A Sigh of Relief; Briefly.

Osama bin Laden is dead. A measure of justice delivered; a promise kept.  SEAL Team Six is among, if not the best special operations team on earth, the true tip of the spear; their competence and courage has, again, served us exceptionally well.  CIA ran the operation and kudos to those fine folks as well. However…………………..  

It is incomprehensible that portions of official Pakistan were unaware of bin Laden’s presence.  The overt presence of bin Laden in Pakistan reinforces what we know about al Qaeda and Taliban influence in the Pakistani Military and security services. 

The Pakistani Taliban lost no time in threatening President Zardawi and the U.S.  The fence that the Pakistani’s have been occupying just lost a post and no doubt finding a new balance point will be difficult at best in the short term.  Pakistan has suffered regular terror violence from the Taliban and no doubt and more is sure to come.  The violence may push Pakistan off it’s fence but which side they fall on is in question.

The Muslim Brotherhood released a tepid statement expressing no significant regret over bin Laden’s death.  The Brotherhood is the nexus of the theology that motivated bin Laden, his followers and a significant population of extremists worldwide.  The Statement is the Brotherhood’s message that their focus is political power to be achieved on the back of unrest in the Middle East.  It is another tactic applied in the pursuit of “soft Jihad”. 

Al Qaeda franchises sworn to allegiance to bin Laden will fracture and look to the next point of leadership.  The political struggles within al Qaeda will accelerate.  The Egyptian and Yemini factions will vie for leadership as the next philosophical leader of extremist Islam emerges; Ayman Zawahiri or al Awlaki.       

Independent groups committed to al Qaeda’s goals but under no central al Qaeda control may seek their own measure of vengeance.  Small ball terrorism will accelerate as groups attempt to make their own statement in support of a deceased bin Laden.

Zawahiri will surface with yet another call to violence as will the Yemini faction.  The world of terrorism on the web will extol fresh action against Western interests.  The message will be repackaged in the context of the death of bin Laden and NATO action in Libya. 

In short, nothing will change on a fundamental level.  The dynamic, however, can be changed when we decide that what truly need suffer the death gurgle are the ideas that exist in support of radical Islamism.  Terrorism is a tactic; the real war is a war of ideas, values and will.  We’ve appeased radical Islam in that fight focusing on the tactics of terror as opposed to the infrastructure of philosophical and religious thinking in support of al Qaeda, the Taliban and, most critically, the Muslim Brotherhood.   

The war of ideas is waged when we embrace, support and elevate our values; when we abandon the appeasement of relativism and recognize the simple fact that there is evil afoot and defend those values against that creeping evil.

  • D.D.Mao

    I also would like to pass along my congratulations to our men in the military and intelligence community.We are extremly proud of all the work you do much of it behind the scenes and without thanks.It is appreciated.


    Now for some random thoughts about last nights mission!

    1) Landreaux mentioned once that we are and have been in negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan.How will this effect those negotiations?

    2) Just a thought but how would it have been handled if Bin Laden had surrendered and went on trial?

    3) What is going through Gaddafi’s mind after last week we killed his son and this week Bin Laden?

    4)May 1st 1945 Adolf Hitler was pronounced dead and May 1st 2001 Osama bin Laden.Gives May Day a new meaning doesn’t it?

    5) What does the Arab street think of President Obama now?

    6) How long before the liberal left comes out and rants about “targeted assassinations” being against American policy? My guess since it was President Obama you will never hear it.

    7) Seeing that the Royal honeymoon was postponed did we give the Brits a heads up on what was coming?

    8) Why was the burial so quick and so little evidence put out by the administration.Seeing all the bad press the President had about his birth certificate you would think he would want no conspiracy theories from either America or the Middle East.I’m not saying take a photo with the death certificate in his hand but I would have let the body rot until I got a warning to every Taliban member out there.Sloppy job by the administration.

  • landreaux

    Good Questions.

    1) It won’t effect the Taliban negotiations which are essentially doomed to failure either now or in the future. The Taliban may eventually agree to “something” to facilitate a U.S. drawdown but it will be by Islamic Law and precedent short lived.

    2) My opinion is that there was no way bin Laden was going to be taken alive. Too much of a downside. Remember he was operating here with one, one courier and a minimal number of people in the compound, somewhere between six and ten in all liklihood.

    3) Oh Shit!!!!!

    4) It does.

    5) The Arab street, eventually, responds to strength at some level but where an extreme view of Islam prevails it will be an exercise in raising bin Laden to saint status. The Islamist political infrastructure such as the ruling party in Turkey, the Saudi’s, Yemini’s, Hamas, Hiz’bAllah will elevate bin Laden as a great warrior to be emulated.

    6)They won’t because it was their guy who did it.

    7) Maybe but only in generalities. The Brits unerstand operational security.

    I think they had to get rid of the body. The ritual was no doubt photographed. They are going to have to release proof of the Arab Street will not believe the death. They may not anyway. Not releasing anything other than preliminary DNA results will probably prove unwise.

  • D.D.Mao


    Thanks for the opinion on my thoughts.On “What does the Arab Street think of President Obama now” I was thinking of how their policy is going to change toward him.His perception to the Arab street may no longer be the American we can bend and mold against Isreal as it once was.

    As far as the handling of the body I feel it was done very clumsy. It just left to many openings for accusations of bogus photos and DNA from the tin hat conspiracy crowd.If people aren’t going to believe we landed on the moon when they saw pictures they surely aren’t going to just take his word for it.Honestly…..from past experiences with him I would find it hard to believe President Obama.

