Save Me From Myself

The deal on the debt ceiling does nearly nothing to address the systemic problems faced by the economy and by extension the jeopardy faced by 95% of Americans. What it does do is to illustrate in fine detail that that Congressional leadership is, to be kind, impotent. There is not a blue pill in sight.

The only way to get a deal is to threaten “painful” cuts in Defense and Medicare as a trigger if Congress does not pass another set of insignificant cuts equal to 1.5 trillion over 10 years for a grand total of $2.5 trillion. $250 billion a year versus projected deficits of over $1 trillion a year is no more than a small change in momentum. Changing momentum is fine; we should be clear, there is nothing even close to a beginning of a solution here.

The threat of “painful” trigger cuts to defense and Medicare is required for Congress to see a path to continued cuts in spending. One sacred cow must appear on the chopping block for each party to motivate action. Housing, GDP, employment, business investment, small business creation, real wages and credit availability, all on harsh negative trend lines is not sufficient motivation for Congress! We must threaten national security and health care to provide the proper motivation to avoid economic collapse.

Presidential leadership may have been essentially absent in this circumstance; however, Congress requires self imposed threats to generate a deal. The only bi-partisan symptom here is the agreement that no one moves absent an agreement on collective blackmail that saves Congress from itself.

  • D.D.Mao

    There is more than just pushing granny over a cliff while withholding Social Security checks here.The Liberal/Progressives felt that if the country did default they would not only blame the Republicans/Tea Party and shore up a win in 2012 but could implement Cloward-Pevin thus having trickle up poverty.You say that when the American public sees the economy going down the toilet they will dump President Obama? This whole administration has had one strategy since taking office and that is to blame the other guy for the trouble we are in. Progressives deal in emotions and as you can see from the MSM they are willing pushers to this administrations addiction.They didn’t propose any budgets because they felt they were in a win-win position.What we as Conservatives need now is a strong enough candidate to express our principles and power point President Obamas faults.

    As far as the Republican Congress if it wasn’t for the Tea Party members(mostly freshman)they would have folded long ago.We got what we could with the cards we were dealt. This deal is set until after 2012 so when we win the other House and/or the Presidentcy we will get more. For now we need to appoint hard core Conservatives to this committee because even one moderate Republican can defeat the whole process.

  • landreaux

    I don’t disagree about the Tea Party role, you know that based on the past few posts. I’m talking about the collective leadership issues, both parties. I’m concerned that for the next year and a half “got what we could” is not going to stave off what I see coming. Nothing good, by the way. Leadership is not defining the full scope of the problem, they all seem guided by fear of the truth. I still believe we can handle the truth, but outside relatively small enclaves of involvement the majority just don’t have the time to sort this all out or do the research.

  • D.D.Mao

    I know you don’t doubt the importance of the Tea Party however as you have probaly noticed leadership in the Republican party ISN’T INVOLVED WITH THE TEA PARTY.It’s the freshmen as I said who showed some backbone in this debt battle. Leadership in either party is old school politicians and they want the American public to know very little of the details of legislation while whipping out the same old tired rhetoric against the opposition.Whats the old saying “Don’t ask how sausages and legislation is made.” With a heavy dose of cover your ass.

    I agree with you Landreaux that we don’t know the full story of what is coming and this bill is just a band aid for the hemorrhaging in our economy.I don’t think it’s a matter of anyone not having the time or bother to research into this however but the secrecy with which Congress passes legislation. How many times have we heard of a bill passing and afterwards the fine details are exposed as to showing it not as what it seemed? The Healthcare bill and even the speakers initial debt bill immediatly come to mind as having had to be reworked due to false figures.Hell how can we be expected to be totally informed when CONGRESS DOESN’T EVEN READ THE LEGISLATION BEFORE PASSING IT?.

    I have a cartoon on my desk which shows a huge stone building and the plaque on it says “The Department of Justifying Your Existence”. The caption says “The busiest Department in Washington”. That is why the Liberals/Progressives are so afraid of the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT and try to discredit us. The Tea Party wants the curtains opened and sunshine on what is going on in Washington.

  • D.D.Mao

    Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords returns to the House for the first time since she was shot in January to cast her vote during the debt battle.Needless to say we all remember the rhetoric and blame for this deed which was thrown at the Tea Party afterwards.Calls for”CIVILITY”rang out from every weak kneed Progressive. Meanwhile the Democratic leadership uses the tasteless metaphor that “the Tea Party held a gun to the nations head” when the debt bill vote doesn’t include any tax provisions.


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