corruption that should not be ignored. Corruption, regardless of the source is costing us all big time. You just can’t make this stuff up. It’s horrific and while I’ll admit significant sensitivity to corrpution and it’s corrosive impact the connectons that surroud the corrpution are nearly unbelievable. This is the stuff we need to know and this is the stuff of a movement, or at least it should be.

  • Bill Hedges

    I understand there is greed in government and business. What we hardly ever hear is the greed of the worker. I knew a gal who claimed 4 children on her income tax. She had none. You know I reported her when she bragged she was claiming another child to group of us at break. Then there is false workman compensation claims. Stealing is drawing pay when not doing job at work place. A fair day pay for a fair day work.

    Saw news report showing employees of GM drinking and using drugs during lunch break. Being high on the job. That puts company at risk of financial liabilities. As well as lack of job performance by employee. That’s employee greed.

    My problem with greed is how some people define it. Someone does the research and puts his time & money into a business along with possible family members money, second loan on house, and usually bank loan. Success is not assured. Failuew is common. Early period of no/little profit is common when opening a business. Owner and spouse put in long hours with RED showing up in profits. Employees are going to be paid or else.

    Business can win, lose or draw. Win could be little, moderate, or large. Lose could be all and personal home and worse case scenario bank loan default. Then there is draw.

    I do not begrudge a business owner super great success story. For ever lottery winner there are many businesses drown in the pot holes full of rain water…

  • D.D.Mao

    I just read an article on the websits “The Blaze” by Mike Opelka entitled “Donations to Occuppy Wall Street are Now Tax Deductible”.It tells of an organization named “Alliance For Global Justice” (which is a tax exempt orgaization)who is taking monetary donations for OWS and all donations are tax deductable.They collected over $500,000. so far and they take 7% off the top for themselves.

    I have to agree with Bill on this one. It depends on how you define “greed”.According to the current administration they can dictate when a CEO or business has “earned enough”.But then again Progressives confuse greed with envy. As far as corruption I’m sure corruption does exist but here again Progressives want to strangle business and the economy with more bureaucracy and regulations.As you stated in your above article when we have Capitol Hill,Federal Regulators and the Federal Reserve passing legislation you do as legislation dictates.Do we as Conservatives advocate yet more regulations? In other cases laws were in place to stop fraud and deceit but they committed the crimes anyway. Maybe you should elaborate on what level of corruption “Reckless Endangerment” uncovers (public or private sector)for us to better understand your concern.

  • Bill Hedges

    In two cases government money may have been stuck with $$$ 1.5 billion in losses due to 2 alternate energy companies going bust.

    We now have a third but at basement bargain discount price of $$$ 45 million. Businesses go out of business all the time. But our government money is a public trust to be spent wisely. Not to assert barry’s agenda.

    Someday a breakthrough will occur and alternative energy will be the best thing since sliced bread. It is not now. I will cheer when that day comes as all will am sure.

    We have a barry supporter in Missouri’s Congress that family has wind farm with government money I bet. One of the failed companies had associate with ties to barry.

    Is GREED INVOLVED ? Utilities must buy alternative energy. A percentage of energy must come from it by law in some areas. Al Gore said he would not profit from his campaign on alternative energy, but he sure did…

  • landreaux

    Personally I can agree with a flexible defination of greed. But…………..when it’s systemic, when it’s built into the system, when it can, as it did in housing, bring down the system that should be the point of focus. The lady with the one extra kid on the tax return is wrong but she can’t cost us trillions. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines can.

  • D.D.Mao

    I don’t know if you can define what Frank,Dodd,Johnson and Raines do as greed as much as manipulating the system to meet their own ends.Is it wrong?…..most definitely.The problem is the country is devided in half and the other half doesn’t think by Congress passing these laws was the cause of the state of the economy today but President Bush was.When the Bill of Rights was written and adopted the rights that mattered politically were of one sort….individuals rights to be free from interference from the state.Today rights are most often thought of as an entitlement to receive something from the state as opposed to a freedom from interference by the state. A perfect example of this is to compare the OWS crowd who want money OTHER PEOPLE EARNED with the Tea Party who want to KEEP MONEY THEY EARNED. If the OWS crowd gets their way we can expect still another major economic down turn. As much as you hear the word “bi-partisan mentioned in Washington policians will either use groups for their own means such as the unions and OWS on the left or jumping on the Tea Party bandwagon on the right.As you know being elected today politicians are in their campaign mode from day one and if they can grab an opportunity such as class warfare and “Fear and Smear” tactics they take it.And if it can’t be legislated take it to the courts….this is politics today.

    Personally “I can’t” subscribe to a flexible definition of greed!

  • Bill Hedges

    In my example woman had no kids. But adding just one non-existing child is greed or “manipulating the system” (A rose by any other name is still a rose). True her bite of greed (undeserved money)is small. A bite here and a bite there and soon what you are consuming is gone.

