Highlights from Republican Fox News Iowa debate

Earlier tonight Republican candidates were on the stage in Ames, Iowa for a debate sponsored by Fox News, The Washington Examiner and the Republican Party of Iowa. There were quite a few notable moments including a major dust-up between former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann among others.

Pawlenty and Bachmann attack each other’s records, credentials:

Former speaker of the House takes issues with Chris Wallace’s question:

Tim Pawlenty Will Cook You Dinner – Former Minnesota governor issues challenge to voters:

Rick Santorum: America Needs Leaders, Not Showmen:

Herman Cain on Sharia Law:

Gingrich Blasts Debt Super Committee:

Romney, Huntsman on Gay Marriage:

Mitt Romney on Extending Jobless Benefits:

More to come as they are released.

  • Bill Hedges

    I pick Newt for top position, with Cain in second spot for VP. Bachmann not ready which I hate to say. I really do. Palin got robbed of her chance. I think she knows. Romney makes my hair stand on end. Rest can just drop out. Unless you need your grass cut. Under a acre of course.

    Of announced candidates, Newt would pin obama’s big ears to the wall the hardest. Make mince meat pie of barry. Guy knows his stuff. His record as Speaker is suburb. Worked both sides of the room. Don’t see his marital infidelity doing him much harm. His gay daughter MIGHT adjust party stance somewhat.

    BUT, bring in THE TEXAN or Governor of NJ, well, would have to reconsider…

  • jazzguy

    its not a debate without Dr Ron Paul.