Exposed By Contradictions, Volume II, The Pastor and The Imam

We are consistently castigated by “moderate” Muslims as to the basis upon which we should or should not judge them:

  • Do not judge us based on the likes of Bin Laden.
  • Do not judge us based on incidents of terror.
  • Do not judge us based on Muslim on Muslim violence.
  • Do not judge us based on polling that shows comprehensive support for the Islamist view.
  • Do not judge us based on a minority who motivate violence.
  • Do not judge us based on the murder of Theo Van Gogh.
  • Do not judge us based on death fatwa’s issued against those who dissent or call for reformation in Islam.
  • Do not judge us based on violent reactions to cartoons that do nothing more than reflect actual behaviors.
  • Do not judge us based on our refusal to assimilate.
  • Do not judge us on our commitment to Shari’a and the requirement that the Constitution be dismantled to allow for that.
  • Do not judge us based on our belief that the CIA or Israel was behind September 11th
  • Do not judge us based on honor killings across the globe.
  • Do not judge us based on our belief that you simply “got what was coming to you” on September 11th.
  • Do not judge us based on domestic terror cells that have been dismantled.
  • Do not judge us based on the beheadings of Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg.
  • Do not judge us based on the degree of violence we perpetrate in Europe.
  • Do not judge us based on our subjugation of women.
  • Do not judge us based on death by stoning for infidelity.
  • Do not judge us based on the belief of some that chaos must precede the apocalypse and it is a religious duty to motivate that chaos.
  • Do not judge us based on fatwa’s that specifically authorize the killings of millions, complete with a justification for the number.
  • Do not judge us based on the charge in the Koran that we appease our hosts only until we are strong enough to defeat them.
  • Do not judge us based on death sentences for homosexuality.
  • Do not judge us based on our commitment to genocidal extermination of Israel.
  • Do not judge us based on the prevalent Medieval interpretation of Islam.
  • Do not judge us based on the likes of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hiz’bAllah, although we do raise funds for them.
  • Do not judge us on the evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial proving, comprehensively major links of “moderate” American Muslim groups to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Do not judge us based on the Dhahran barracks bombing or Beirut or The Cole or Major Hassan, or the Christmas bomber, or the Fort Dix plan or the Madrassa in suburban Washington D.C.
  • Do not judge us on the exodus of Americans to fight Jihad in Somalia.
  • Do not judge us on the fact that we say one thing in America and another thing anywhere else.

And yet, according to Imam Rauf, one lowly, disturbed Pastor of 50 people in Gainesville Florida who stupidly wants to burn Koran’s on September 11th will unleash worldwide violence against Americans.  One man will become the basis upon which to judge 300 million?  Yes, Imam Rauf would have us believe that we will all be judged by the actions of this one small man; contradiction?

While I believe the Pastor is a comprehensive moron, morons have First Amendment rights too. 

Two messages for Imam Rauf.  First, if our choice is temporary peace based on appeasement or freedoms that come with the threat of violence, I’ll take the freedoms and live with the threat, thank you very much.  Secondly, violence based on this situation will serve to further expose “moderates” for what they truly are, Islamists of the political kind.  Be careful what you wish for, you just might get more of it than you ever imagined!

  • Amen, Landreaux! You’re 100% correct. I’ve been thinking this for days.

    I was waiting for the Pastor to come out and admit it was a hoax just to prove how Islamic extremists around the world will act in violence toward innocent people over a potential offensive act against Islam. However, that hasn’t happened so clearly he wasn’t thinking that intelligently on the issue. The media is now feeling used and its kinda funny.

    The nuances surrounding this story are glaring and the media ignores it all.

    I’m also sickened by the new found liberal love for the American military in their concern that the Quran burning will put our troops in danger.

    No liberal complained when John Kerry said our troops terrorize Iraqis during the night.

    No liberal complained when John Murtha called our troops “cold blooded” murderers.

    No liberal complained Dick Durbin compared our soldiers to Nazis and the Soviet Gulags.

    No liberal complains when Democrats make disparaging comments about our men and women in uniform.

    However, now they’re all up in arms over the issue of this so-called Pastor endangering our troops.

    I’ll take as legitimate concern from someone like General Petraeus but not the empty liberal bureaucrats scattered around Washington.

  • Bill Hedges

    Obama refuses to say the pastor name. I agree and won’t either. I’ll just call him the NUT.

    If the NUT lived in Mid East he would be cold in his grave. I was going to say they would burn down the church but there would be no church built there to burn. How likely is it any of the congregation would survive.

    Since the passing of Bush administration and liberalism empowerment do we feel the pain of terrorist more ??? Are we more willing to bow to their needs.

    Now another possible twist.

    I just listened to Donald Trump on Fox. I respect the man. He had discussions with owner of building in NYC. Impression I got from the Donald was owner of building is going for big profit day. To keep building from being built. Could this be true ?

    Going a step further, Could the NUT in Florida be looking for a big payday ?

    When USDA fired woman unjustly who among us doesn’t think she is worth much more money now than before

  • Landreaux


    Amen back at you. There was also the effort by Liberals to defund the troops, and Dick Durban acting like Saddam was “not such a bad guy”, and Kerry during his Vietnam days accusing troops of war crimes, MoveOn with General Betrayus, Hillary with “suspension of disbelief”, Hillary demanding that military uniforms be purged from the Clinton White House, it just goes on and on and is the TRUE indication of how they think and feel.

    Iran has been involved in killing Americans since Beriut and somehow we think we can “engage them”, really?

    Liberals “love the troops” because it’s political suicide not to as the American Military is, again, according to polling the most respected of American institutions. They may be full of it, but their not ignorant of to the political wind surrounding the military.

    What is most astounding is that in light of all the evidence of liberal attitudes the military leadership and the average person in the military remains as committed and effective as they are. THEY are the best of us!!!!!

  • Landreaux

    And……..the media is the perfect example, more so than the pastor of what happens when rights are absent responsibilities.