A Manner of Traveling

 As a Republican/Conservative electoral resurgence gains momentum it is appropriate to consider some of the opportunities and pitfalls the resurgence may entail. 

The opportunities revolve around deconstructing the Progressive agenda that has taken center stage for the past two years.  As we have in the past, we are rejecting that agenda; we’ve just never done so as quickly as we are now.  To assume broad support for that deconstruction is reasonable.  In a country where a 54% electoral victory is considered a mandate 62% of Americans reject the current agenda.

The nature of the political debate is also being rejected: the anger, the stage craft, the ideological nature of the debate, the hypocrisy, the absence of common sense solutions and the perception that the American public can be intimidated, overrun and beaten into submission by those elected to represent them is being firmly and overwhelmingly rejected.

Rejection of the current status quo specifically creates the expectation that a new Congress will take a new path, and most importantly, a new attitude.  Republicans must take that implication as the serious leadership challenge that is, it is a core issue at the center of this year’s insurgency.   

Representative Issa, for example, is clearly interested in oversight hearing payback.  There are issues that demand more accountable oversight but he has clearly decided in advance who must provide the pound of flesh.  Wrong!  If a Republican House sees payback as the cause célèbre they will also be rejected and serve to create the context for a resurrection of the Progressive agenda two years from now.  Rep. Issa is angry and frustrated but the mantle of leadership demands that those feelings be put aside in the interest of a critical agenda focused on policy. 

Congress maintains the power of the purse; months of fights over new or corrective legislation can be trumped by defunding the worst of the sins.  The President may veto such budget centric defunding but the political jeopardy of that option will be both clear and illustrative.  Key issues are clear to all, spending, tax policy, immigration, pro-growth economic policy and job creation.  Hauling AG Holder before the Judiciary Committee for rhetorical waterboarding is tempting, perhaps deserved, but does not address the core issues and should be approached with caution.      

Republicans must avoid the projection of anger or glee at the opportunity for pay back, despite ample justification.  The long political progression of tit for tat must be ended.  Republicans will have the opportunity to end that progression.  Forget about motives and personalities, focus on policy.  There is, at a minimum, two years of work to do, focus on the work. 

Republicans would be well advised to take note of this unattributed quotation;

“Success is not a state you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”

  • Bill Hedges

    Democrats and barry have regurgitated their power and force feeding to us conservatives.

    As obama potently pointed out we, as well, can multitask. We can reverse obama’s destruction even without the Presidency. Newt did to Bill Clinton. Powerful PEOPLE PRESSURE turned Bill Clinton into what he is today. As opposed to what he wanted to be.

    Make government business friendly.

    Multitasking means we can bring on INVESTIGATIONS. We went through the most costly destructive event since WW 2. Families lost their homes, Wall Street nearly failed, retirements mercilessly nearly drowned. Where was the Nuremburg trials Democrats ? Who was thrown in jail with iron mask bolted to their face ? Who was water boarded to death ? Who got Indian torture of staked to ground covered in honey next to red fire ant hills. Hang humane treatment now.

    I freely admit I have moved further right. Tired of BAD BILLS becoming LAW, LIES saying Republicans are being UNCOOPERATIVE and party of NO. RACIST ( Damn that characterization ). The INSULTS.

    Yes cool heads should prevail and wholesale revenge not attempted. No flogging allowed.

    Justice. Justice. It’s about time. Was not BUSH’s fault. BUSH warned many, many, many times.

    The quiver in Democrats and barry’s voices knows what‘s coming. Who will be obama‘s Newt ?

    They have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. With the crumbs all over the house and the vacuum cleaner out of order. Cleanup is going to be hard work. Political correctness can take a flying leap off a steep bluff. There will be a spanking. Will hurt them more than us…

    Sorry Landreaux …