    Take the TEA for instance, they fought a SURE WINNER in Alaska. Our man loss in a write in. But election of Nov. 2, 2010 has brought about change. In development for sure. TEA has not won but made a POINT. We stand for our beliefs.

    The Barney Franks in Congress become obsolete when the ground beneath them will not support their weight & collapsing in on them. Start saying the little problems are not worth our trouble only the big ones and you have harmed your principles and results you want. The Barney’s of Congress watch our resolve. They see we mean business at all levels they may flee as many did before the election of Nov 2, 2010. Many who voted for obamacare did not run for re-election.

    Best thing about TEA to me was loss of seat in AK. We said we rather have a believer than a Republican in office. That differs from the norm of politics.

    Be it called greed or “manipulating the system” what is the end result ? Is America better off ? Let the headlines show a woman adding imaginary children to her tax form got caught. That Barney Frank is meeting his fate. That right is right and wrong is wrong at whatever level.

    I wish to stand for right in a imperfect world in my imperfect way the best I can…

  • landreaux


    Couple of points when I agree that greed can be ‘flexible’ I simply mean there are different kinds of greed. In Jim Johnnson’s case there was financial greed but in my opinion it was more a greed for power with the financial following the pursuit of power. In the cases of Frank and Dodd it’s probably more complex but power is again, I believe, the lowest common denominator. The trend seems to be frighteningly consistent, once the financial greed is satisfied it’s on to the power. The quickest path to power is elective office.

    We MUST get the money out of politics. We MUST elect folks who are willing to do so. We MUST have folks who come to office with an absolute aversion to corruption. We don’t have it now and in my opinion greed is the anticedant to corruption whichever definition we may choose to apply. I can not see a positive way forward as long as we accept the influence of money in the political system.

    Listen to any news cast and eventually the ‘how much money they raised’ is reflected as some manner of report card, which it is, but the corrupting influence of $$$$$ simply cannot be denied. If we want some manner of revolution money in politics would be my first target.

  • D.D.Mao

    “Start saying the little problems are not worth our trouble only the big ones and you have harmed your principles and results you want.”…….Bill Hedges 2nd November @1:38 AM

    As I tried to explain in my post of 30th October @!:34 PM Mayor Giuliani called this the “Broken Window” theory.It worked in cleaning up NYC and if it wasn’t for term limits(that Bloomberg ignored)Rudy would have been re-elected.As some politician said years ago”A million here and a million there it starts to add up.”

  • D.D.Mao

    I see your point concerning greed in your 9:51 AM post and couldn’t agree with you more.

    I got your back covered on this one!


  • D.D.Mao

    The problem with this “Redistribution of the Wealth” hokum the President and his OWS miscreants are advocating is “Bravo-Sierra” from the get go.Any additional taxes from the rich won’t go directly to the middle class but to the budget of the already bloated government to prop up failing institutions,unsustainable pensions,and delaying necessary reforms to our Social Security system and Medicare.If bloated government was the answer Europe wouldn’t be drowning in bankrupt governments.

  • landreaux

    Despite all of the noise about the deficit we will in reality spend more money this year than last and more next year than this year. Does anyone sense a trend here and is it corruption and greed???

    Despite the last election, despite the Tea Party despite some manner of Conservative resurgence…………we’re spending more money and a piddly goal for the ‘super committee’ cuts seems to be beyond the comprehension of the committee as a whole.

    We’re on the verge of the height of corruption and greed a failed ecomony. We’ve allowed ourselves to be put in a position where the 23rd largest economy on earth, Greece can take down the largest economy on earth, us!

    How’s that for leadership folks?

    Based on unscientific polling there is a growing sense of panic out there from folks who don’t usually focus on politics and economics. There getting a ‘sense’ of how bad this all could be. They may not have the facts and figures but they maintain their common sense and that common sense is tellin them that we’re in trouble. Forget the formal polls except within their short term fluctuations, the growing sense of darkness is out there.

    We’ve done it to ourselves, we’ve gotten the leadership we deserve; we’ve allowed minority rule to prevail, we’ve allowed ‘lawfare’ to rule our culture. I listened to a congressional hearing where some Democratic Congressman was attempting to hang a sherrif who supports carry permits for women for the purpose of self defense against, oh say, rape. He had more sensitivity for the potential rapist than for the woman who might be under assault. Because ‘guns are bad’ no matter what! Really, really????? It’s just one example but it is a reflecton of where we are. The sherrif to his credit when confronted with his support for carry permits was asked what his solution would be; ‘don’t attack women’ was his answer. Thank God we’ve still got some folks who are capable of seeing the black and white of situations, not everything is a shade of grey; not ethically not morally!

  • D.D.Mao


    Which makes me ask why you believe the OWS crowd missed an opportunity when they are so clearly attempting to compound the situation by dumping capitalism on the fast lane to bankrupcy.If anyone is seeing things in a shade of grey and lacks the grey matter to understand the situation we are confronting it is OWS.

