You Were Warned!

Dear Obama Voters,

We had this discussion two years ago; you wouldn’t listen as you were in the full flush of whatever it was that was flushing you (pun intended).  Did we not talk about experience, remember: tough economy, complex economic relationships, debt, deficits, dangerous world: Iran, Middle East, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, Pakistan, two wars, fading alliances of questionable value.  Did we not talk about the leadership thing?  You remember all of that; right?

You were warned, Hope & Change sounded great but it wasn’t really telling you anything.  We warned you, the bad guys gave not a dimes worth of damn about American Hope & Change.  Hell, even Hillary warned you about inexperience reflected by the Senator’s commitment to “engage” clear enemies without preconditions.  Of course, engaging opposition American media was out of the question.  We begged you to demand a clarification of what “Change” meant.     

We warned you that self description as a “Citizen of The World” in Berlin could be interpreted as a bad sign. You were warned that prior associations indicated serious leftist tendencies: Bill Ayres, Reverend Wright, George Soros, Tides Foundation, Rashid Khalidi, the SEIU and Saul Alinsky tactics; the list is long and yet still incomplete.  You were warned about Chicago politics.  You were warned that there were too many holes in the personal time line that remained unexplained then and now.

You were warned about Media bias; Reverend Wright? “Nope, wasn’t there that Sunday”.  But 20 years? “Nope didn’t hear a thing”.  Bill Ayres? “Just a guy in the neighborhood”.  Rashid Khalidi’s connections to terror funding and the PLO;  “He sensitized me to the plight of the Palestinians”. The Media response? “Thank you Senator Obama that clears up everything we’ll be leaving now to make up a story about John McCain’s affair that never actually happened.”   

Today, the warnings look prescient.  The lurch to the left is all but accepted fact by the vast majority and is being rejected.  Twice as many people think we’re on the wrong versus the right track.  Polling reflects the fact that 72% don’t believe the current government maintains the consent of the governed.  Massive programs, legislation and regulation rejected by popular opinion are still being sold.  The “selling” resulting in increasing levels of rejection and opposition.

Congressional approval ratings are at historic lows.  The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives believes unemployment compensation and food stamps are the best economic stimulus known to man and that government benefits, especially health care, are the path by which to “pursue your dreams”.  Class warfare front and center, businesses demonized; congressionally empowered Federal regulatory powers utilized to simply skip over Congress.  Can’t pass Cap & Trade amp up the regulation and get to the same place.  A return to the idea that terrorism is not a security issue it’s a law enforcement problem.  Voting rights is a concern, but only for minorities, post racial indeed!

The folks in the Justice Department responsible for deciding how to proceed on Gitmo detainees are the same folks who raised Pro Bono hell over their detainment in the first place.  The new Director of Medicare refuses to respond to Congressional inquiries either in person or by letter.  The Tsars remain firmly in place eliminating any possibility of promised transparency.  Van Jones, purged from the White House took a cross town bus and resides at one of the key liberal organizations that generate policy advice and shill for the White House.  You were warned. 

New taxes passed impacting the present and the future are significant, despite promises to the contrary.  Economic stimulus was political not economic, designed in large measure by a liberal think tank.  An average of 450,000 new weekly unemployment claims (1,800,000 a month) yet a growth of 40,000 private sector jobs in a month’s time is good news?  40,000 new jobs are about 92 per congressional district!   Billions spent in support of a union workforce that represents only 9% of the working population with pension bail outs to come.  Government ownership of massive portions of the private economy: cars, insurance, student loans, home mortgages and banking.  Tax policy and the associated inability to estimate returns on investment remain unresolved.

Don’t be shocked by two trillion in private capital and another trillion in banking capital sitting this one out. Three trillion on the sidelines is the last remaining option to deliver a loud, clear message; “to hell with this”!  “You want to stimulate the economy, get the hell out of the way and, oh by the way; take me off the enemies list while you’re at it!”  Private capital is attempting to hang the administration on their own Petard and doing a fairly good job of it so far.  Policy decisions have consequences and you can be sure the Presidents men never anticipated private capital taking their game pieces off the Monopoly Board.  Inexperience?

The latest in the ongoing war against private enterprise being the attack on the Chamber of Commerce; $100,000 from foreign sources in support of a $20,000,000 overall budget is 0.00500%.  That pittance is the President’s issue du jour; the Chamber is guilty until proven innocent according to Mr. Axelrod.  In light of all the serious issues we face the President is apoplectic over 0.00500% of the Chamber’s budget.  You can’t make this up, but you were warned that Saul Alinski might be alive in the person of the President!

