What Happens In Vegas

And the winner is……… Newt! We know Newt will eventually say something resulting in a collective roll of eyes, a shake of head and; ‘oh no, did he say that’. Last night, however, he was brilliant. We all know that as a Presidential candidate the inventory of Newt’s statements open to be used against him is seriously voluminous. The Republican field, however, would do well to study Newt’s answers and tone closely; his answers absent historical baggage represent a Conservative message appropriate to the political middle and easily acceptable to Conservatives. His answer to the Latino question was sheer perfection.

Romney is, once again, exceptionally well prepared, taking Newt down at one stage in the debate over individual health care mandates. Whoever is doing Romney’s opposition research is coming up with exactly what he needs to address the Romney Care issue that will not go away anytime soon. Romney may not see a bump in the numbers off this debate, but neither will he fall off.. His numbers are stable because despite his vast array of competencies there is no sense of vision about him. Perhaps that will come later but its absence at the moment is a void in his candidacy. If you’re looking forward to a debate with President Obama and the Republican candidate you have to like Romney’s preparation and his ability to fight off attacks.

Based on Rick Perry’s book tour, a concern developed over his intellectual chops; seemingly simple questions were not so simple for Gov. Perry. That concern has evolved into an opinion that Gov. Perry does not, in fact, have the chops to keep up with the likes of Romney or Newt. Rick Perry is $15 million in history waiting to happen. To take a swing at Romney’s supposed hiring of illegal aliens, get slapped down and then trying it again was, well, pathetic and cringe worthy. He looks uncomfortable. Perry looks like a kid that has not been to class all semester and is doing his best to cram to a passing grade. Sorry Rick, you’re not the guy for the times and a D+ will not get the job done. Oh, and by the way, rude is not the way to go.

Michelle Bachman is an important voice. But please, forget the commercials for your web site. Folks who watch the debates know you’re a mom and know that your foster care commitment says a lot about you, but addressing the housing crisis based on empathy with Moms is not a policy solution. It is easy to admire and respect Ms. Bachman. However, she was too cute by half; everyone loves the pretty, peppy cheerleader but that’s not Presidential timbre. Forget the commercials and get your policy chops down. Constant repetition of personal history won’t get you there, serious policy solutions capable of being communicated will.

Love Herman. Sure his 999 plan will take a hit, but kudos to him for putting out a bold idea and defending it relentlessly. He is what he is; that’s the appeal. The odds are long for Herman, but he keeps on keeping on and he is having an impact of the war of ideas. Good for you Herman, hang in there and keep your good humor; we need it! We need you to keep telling us to ‘lighten up’.

Rick Santorum is depending on social conservatives to carry his day. Oops, this is not a social issues election and it is unlikely that those issues will rise to predominance. One gets the feeling, especially after his comments about winning Pennsylvania that he’s running for Vice President.

Ron Paul is an important voice as well, but the foreign policy positions are simply not going to work in the mainstream. His economic plan is what purist Conservatives want to see. He is also likely correct regarding the economic disaster he sees coming. But he looks like an angry old man and the debate facilitators have tended to ignore him. Ron Paul should hang in there also, we need the voice. It is an unelectable voice but we need it nonetheless.

  • Brian

    Subject: Herman in the Debates and 9-9-9

    Hi Cain Campaign:

    I was watching the debate last night and I couldn’t help but think Herman’s rebuttals to attacks on 9-9-9 weren’t good enough. I have supported Herman from the beginning, and now that he has received widespread media attention, my passion for his campaign has only increased.

    I have a few ideas that might help him polish his rebuttals in subsequent debates.

    First and foremost:

    Question: “Mr. Cain, you have received criticism over your 9-9-9 plan and many say the numbers don’t add up.”
    Answer: “First and foremost, I am the only candidate that has recognized that the US tax code is a disastrous mess. There are more than 70,000 pages of loop holes and tax breaks for special interest. None of the other candidates nor President Obama have come up with a plan to transform our current tax code. We cannot keep the status quo, it is not working. That is why I want to throw out the entire tax code and replace it with 9-9-9. If any of the other candidates have a complete solution to overhaul the tax code, I would be more than willing to look at it.”

    Second – My Paycheck and 9-9-9:

    Other Republican candidates and now President Obama claim that 9-9-9 will raise taxes. Herman’s response is: “that this is simply not true”. The response needs to be more detailed. Most Americans don’t understand their paycheck. When asked how much they make they will say $5,000 per month. But the real answer after all applicable taxes would be something closer to a take home pay of $3,500 per month. Herman tells people to look at his plan. I have many times. While simpler than the current tax code it is still difficult for the average American to understand, especially the scoring report.
    Here is an idea that may simplify Herman’s rebuttals so that it hits home with the people who matter, the tax paying citizens of the USA.

    -We need to see a chart/side-by-side table that compares incomes under the current tax code vs. the 9-9-9 plan.

    For Example:

    $5,000 per month under Current Tax Code
    o Fed Income Tax withholding 25% = $1,250
    o Other Fed taxes (payroll tax) 7.65% = $382.5

    o Total take home pay = $3,367.50

    $5,000 per month under 9-9-9
    o Fed Flat Tax 9% = $450
    o No other taxes

    o Total take home pay = $4,550

    So, side by side on a chart or a table people will see that under 9-9-9 they will be getting $1,050 more in disposable income each month. Now individuals have the freedom to spend that $1,182.50 on whatever they want or need. In order for individuals to pay the same tax amount under 9-9-9 as they do in the current tax code they would have to spend $13,139 in a month to be equal. This is how I arrived at that number $1,182.50 in extra income from 9-9-9 then divide it by 0.09 national sales tax rate results in $13,139. Therefore, no matter how much someone spends per month, they will never reach the same level of taxation that we currently have (that is unless they rack up some serious debt on their credit card).

