Winners and Losers; Oops, Not So Fast

Lisa Murkowski, Charlie Christ and in all likelihood Mike Castle, rejected by their party, think you ‘all made a horrible mistake.  You’re a little emotional, out of sorts, maybe a bit angry, temporarily blind to the wonders of their service; so, good news, they’re going to offer you a chance to come to your senses! 

Lisa, Charlie and Mike clearly suffer from the arrogance of political entitlement.  They apparently don’t realize that their peculiar manner of arrogance is one of the key issues that motivated their rejection in the first place.  So they will attempt to deliver an electoral spanking as they endeavor to split the Republican vote and elect Democrats.  Really; guys, this is/was a good idea?

A variety of adjectives apply beyond arrogant: egotistical, inelegant, supercilious, condescending and brain dead!  Election results are to be rejected in what appears to be conceited self interest, that self interest being yet another reason why voters rejected you in the first place.  Rejection hurts we get it, but it’s time to “man up”, or disappear to plot your revenge; disappear should be the word of the day.  

In all three cases big polling leads disappeared.  They disappeared because all three candidates could not define their core (if they have one) and sell voters that the core would prevail over overwhelming evidence of transient issue flexibility. Leads disappeared because it was beyond imagining that actual conservatives could achieve an electoral majority.  Neither of the three closed the deal, all three supported legislation and positions rejected by a majority of Americans.  Duh?   

Lisa, Charlie, Mike it’s time to face the possibility that you’re time has come and gone; that the pursuit of insulated Beltway acceptance and longevity overwhelmed what you were sent to office to do.  “No, no it couldn’t be that, it’s just the voters suffering a case of temporary insanity.”  “Reject me, come on now, really, not me?”  “OK, I’ll give you another chance.”

The arrogance of the “I’m running anyway” message is mind numbing and the results likely dispositive.  Hey, Mike does $1 million in O’Donnell fund raising in 36 hours give you pause to reconsider your inelegant, Carteresque tantrums.  Is that a message you might consider giving a little thought to?  Charlie, 16 points down, you might want to consider answering the same question.  Lisa, the family “name” has been rejected twice, you might want to get a cup of tea and reconsider.  

The good news, if there is to be good news is that if the “independent” campaigns do not succeed, disappear will good and truly be the word of the day.

  • They’re doing this because these seats were being handed to them and then the voters up and spoke. How dare they!

    Murkowski is an especially sad case at this point since she does seem to actually believe that she will give Alaska a second chance to “get it right” in November.

    These people believe in the primary process when it suits them. If they lose, forget it, the system is broken and they are too important to work within the confines of what voters want.

    Here’s a hint: If they were unable to listen to constituents when actual votes were tallied, you think these people will care about phone calls, emails and faxes when they are elected officials considering legislation? Clearly the answer is a resounding NO.

  • Bill Hedges

    You two have not contemplated the “C” word ?

    “But Reid, his reelection team and some Senate Democratic insiders are eyeing a bank shot to victory — one that involves enough voters picking third-party candidates or even “none of the above” to let Reid win reelection with less than 50 percent of the vote. ”

    Can you guess the “C” word. No more hints. You guys/Gal are suppose to be smart…

    Is the “C” word beyond comprehension ?

  • I think it is a bit too fast to name losers and winners because everything can happen in following days. We’ll see soon.

  • Thats why winning and loosing are two different things….