In Pursuit Of Fairness

The President has, once again and predictably, descended into class warfare along with his minions in support of new taxes. It’s OK though because they won’t kick in till 2013, you know, the same time the taxes associated with Obama Care kick in! The message is that if you’re rich you occupy the “unfair” side of American life. You’re not paying your fair share, despite the simple fact that 25% of tax payers cover 75% of the bills. The facts are not allowed to stand in the way of the “fairness” argument, which strikes me as ………. well, unfair! The fact that 48% of Americans pay no federal income taxes eludes attention or mention and also appears to many to be unfair.

There is another point being made. You should not aspire to success and the riches that accrue from it; success is surrounded by evil, greed and inherent unfairness. It was unfair for the “rich” to contribute billions to charity, according to the President, who severely limited the tax incentives to do so. Mrs. Obama, as well, has sounded similar themes recommending young people reject the business world and commit themselves to public service. I suppose we would have to write off her $300,000+ job in Chicago as her personal version of the Satanic Verses. The devil made me do it!

The message is that uninspired, uncreative, bureaucratic “public service” is noble and success in business is not. A teacher is noble but the folks that pay the freight are not. Could they not both be noble, each in their own way? No mention from the President as to who pays for that public service and in what measure. Is that fair? The President delivers the message that because you can pay more, you should pay more; how much is too much? Will the President insist that the highly productive 25% just cave in and pay for it all? If it were me I’d cash out and go fishing.

The message to the successful; more …. we want more! Why do we want more? We want more because we can; because it’s fair. The typical straw men in the President’s own personal Potemkin village are on full display: private jet owners oh, and hedge funds, don’t forget hedge funds. We’ll tax the private jet owners and the impact on our situation will be exactly zero, negligible, not significant enough of a number to represent a Federal Budget margin of error calculation, let alone the deficit. It will of course cost jobs potentially which will have an impact on the deficit, but, hey it’s not about jobs and capital it’s about fairness and fairness demands, in the President’s vision, punishment.

The best the President can do is attack the private airplane industry? Really, that’s the best you’ve got? Remember when we did this with luxury boats? Entire industry, right down the tubes, 25,000 jobs lost in an economic heartbeat. The President wants to do it again. Apparently the news of that little mistake, predicted by Conservatives, never reached the community organizing industry.

I’m not rich financially, but I’d like to be. If I do get rich it will be because I was smarter and/or worked harder than the next guy. It will be because I had a great idea. It will be because I competed, it will be because I won. It will be because I deployed my capital creatively and oh, by the way, I probably created jobs along the way. My success would serve as an example to others; “you can do it too!” The message from the President; “don’t bother”.

There is nothing new here from the White House. If memory serves, prior attacks have included; Coal, Oil, Doctors, Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Commodity Traders, Wall Street, Hedge Funds, Cambridge Police Officers and Banks. Can they all be evil? Is it possible?

There are no attacks on Unions, regardless of their occasionally thuggish behaviors. 7% of the private work force is unionized yet union leaders brag about their direct access to the White House. The head of the SEIU was, by far, the most frequent visitor to the White House following the Obama election. An entire political party is fully in the tank for unions that represent single digit minorities of the work force; is that fair?

Perhaps the dictionary would be helpful. Fair: free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice.

  • D.D.Mao

    When Ayn Rand suggested that the producers of society would go on strike when government over stepped their bounds she was partially right.

    Industry is moving to other areas where regulation and taxes are more friendly toward them.Boeing aircraft is the latest in it’s move to South Carolina from Washington state due to union demands making aircraft prices unattractive to buyers in todays market.The federal government in the form of the National Labor Relations Board is trying to make this impossible citing the Wagner Act and Taft Hartley Act.Of course their ulterior motive is to please the unions who are huge contributors to the Democratic party.Not only industry is getting tired of this government run extortion but the people themselves.In Southern California 13 counties are studying the possibility of breaking away from California due to it’s excessive taxing and liberal legislation drawnup in and favoring Northern California.

    People and industry are moving to not only other parts of the country but other countries.Places like Hong Kong,Costa Rico,Panama,Monte Carlo, Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands have low taxes and are welcoming American expatriates with the computer age making it even easier.Living conditions have improved and it isn’t unheard of for people to give up their citizenship in order to escape the IRS.Why do you think many Rock & Roll stars live abroad especially the Brits.Why do you suppose the New World Order people want one world wide government?

    If President Obama wants us to “Eat our peas” I can’t see America joining a “Pea Party”.

  • landreaux


    Great line “the pea party”. There is, at least, 3 trillion sitting on the sidelines as has been well reported. Why?

    In my opinion it’s not just “uncertainty” it’s a well considered effort by business and banking to do what they can to disable this president. Jeff Emmelt notwithstanding.