Will the ruling class Republicans ever get it? (Update)

Following last night’s amazing victory of Christine O’Donnell over GOP establishment candidate Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican primary, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has now said they will not fund a dime of O’Donnell’s campaign:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee does not plan to spend money on its Delaware Senate nominee, Christine O’Donnell, an NRSC official said tonight.

O’Donnell, who defeated Republican stalwart Rep. Mike Castle in the state’s GOP Senate primary, surged in recent weeks amid donations from tea party groups and an endorsement from Sarah Palin. But she trails her general election opponent, Democrat Chris Coons, in most polls.

The official noted that if her position improves, the committee might reconsider its allocation of scarce resources.

So if “her position improves” they might consider it. How do they expect to help be a part of making that happen if they are dumping her so quickly? Polls show here anywhere from 6 to 10 points behind Coons. In this election year of all years, that seems like child’s play to make up. Coons is a staunch progressive liberal which doesn’t bode well for him. Perhaps the NRSC might spend time informing Delaware voters of that fact.

In this year, the year of all years for Conservatism, the NRSC immediately washes its hands in Delaware and concedes the race on the grounds of the polls. I’m sorry but I can’t help saying this is moronic, sophomoric and downright insulting to the Republican voters in Delaware who, one can imagine, have donated to the NRSC and other Republican causes for years.

Mike Castle might have been “electable” on the basis that polls showed him 9 or 10 points ahead of the Democrat Coons, however, what does “electable” really mean in this case? Castle was a staunch moderate on many key conservative issues. Given the climate in Washington, why would the Republican establishment have expected Republican voters to go along with more of the same that put us in this position?

I love getting surveys and letters from the GOP as it gives me a chance to attach a note with it and send it back. My note for the next month will be something about wanting my money to go to strong candidates like O’Donnell so I will be sending it to her directly.

It took me a while to come to this conclusion as I explained to my wife last night. After she got done slapping me silly for letting the establishment cloud my judgment, she reminded me that we can’t compromise and play that game at this point in history. The school of thought which is most logical and most productive for Conservatism is to build a strong coalition in Congress of strong Conservative candidates and build on it over time. Mike Castle would be a vote with the Snowe/Collins/Brown/McCain voting block for numerous liberal causes. Why make that voting block stronger and give them yet another 10 fingers to poke in the eye of Conservatives?

So here we sit, with the Republican establishment going nuts over Christine O’Donnell’s victory and it gives me a good thrill up my leg to see. When the voters speak and the establishment loses, it is one step closer to restoring constitutionally limited government in Washington. The status quo has been maintained to the individual’s peril and has not helped to expand our freedom. Instead politicians cave and contort to keep getting reelected and remain a part of the establishment.

Three cheers for Christine O’Donnell in her decision not to cave under immense pressure. Also three cheers for Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint for having the cajones to endorse O’Donnell before the primary. Shame on the Republican “conservative” establishment for shunning O’Donnell before she even steps into the general.


Due to outrage coming from conservatives like myself, looks like the NRSC has seemingly reversed course and will fully back O’Donnell from the get-go:

Let there be no mistake: The National Republican Senatorial Committee – and I personally as the committee’s chairman – strongly stand by all of our Republican nominees, including Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.

I reached out to Christine this morning, and as I have conveyed to all of our nominees, I offered her my personal congratulations and let her know that she has our support. This support includes a check for $42,000 – the maximum allowable donation that we have provided to all of our nominees – which the NRSC will send to her campaign today.

We remain committed to holding Democrat nominee New Castle County Executive Chris Coons accountable this November, as we inform voters about his record of driving his county to the brink of bankruptcy and supporting his party’s reckless spending policies in Washington.

Glad to see they are attempting to listen to the voters and unite around the Republican nominee for Delaware Senator.

  • Bill Hedges

    Unfortunately liberals are using not funding Christine as a put down . Well, they would of course used something anyhow. They are liberals after all. A proclamation that her past precludes her from office. Almost a political jezebel.

    Is far more than “moronic” to announce no funding. As ill conceived as our Republican leader saying he might back just middle class tax cuts. Better to shut your mouth than blow our success.

    GREAT ARTICLE Nate. You had someone behind you guiding your words…

    Your update made my day…

  • This entire primary season has ticked me off watching the “establishment” Republicans around the country shun all the Tea Party candidates.

    Without the Tea Party rallies, connections and enthusiasm, many Republicans wouldn’t be where they are today. The RNC hasn’t given us something to vote for, instead they’ve had a wishy washy message of fighting Obama. They haven’t stood firm on principles and helped push principled candidates. Instead they back Mike Castle (D in waiting).

    In fact, there were rumors of Castle caucusing with the Democrats. Why on friggin earth would the GOP support him? They should have been behind O’Donnell from day one or just kept their mouth shut until after the primary.

    Memo to GOP, your donations and funds come from voters. A majority of which supported O’Donnell in Delaware. Begin your groveling now.

  • Landreaux


    Drudge put up a headline that O’Donnel has gotten $500,000 in contributions…..TODAY!

  • She just hit $750,000 as of 9pm eastern.

    We just added a little bit more to it.


  • She’s raised over $1,500,000…woohoo!

  • Yes, I did not recognize my husband as he told me that he had been waffling for a bit on the race in Delaware. It came as a shock since Nate and I are 99.9% in sync with our political beliefs, so I explained to him that if he would like to sleep next to me tonight he may want to change his thinking ?.

    Before Mr. Rove opened his mouth and started bashing Christine O’Donnell I truly liked him but after hearing his comments Tuesday night and then again with the political suicide on Wednesday as Rove doubled down, my respect for Karl plummeted. Charles Krauthammer has not been in my good graces since last year, I’ve about had it with that mans centrist thoughts. I cannot believe that there are some in this party that would rather put a democrat forward with an “R” next to his name then stand behind a Conservative. Both should be ashamed of themselves.

    What’s annoying is grown men becoming hysterical because us Tea Party people refuse to take direction and fall in line. Rush has been saying for some time now that the “ruling class elite” are not happy with this grassroots movement and I was shocked to learn that Rove and Krauthammer are part of said class. Their egos were shattered on Tuesday night, the ruling class of the Republican Party was defied and I think it’s safe to say that “The Young Guns”, a new Conservative generation, are taking over.

    According to Rove and Krauthammer, the GOP now stands to loose the 51 seat majority, what good are “Republicans” like Mike Castle if they vote with the democrats? Somehow that 51 majority just doesn’t seem so important now does it? The Mike Castles and Olympia Snowes of the GOP are like a cancerous tumor, best solution is to CUT. IT. OUT. If that means that the GOP will loose its chances for a majority in the senate, then so be it. I rather have a strong conservative voting block then a “big tent” of RINO’S.

    Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!