    While the above chart/table is a great start, the one problem is that not every American has the same paycheck. So, the Cain campaign could create multiple charts for each tax bracket. This will allow people from poor to upper-middle class to visually compare the difference in their paycheck between status quo and 9-9-9. Another idea is to create an interactive paycheck calculator on HermanCain.com

    Create a paycheck calculator on HermanCain.com

    – There could be an interactive paycheck comparison tool between 9-9-9 and the current tax code on Herman’s website. It could be set up the same way a mortgage refinance calculator works. See link for an example: https://www.arvest.com/?page=personal/calcs&calc=recoup

    – How much will you save each year under the 9-9-9 plan? Fill in your current total yearly salary below and we’ll tell you.

    How much will I save under 9-9-9?

    Current Total Yearly Salary: $60,000

    Current Tax Bracket (auto-adjust): 25%

    Current Yearly Take Home Pay (auto-adjust): $45,000

    New 9-9-9 Tax Bracket (auto-adjust): 9%

    New Yearly Take Home Pay (auto-adjust): $54,600

    Extra $$$/yr under 9-9-9 (auto-adjust): $9,600

    Third Idea for 9-9-9 Attack Rebuttal:

    As we all know lobbyist and special interest groups have invaded Washington to push their own agenda. This includes serious tax breaks for some of the largest corporations in the world. I am sure that if polled most Americans would say they don’t support tax breaks for big business. So this is where Herman could win a lot of support from the anti-Washington/anti-big business/anti-Wall Street crowd.
    – Under 9-9-9 large corporations like General Electric will actually have to pay taxes. No longer will they get a free ride because they donated money to x, y, or z campaign.
    – If he wanted to he could further push the known fact of GE’s relationship to the Obama campaign/administration.
    The 9% corporate income tax levels the playing field for all. Herman has hinted at this but without an example like GE the average citizen doesn’t get it. Here is a possible response to a 9-9-9 question:
    Question: “Mr. Cain, it has been said that your 9-9-9 plan will raise taxes.”
    Answer: “Under the 9-9-9 plan corporations like General Electric will see their taxes go up. Why… because they currently aren’t paying a single penny in taxes even though they made a profit of $14.2 billion in 2010. THAT’S $14.2 BILLION! That is the problem with the current tax code, there are so many loop holes that companies making billions per year don’t pay any taxes. That is why I want to throw out the current tax code and start over with 9-9-9. Then every business will be paying their fair share.”
    “For the corporations that have been paying taxes, they will see their tax rate drop from 35% to 9%. For instance, a corporation that made a $100 million in 2010 would save $26 million in taxes under 9-9-9. This will allow businesses to become more competitive which will result in lower prices and increased demand. The increased demand will result in two things: more sales (means more tax dollars) and the need to hire more employees.”

    Fourth Idea for 9-9-9 Defense

    Many of the debate moderators and journalist indicate that milk, bread, beer, etc. will cost the consumer more under the 9% national sales tax. This is not necessarily true. Herman could put a comparison on his website between the cost/tax of common household purchases, such as milk, bread, beer, etc., under the current tax code and then under the 9-9-9 plan.
    For example:
    o Under current tax code it is taxed 5 times causing the price of bread to increase to $XX.xx.
    o Under 9-9-9 bread would be taxed once at 9% which decreases the price $XX.xx.

    Thank you for taking the time to read these suggestions. I, along with many Americans, want to see a strong leader, one willing to tackle our most difficult problems head on, as the next President of the United States.


  • Landreaux


    Good suggestions. Howver, the real story is what the macro economic impact would be. Personally, I believe it would be MAJOR! It would unleash capital, provide incentives to work harder and do more and create the certainty that is currently absent in the system It would also eliminate a signicicant amount of crony capitalization from the system which, I believe, is part of what is bringing the system down and a major factor in the cynicism we all have about the Federal tax code.

  • D.D.Mao

    A column by a man named Mark Alexander on a web site called “Patriot Post” said it best. “The winner of the debate was……….President Obama!

    If the current crop of wanna be’s keep bickering among themselves it will only help President Obama get re-elected.Only one candidate said to the moderator that he is trying to engage this bickering and he (the candidate) won’t be a part of it. And only one candidate came up with any plan to get the nation out of this mess.Now I’m not endorsing this plan but if you need to go to someones web site to read their so called plan and they can’t explain it in a debate it must be wrapped firmly in B.S.

    Obviously while many of these turkeys are trying to embrace the Tea Party movement they haven’t learned the lesson of the 2010 elections from the same Tea Party.Mr. Romney while I’m sure is a good man WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED by the Tea Party because no one is excited about him.”What we have here…….” as the saying goes in the movie “Cool Hand Luke” “is a failure to communicate”. Like John McCain he won’t have the supporters going out from door to door or on the phone banks to get votes and donations.He flip flops on issues and tries to swamp you with words burrying his Obama light health care plan.It’s amazing he wants the support of the Tea Party and yet has the brass appendages to keep selling this idea to us.As Alexander Hamilton stated “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”.The only ones who are enthused by Mr. Romney are the MSM who like in the case of Mr. McCain had a hand in nominating him because he was Democrat-lite and the best candidate Mr. Obama could run against and win.

    If conservatives embrace convenience and the sheer dislike of President Obama to win this election they will lose.I see nothing here that would obstruct that course.

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