  • landreaux


    Here’s the thing. The “Arab Street” and more importantly those that lead their opinions and perceptions have a body of evidence going back to the Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut that tell them we are not prepared to stand up courageously to each and every instance of terrorism.

    They have from the outset believed that they could use our values, morals and sensitivities against us. They spent more time studying Vietnam than we did. They learned that public opinion (even absent the facts) could be powerful, they know that our own legal system can be used against us. They know that possibly well intentioned “useful idiots” were critical to undermining an agressive response to both terror and the ideology that supported it.

    Prior to WW II it was the “America First” movement that essentially sympathetic to Nazi propoganda.

    During Vietnam is was Socialist and Communist support for 3rd columns that were behind significant portions of the protest movement. Now we have CAIR, the Institute of Islamic Thought, The Muslim Students Association and a laundry list of “civil rights” groups that are interested only in rights as defined by Sharia. Islam teaches them to engage in deception; ends justifying means. They will assume we engage in exactly the same manner of deception as they do. When Sharks attacked off the Israeli, Gaza coast published opinion said the Israeli’s somehow trained the Sharks to attack Palestinians. You just can’t make it up, but you have to consider the illeratcy rate in the Arab World to understand how these things have traction. If all you get is conspiracy theories from your friends and the Friday searmon your ability to reason carefully is not the best. The “Arab Street” is the same manner of fiction that the “International Community” is, it’s just semantics it does not exist in any cohesive way.

    Reports last year indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood was minimizing the use of terrorism so satisfied they were with the progress of the legal and political progress they had made in America.

    During the Roman Empire those guys had the right idea. If any Roman citizen, anywhere was harmed or killed by the locals, villages would simply disappear as punishment and as a lesson. Security of Romans became a self policing situation as no one cared to bring down the wrath of a Roman Legion. It’s a lesson from history that we would do well to pay attention to.

    I actually think a burial at sea was the best of bad options, it had never occured to me to do it that way in the event we got him, my first impression was “yea, great idea”.

    It would be nice to think that it was a message to the Islamic world, “we’ll respect you’re cultural imperitives…..but only so far”. I don’t think that was the intent…….but it should have been.

  • D.D.Mao


    I read an article yesterday entitled “On Bin Laden,Muslim Brotherhood Makes Different Statements in English and in Arabic” on Pajamasmedia.com by Sami al-Abasi. As the title suggest conflicting statements were issued according to the audience intended.If the link below doesn’t work you can google the title and site I gave above.


    As you may remember I mentioned I served in Vietnam in the Air Force. Outside our base in the central highlands (Phu-Cat air base) were stationed a unit from South Korea with among other jobs to protect the air base.I will never forget the times they caught Charlie sneaking through the perimiter and the next morning they had them strung up by their feet as a warning to any other V.C. in the area.But then the ROK’s were a different breed and didn’t have to deal with todays political correctness and worrying about respecting religious burial beliefs while FIGHTING A WAR.

  • D.D.Mao

    On the subject of releasing the photo’s of Bin Laden:

    1) I’m waiting for some left wing group to file for them to be released on the “Freedom of Information Act”….and waiting and waiting.

    2) My bet is the President will wait until it boils into such a controversy that he will release them the same day unemployment figures come out.

    3) Having pictures released which might cause additional terrorism didn’t bother the President when he wanted more pictures of Abu Gharib released during the Bush administration.It didn’t bother him when he wanted pictures of American soliders flag draped coffins released.And our Commander in Chief surely made an about face about keeping Gitmo open would provoke more terrorist attacks.

    4) I’m sick and tired of liberals thinking we are children and need protection against seeing gruesome pictures such as these and the pictures from 9/11 that might sear our memory politically but HAVE NO QUALMS ABOUT TAKING MONEY FROM HOLLYWOOD WHO PUT OUT TRASH PICTURES THAT HAVE SEARED SOCIETY FOR A LIFETIME.

  • D.D.Mao

    Still More Questions about Sundays Mission:

    1) If the purpose of the raid was to send Navy Seals in to get proof that he was dead instead of just sending a drone missle WHY NOT RELEASE THAT PROOF?

    2)When did the C.I.A. become the love child of the Progressive left? For years the liberals have been trying to control if not shut down completely the Bureau.

    3)What does the Rev.Wright and Louis Farrakhan think of America and their number one student now?

    4)President Obama said he will not release the photo’s because “…..it would be gloating and that is not what America is about.” Question Mr. President! Does sending a covert targeted assassination team into a sovereign country WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION what America is about?

    5) Prime Minister Tony Blair took a lot of heat because a good number of people in his country think he was used by President Bush to go into Iraq.No weapons of mass destruction showed up and now according to their media America is trying to pull another fast one by no proof Bin Laden is dead.WAY TO GO ABOUT BUILDING TRUST AROUND THE WORLD MR. PRESIDENT!

    6)lETS ALL CHIP IN AND GET THE WHITE HOUSE A DECENT “SITUATION ROOM’INSTEAD OF THAT BROOM CLOSET(if you can believe that)THEY SHOWN IN THE PICTURE THEY RELEASED.And having the President sit on a folding chair in the back of the room? What was that about?

    Now let me make myself clear I AM NOT AGAINST THE SEAL TEAM GOING IN AND TAKING BIN LADEN OUT.If Sundays mission is true I will be the first to cheer.However these questions leave to much unanswered and are proof of how clumsy the White House response was.

    GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY and as President Reagan was fond of saying “TRUST BUT VERIFY”.

    P.S.The unemployment figures come out Fri.or Sat. for the week and preliminary figures have it rising by 43,000 to 472,000.Expect the President to deflect main stream medias attention away from this.