    By saying “we got the leadership we deserve”it sounds like you agree with one of my post about voting for your “aspirations and not voting in desperation”. If I also understand your 9:38 AM post this morning correctly you are no longer in favor of supporting Mr. Romney(see your article Mr. Romney and my Flip Flop)simply because he is the most electable candidate? Voting for the most electable candidate and crossing your fingers that he has the same Conservative beliefs as you brought us empty suits like Bob Dole,Bush I,Bush II,and John McCain.Mr.Romney while I’m sure is a good man doesn’t have the Conservative backing and will be eaten alive when he faces President Obama in a debate trying to support his Mass. Obamacare-lite health plan.

  • landreaux


    I would say first and foremost that the ‘missed opportunity’ theme was a vehicle to make a point. I had no expectations that we were looking at a well researched, analytic view of capitalism or government behavior. It was a vehicle to make a point that if the general issue were corruption, there is a point there to be made, if it’s about $$ and politics, another point to be made. My point was there was a point to be made and the potential opportunity went the way of ‘Bread and Circus’s.

    I’ve been unhappy for a long time with the political class, long before I had the opportunity to write for this site I was castigating both parties for, what I percieved, as corruption. I was even published in the Washington Times on the subject.

    My curse is, if I suffer from one, is that I tend to view things in broad context. I don’t disagree with voting aspirations but that means you’re looking at Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul or, maybe Newt. with the possible exception of Newt unelectable in my analysis of broad context. That means four more years, which is my analysis of context means; WE’RE SCREWED!!!!!

    This time around I’d rather win with a lesser conservative than lose on principal, because a loss this time is almost unimaginable.

  • D.D.Mao


    Talk about instilling fear into voters “This time around” seems to be Trojan horse rallying cry of the Republican party.Their campaign medicine men beat the drum that socialism will engulf the country if a Democrat is elected and peddle their empty suit who will continue the status quo greed you pointed out above.After watching empty suit after empty suit go to Washington I was hopeful that the Tea Party movement would bring a change.We can’t however in my opinion change Congress and then hope the President of the same party will sign the legislation.We went that route with George W. Bush who said “campaign finance is unconstitutional but I’ll sign it anyway and let the courts decide”.

    My fault if you consider it one(although my wife would probably point out numerous faults)is I’m sick and tired of election after election choosing the best of two evils offered and I have been voting on principle.I plan on continuing that practice.

  • D.D.Mao

    Elaborating on my last thoughts:

    Like you Landreaux I rail against both parties as you can see by my post.However I believe something along the lines of that quote President Reagan made where he said “I didn’t leave the party my party left me.” Unfortunatly I can’t switch parties like he did because the Democratic party is even further away from my principles than the Republican party.I have come to believe that when you vote for the best of two evils you are not railing against the greed and corruption but perpetuating it’s existance.

    I look forward to continue reading your thoughts and opinions on this site and any other site you are published on.Perhaps we can exchange “E” mails because our differences are not on theory but method.

    “Nothing is sacred about the Republican party.It deserves Conservative loyalty only to the extent that it is Conservative.”………Frank S. Meyer of National Review

  • landreaux


    I am 100% sympathetic to voting for ‘lessers’ I’ve complained about it consistently. Hate the feeling that I’m always voting against something or someone. I can’t argue with voting on principal as long as the other sides principals don’t end up winning, which means the rest of us lose. If this next election is lost, consider the tide of momentum that results. Four more years of political economics, social engineering, servitude for the lesser amongst us, an economy in ruins. Where would we be in four years? Living in caves?

  • Bill Hedges

    As Sarah said, she would campaign for a Democrat…

  • D.D.Mao

    “If this next election is lost consider the tide of momentum that results.”

    That should be the campaign slogan for the Republican party because they drag it out every four years.We have no right to complain about the Progressive/Liberals playing the fear card to senior citizens and the black community when the Republicans play the same fear card year after year.This group of candidates has no substance to their campaigns,has no plan of how they are going to lead us to recovery or even a reason to be excited about their candidacy.Once they get elected you can only hope(there’s that word again)that they follow Conservative principles or all you have left to say is “Well it’s better than if the Democrat was elected”.THEN expect them to play the fear card again in four years!

    To answer a question I’m sure is on your mind No I’m not looking for another Reagan but to use a term you used earlier if we select a candidate from this motley crew “WE’RE SCREWED! There isn’t one candidate (WHO IS RUNNING)who President Obama is afraid of facing in a debate INCLUDING NEWT!He may be smart but America doesn’t remember him in a good light from when he was Speaker and he stands a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected.Anyway you look at it you’re going to have another Bob Dole and John McCain on your hands where Conservatives will sit home…….or vote Liberatarian.


  • D.D.Mao

    Getting back to the original subject of the OWS malcontents who not only want to overthrow the capitalist system in America but the rule of law,property rights and The Ten Commandments.

    “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God,and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.If “Thou shalt not covet” and “Thou shalt not steal” were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be made civilized or made free.”

    John Adams 1787

  • Bill Hedges

    Newt Gingrich: Obama Is About As Candid As Bernie Madoff (Video)