Election 2010 Poll Closing Times

The races which most interest me tonight:

West Virginia: Can John Raese defeat Joe Manchin and start the Senate wave for Republicans? Polls close at 7:30 eastern time so we’ll see.

Virginia: Can Keith Fimian defeat Gerry Connolly in the VA-11 House race? This would be big and the race is a tossup right now. If Fimian wins for Republicans, the wave will be higher than anticipated.

Ohio: Republicans are poised to win up and down the line in Ohio, the question is how large will the margin be? We talking 5 to 10 points or 15 to 20 points? Should give some definition to other Midwest states.

Nevada: Of course, I want to see Harry Reid’s title as Majority Leader come to and end by defeat.

Florida: Excited to see Marco Rubio’s national political career begin tonight, I am eagerly awaiting his victory speech. Keep an eye on this impressive conservative for years to come.

There are many others but with so many, I am watching a few which have fascinated me for months now.

Keep track of the numbers as they roll in. Here’s a video from Fox News showing the poll closing times across the country:

Here’s a map for quick reference:

2010 poll closing times

We’ll be watching tonight and updating as the results happen. Should be a fun ride, pop some popcorn and get comfortable.

  • Landreaux


    I’m seriously “twitchie”! Can’t wait for some results. Hope you’re attenting a “victory” party tonight.

  • Bill Hedges

    To be honest, I don’t turn Fox on until 500 pm. I have my amusing shows to watch and errands. Life begins with People’s Court and Judge Judy. Then Fox through Greta. Will sidestep normal movies, concentrating on election results.

    Did Michele go to Ohio ? Many times obama and Clinton went. A BIG bell weather State to lose for Democrats. Same is Missouri. Shame on you Nate, ignoring my State. I think twice we didn’t vote for President. Like obama. Remember in symbolic vote, MO voted against obamacare.

    Marco Rubio just caught my eye. I’m impressed. So is Democrat Party. The REDCOAT Independent needed Democrat help so Democrat candidate was asked to drop out by Clinton ??? Republicans voters were right to kick out the Redcoat who holds hands with obama. Picking Marco.

    Boxer may limp back to D.C. next year. Brown should be Governor. Pelosi, according to history, will leave office when she loses Speaker position. Brown CA governor.

    If there is a God, Harry Reid is retired tonight. Not even bothering to show up for lame duck session. Moves to Indo-China. Becomes a Monk.

    The Witch, I like her. But, afraid…not.

    Alaska, I sure hope.

    Big, big, big this year is the Governor races. Remember the census ? Lines are drawn by many Governors.

  • “Hope you’re attenting a “victory” party tonight.”

    Unfortunately no, we’ll be staying in tonight. Have fun though, I know you’ll be up the road celebrating. Go Frank!

    Building a “My Elections” page at CNN to keep track of it all. I know, I know, but CNN has the best real-time election result pages.


    Check out the Fox News real time map as well:


  • Bill Hedges

    I turned to CNN. Thanks to Nate. Saw a bunch of in-fighting between a lot of Democrats. Still throwing around Bush’s name. I’ve heard his name at least 5 times in short order.

    I am half tempted to watch CNN for the laughs.

    Listened to Pelosi blaming SPECAL INTEREST. Though she said to forfeit their seat for OBAMACARE. I must be wrong.

    Wolf seems level headed. I liked him from Iraq war.

    CNN thought we would win 39 seats. We have already beat that. Are they for Democrats or what ?

    Our man in FL projected winner…

    I’m leaving CNN. Stomach churning…

  • Bill, don’t tune in to CNN, only use their election website.

    House is won, Senate, sadly, is going to fall short I’d say.

  • Bill Hedges

    My State picked Blunt. A good man.

    Shame the so called witch loss. I like Christine.

    How many new Democrats elected are conservative ? Hopefully all new Republicans are. Could enough new/old Senate Democrats side with us ? Giving us control ?

    I noticed on CNN no mention of Government shutdown as option when I was watching. No talk of Democrat Senators crossing over.

  • Bill Hedges

    Reid. He’ssssssss back…