The new National Security Advisor Tom Donilon is as clear a reflection of administration priorities as you need.  In the context of massive security challenges Mr. Donilon, according to actual experts, is not!  Despite stints at The State Department he is an expert in neither national security nor foreign policy, he is a long standing political operative and one in a long line of senior Democrats in the middle of the Fannie Mae debacle.  The President praises the courage of our Armed Forces yet appoints a political hack to a key security position?

Allies are beaten about the head and shoulders and enemies appeased!    

You were warned!  How’s that flush working out?

  • JD

    There is no doubt that the Dems dropped the ball but not in the way you guys are thinking…in my opinion it is because they didn’t do what they said they were going to do and they didn’t do it fast enough.

    First on the plate, possibly because it was the biggest issue i was concerned about during the election, should have been Healthcare. Now, I understand that concessions had to be made but the truth is it took too long to get this thing done. I am a moderate compared to other Liberals and they are more than unhappy that they didn’t get their single payer system and that the administration even bothered with the “no” party.

    The truth is I haven’t seen anyone or talked to anyone who voted for Obama saying that they are going to show up and vote out their Democratic Representatives. If anything, i see the Conservative Base just highly motivated, much like the Liberal base was in 2010.

    If anyone doesn’t see that this whole ebb and flow is apart of the political history in the United States then they need to educate themselves. This is what happens when you have a divided nation with a two party system. Trust me, the poles will reverse in the other direction in 8 years.

    The truth is you didn’t “warn” me. You just Warned yourself about a president you never were behind, didn’t vote for, and a party you would never follow. Its like someone who locks themselves in their house because they say it is going to rain and on the day it does, they claim to have “Warned” us.

    The Rock Man said, “Say, babe, there ain’t nothing pointless about this gig. The thing is you see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear. You dig?” – The Point

  • Landreaux


    You are right in lockstep with the complaints of the Progressive left. The fundamental complaint is that MORE, MORE, MORE should have been done. The advice to the administration that I read from the Progressives is to do exactly what you advise, push on, do more regardless of public opinion and rational alternatives.

    I think you’re right, Democrats are not going to move over to the Republican side in large numbers. However there are growing numbers of independants that will and have and there is still a vestage of Reagan Democrats out there that are moving over as well.

    The warning was to those folks in the middle that always decide elections. It’s a reminder.

    I think when you approach an issue as large as health care with the premise that a legislative majority should just go ahead and ram it through ignores the realities of the political climate, public opinion or loyal opposition reinforces the idea in many peoples minds that the Progressive agenda is scary and cares not what they think about it.

    The Progressive advice to continue to DO MORE and ignore opposition will set the Progressive agenda back to where it actually is, about 15%-20% of the population. Do do more in the face of generalized public opposition has, typically, been what pushed that agenda back…….historically. Wilson did it, Roosevelt did it, Carter did it and we’re seeing it again and we’re seeing it rejected again.

    For the “Rock Man” I try to see what there is to see. Have a copy of The Nation on my desk right now!! If there is a better example of seeing what you want to see than Obama election I’m not sure what it would be. Go back to the commentary at the time and many, left and right, talked constantly about people “projecting” their desires on a fundamentally undefined candidate. That the Obama “blank slate” was a screen for all manner of projection.


  • JD


    I couldn’t agree more. I actually find myself between disgruntled Liberals who wanted Obama to do more and conservatives who think Obama is a Closet Muslim and terrorist. It is interesting that I have defend my points to both sides of the coin.

    I am with you, I think it would have been a mistake “force” a huge public policy like single payer healthcare. To be clear, I am for that form of Healthcare but Americans are not ready for it. However, the Dems should not have tried to placate the Republicans because of the position the Republican Party is in. They are the Minority which means they have the luxury of sitting at the table, making suggestions or demands, then taking credit for not voting for them…even if it was their idea.

    I don’t like it but it is politics and the Dems should have know this. I don’t know what it is about the Democratic Party that makes them somewhat spineless but I think after this election, that is going to change. The truth is and was, they were never going to win over any republican votes.

    On the flip side, If the Republicans win heftily and they have the audacity to not play ball still then I am going to cross the bridge with my more liberal friends in the future and suggest that we “Ram” things down the throat next time. I have been disgusted with the Republican’s inability to cross the isle to work on America’s problems and I hope it is only because they lost the house and senate. That the non-sense will end after this mid-term election.