Stop Digging

The election has produced evolving certainty that ranking Democrats don’t “get it”; refuse to admit it or just don’t know what to do with it.  There are, as well, symptoms that Republicans don’t “get it” either.

John Boehner has “Tricks up his sleeve”, really?  Tricks?  We need tricks?  We’ve been looking at tricks for years; we don’t like tricks!

With due respect, how about; “we’re engaging everyone right now; those discussions will result in a final strategy to do what we’ve been sent here to do”?  Tricks? 

Reports indicate that the “old boy, next in line” network feels the need to scuttle Sarah Palin in 2012.  Really, that’s what you’re worried about?  Seriously, are you begging for an emasculating third party? 

Symptoms of the much derided Republican “old boy, next in line” network remain.  A third of the Republican caucus will consist of Tea Party supported Members of Congress, it appears unlikely any will occupy leadership positions; bad tactics?  Will, for instance, Michelle Bachman be a pain in the butt to wobbly Conservatives?  She will!  There is a simple question.  Is it better to have that voice at the table, or voice pressuring you from outside, potentially out of context?  The perceived need for Conservative pressure from the outside will delegitimize Republican leadership before they even take office.          

Eric Cantor (R, Va.), in lockstep with his leader booted the ball as well, denying the “old boy network”, then reinforcing it with a weak justification for supporting Jeb Hensarling; “we work well together”.  Stop digging!  Be savvy, how about; “Republican leadership is not taking a position, the Republican caucus of the 112th Congress will vote without leadership pressure; unlike the 111th Congress”.  Bachman is already a leader of sorts, like it or not.  Jeb Hansarling; competence notwithstanding, does not make the excitement needle jump nor does his elevation deliver any manner of message to significant portions of the electing coalition!  

The Republican caucus must walk the “big tent” talk.  The caucus must walk the “we learned our lesson” talk!  Republican transparency is immediately in question if the Republican Caucus behaves like a Parliamentary House of Commons.  Having a conscience in the room may not be so hard; could save you some pain and suffering down the road!

  • Bill Hedges


    “SAY IT ISN’T SO JOE”, referring to Joe DiMaggio.

    Teary eyed John Boehner moved my soul. His story moved me. I felt he understood the significance, importance, was trial bases, and TEA got you there Republicans.

    I trust you Landreaux, but , Jeepers Creepers, plese be wrong in your interpretation !!!

    I am quick to point out there are old and new faces out there for 2012. Sarah is not the only woman big in TEA. One woman comes to mind that might be a even better bet than Sarah for Presidency.

    But Sarah has a shine in my house. A lit candle honors her. She pushed and personifies our movement. She hunted, killed, cleaned, prepared, cooked and served our enemy to us on the silver platter for us at the dinner table. She will clear the table, wash the dishes, as well as dry ad put away if need be. Give us a hug and tuck us into bed if we have the need. What more can we ask ? How much we owe.

    She caught liberal abuse for her efforts. Be wrong Landreaux.


    Teary eyed John Boehner moved my soul. His story moved me. I felt he understood the significance, importance, was trial bases, and TEA got us there.

    Be wrong Landreaux , this one time.

    One bad Republican vote, Snowe, got obamare out of committee. Rest is history. Republicans united and gained their well dissevered status of NO.

    Give Republicans time to adsorb the events. TEA is the butter on the toast.

    Can not phantom no lessons were learned. A few unhappy, sure…

  • Landreaux


    Wrong on a regular basis I fear. I think Boehner’s tearful moment was sincere, but that won’t feed the bulldog.

  • Bill Hedges

    I think our dogs are well motivated.

    We trained our bulldogs on tires tied to trees. Body off ground. Their jaws are strong.

    If our bulldogs don’t kick butts and hang on to the Bull stuff and don‘t let go, then they can go back home and be toy bulldogs. Dressed in girly clothes. Pets for the kids…