In Defense of Juan

There has never been a question in my mind that Juan Williams was, fundamentally, a liberal in his bones.  Juan made me crazy more often than not.  Every once in a while he would cross the divide to a common sense viewpoint that satisfied my interpretation of what common sense was.  Juan demonstrated a willingness to accede to the idea that if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck; it’s a duck, damn it!

Juan stood up to the “oh poor me, I’m just not responsible” mantra of black “leadership”; he castigated the culture of dependency fomented by this leadership and called for a new age of responsibility in the Black community.  He engaged the race issue with courage and intellectual integrity.  He was willing to, frequently enough, follow clear logic.  Did he repeat common talking points, sure he did; but not all the time.  He was enough of a chameleon to be interesting, he was moderate enough on occasion to hold my attention;  Juan was courageous enough to win my admiration.  Pretty good record by my standards!

How do you dislike Juan Williams?  How do you fire him for expressing a common if politically incorrect perception?  Personally, I’ve seen Muslims taken off planes as I sat in seat 10C.  I pay attention in airports. I pay attention in public places.  Many of us do.  We’re not afraid, but we are aware; we’re not intimidated but we are not blind to possibilities.  Neither was Juan.

There is nothing here that exposes Juan for anything other than what he, unabashedly, is and what we all knew him to be.  PBS is exposed!  PBS is exposed as intolerant, politically correct, shallow in their justification for the firing and unworthy of public funding.  PBS is exposed, in this case as simply another serial exposure that, so far has led nowhere.  No accountability, a lack of balance and sensitivities well outside mainstream America.

PBS should have a plethora of problems, especially in light of their massive funding request.  Problems with the Black Caucus, problems with free speech Conservatives, problems with the media in general, problems with moderate Democrats, problems with Republicans who believe in the exchange of ideas, problems with people who appreciate intellectual courage and problems with people that just like “nice guys”; Juan always struck me as a “nice guy”, I’d love to have a drink with Juan, no doubt it would be fun.  Juan, call me!

PBS, shame on you!  Shame on your double standards!  Shame on your commitment to political correctness and in all likelihood shame on you for firing Juan for reasons other than you’ve stated publically.

  • Bill Hedges

    Soros recently gives $$$ 1.8 MILLION to NPR…

    Then this.

    Juan makes me climb the walls at times. Much, much less than most liberals. I could see having beers at a bar with Juan. Dinner at my house.

    Soros has some agenda as I am learning more of watching Fox now. May be wrong but I put the two things together. Soros and the firing. Seems there was a 36 hour gap in firing.

    This and FAKE TEA CANDIDATE controversy needs to be examined more.

  • JD

    Well, the good news is FOX is willing to give him a job and they pay more money for Opinion reporting. IMO, I don’t think he should have been fired but I do think people should recognize the stage they are on and, although we on can talk about being afraid in airports, I don’t think he should have said it in that forum.

    It reminds me of Die Hard 3. When they are told there is a bomb in one of the kids schools and they have to be careful that certain things weren’t leaked because of the mass panic if it got out. It isn’t a hard concept to follow. That what is good for a few is not good for the many. And getting on a national media outlet and saying such things, although it is okay by the water cooler, is not company memo worthy.

    Not sure if I am getting the my exact point across but I tried.

  • Bill Hedges

    I believe it was Jesse Helms who someone on NPR said should get HIV or perhaps his grandchild. Don’t have direct quote. Her and other persons involved was not fired.

    I use to watch CNN and heard some very nasty stuff. I hardly every watch anymore. Don’t believe anybody was fired.

    Jesse Jackson once said if he turned around and saw a bunch of black men following him he would be nervous. Was it woman who raised obama that said basically the same thing ? Did not cause mass hysteria.

    I am not a lawyer and don’t know if what spokesperson said is liable, Juan and psychiatrist. Spokesperson was laughable saying sad that this happened while they are trying to get contributions. I hope Juan sues. If winnable. Hope NPR losses their government funding. Reason for government funding is long, long past being needed. We have plenty of media now a days. Let NPR sink or swim on their own. They got $$$ 4 million in last 10 years. $$$ may be much higher.

    What I am hearing is NPR is a lot like Media Matters. Anti Fox. Soros certainly is. A lot of support is coming out for Juan. From the left and right. Even some on THE VIEW. Right after Bill O’Reilly recent incident.

    With all the breaking news, such a ballot box stuffing, fake TEA candidate, $$$ million small town council members got, Juan’s firing is a small matter. However the firing of anyone of any belief has always been taken serious. Freedom of speech is highly guarded.

    Besides, Juan keeps Fox fair and balanced. I don’t want to see more of COLMES. Just joking, I know Juan got a contract and raise. Not joking about COLMES, not my buddy.

    Sue Juan…

  • JD

    I hear what you are saying, Bill. It is sort of like how I keep fair and balanced. Right?

  • Bill Hedges

    I find this site fair and balanced. Not a shouting match. Not for personal insults. You have right to be heard. To have your views challenged. Talk on any political issue. Article is put a suggested starting point to discussion.

    Is refreshing and in stark contrast to experience on liberal site I visit…

  • Bill Hedges

    Yes, you are the Juan in this sites soup. Hope never the Colmes.

  • Come on now, Juan is classy, but JD is the classiest.

    Something tells me Juan Williams will look back in a year and realize this was one of the best things that ever happened to him career wise. NPR is a dying organization, it is a dinosaur from the age of 1 or 2 networks when we now have thousands of sources for information and news. It is a joke that we still publicly fund TV and radio stations for news and documentaries.

    We have like 10 24-hour news/financial/information channels on cable between CNN, MSNBC, FNC, HLN, CNBS, FBN, TWC, ESPN, you name it. We have like 10 documentary channels in the Discovery channel family and we have a half-dozen channels for music. Do we need PBS or NPR? No.

    Just like the end of public funding for digging canals, we must move beyond NPR and into 2010.

    Here’s a thought, spin off NPR and let it stand by itself with no public funding. If it lives with viewers and sponsors, more power to it! If not, then it dies like any private entity which fails.