CNSN reports that a Gainesville Florida church is planning a “burn the Quran” event to mark the 9th anniversary of 9/11.

If anyone is listening in Gainesville; “STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

Serious people who seriously engage the issues of Islam and Islamism should rise up in a protest equal to the protest aimed at the N.Y.C mosque.  Burning religious texts; are you serious?  Other than some manner of pre-pubescent, vacuous, transient satisfaction what is to be gained?

Let me see, what might we accomplish?  Push actual moderate Muslims toward a more radical posture by engaging in the worst of all possible insults?  Reinforce the charge of Nazi style repression by publically burning books?  Reinforce Islamist rhetoric about the absence of moral standing in America?  Hand critics a hard and fast example of thoughtless reactionary behavior?  Tune in, film at 11!  How many times do you folks in Gainesville estimate that the video of your book burning is going to be played…..around the world! Oh, the Islamist web sites are going to love this one! 

You folks in Gainesville who are considering this dim idea can be assured that Friday prayers throughout the Muslim world will be in near 100% compliance regarding what that day’s sermon will be about; you!  Moderate and liberal voices in that world will be pushed aside and cowered by your idiocy. 

It’s not symbolic,  it’s comprehensively stupid!  It’s the lowest common denominator of reactionary behavior.  Where is that old “do unto other’s” spirit that is supposed to be a basic belief for Christians?   

This is a war of ideas not of book burnings.  This is a battle over what your idea of civilization looks like.  Our side of the civilization battle should not be characterized by book burnings of any kind.  OK, sure I know how they ban books in the Muslim world, restrict access, manage media and repress information; are we not better than that?  Is that not a comprehensive weakness on their part?  Should we not stand as some manner of positive example to be judged against the repression that exists in their view of what civilization looks like?

If you are, in fact, strong in your faith where is the demonstration of that strength.   

It is incomprehensible that “Christians” could possibly think that this is a “Christian” thing to do, or a smart thing to do or an effective thing to do.  My recommendation for those folks in Gainesville is to forget about burning books and consider reading a few; starting with your own Bible.

  • Bill Hedges


    Burning Holy Book is just plan wrong. I took course in College on the Great religions of the world and was impressed.

    Can only hope these folks are misguided. Intentions good though not clear thinking. Just wrong. Take a 15 day cooling off period like with gun buying.

    To less serious matters.

    Fox showed a small shop that sold T shirts. Business was bad. He added T shirt with “Miss me yet” with picture of G.W.. Proves if you have the right product the world will beat a path to your door. Barry’s shirts in discount bin.

    Pondering our future.

    Barry is not just enjoying life playing golf on vacation. Phone conferences and contemplating his next move. Leaking out, Bush tax cuts may be extended for ALL a year. I love THOSE LEAKS. Who but a fool doesn’t know waters are being tested.

    ‘Spend your way out of recession’ does not work. Has it ever ? Something must be done even if wrong (from their point of view). I can see him doing it. Saying, hey, I listen to Republicans. Problem is of course barry is way too late.

    Before the $trillions. Before the anti business agenda. Chances now 1 in 3 of rare double dip recession… Do nothing… Go day #1, day sworn in, go golfing. Have Congress plant trees. Be GREEN. What a more wonderful America it would be today. O.K..O.K.. But better than today !!

    “Harmful Spending & Complexity”

    “Lower tax rates are important, but they are not the only critical issue. Both the level of government spending and where that money goes are very important. And even when looking only at tax policy, tax rates are just one piece of the puzzle. If certain types of income are subject to multiple layers of tax, as occurs in the current system, that problem cannot be solved by low rates. Similarly, a tax system with needless levels of complexity will impose heavy costs on the productive sector of the economy.”

    Bush tax cuts at work.

    “According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Bush tax cuts actually shifted the total tax burden farther toward the rich so that in 2000-2004, total income tax paid by the top 40% of income-earners grew by 4.6% to 9.1% of the total.”

    “This shift may have occurred because as the wealthy (who are arguably the most industrious and productive citizens) are better-incentivized to be industrious and productive through lower taxes, they create higher incomes for themselves and end up paying more taxes. The Bush tax cuts did shift the tax burden, but not in the direction most liberals think.”

    Going back to the beginning

    “The Reagan tax cuts”

    “The share of income taxes paid by the top 10 percent of earners jumped significantly, climbing from 48.0 percent in 1981 to 57.2 percent in 1988. The top 1 percent saw their share of the income tax bill climb even more dramatically, from 17.6 percent in 1981 to 27.5 percent in 1988.”

    Our solutions would be much simpler had barry and the boys stayed on recess.

    Daddy also said end a story on a happy note. Daughter of Sarah Palin will be appearing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. For first time I will watch that show…

  • Not a productive use of time by this church.

    While I personally believe Islam taught fundamentally is not a religion of peace nor is it a religion which respects American civilization, I’d be outraged if a Mosque held a “burn the Bible” event in protest of Christianity.

    I think a more productive use of time would be something similar to what our church did a few months ago. They had a class on how to witness to people of other faiths with an emphasis on witnessing to Muslims. I’d think the congregation would get more out of that than a good ‘ol fashioned book burning.

    Seriously, I thought your story was a joke until I read and verified it. Can’t believe this would actually happen.

    I’m wondering if this church was out for a publicity stunt.

  • landreaux


    Cannot but agree with everything you said. Islam “could” be a religion of peace if some manner of reformation occurs and is focused on the early as opposed to later teachings of the Prophet. But, the loudest voices are essentially stuck in the 10th century and the “settled” interpertations that were set in stone at that time. Islam can be reformed, but only within Islam by Muslims. There are Muslim voices calling for that reformation publically and effectively, unfortunatly most are under death threat. No peace there!

  • JD

    Remember when everyone “Burned” thier Dixie Chicks albums?

    Don’t know why but this reminds me of that and i guess that is the good thing with living in the digital age…you can’t burn a Digital Book. 🙂 Well, you can burn it to a CD.

    I do agree with you, landreaux, reformation has to come from within. That is the truth with all religions. It happened to christianity as well. Force does not change will, it strengthens it.

  • Luckily I’ve never been a Dixie Chicks fan so I’ve never had an album to burn. Makes me want to buy one and burn it in JD’s honor though.

    I’ll send video if I do for your amusement.

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