Put The Self Flagellation On Hold!

There are many ways to judge demographic integration: social, cultural and economic among them.  In advance of engaging in too much self flagellation over Muslims in America and before we bow to our European brothers as the example of superior social systems a few actual facts might be in order. 

Pew Research had a look at the U.S., France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain to determine were Muslims stood in terms of economic integration and disparities.  Pew defined three economic classifications representing lower, middle and upper middle class earners.   Taking the three classifications they determined the relative differences between the populations in general and the Muslim population.

In Great Britain the percentage of the general public falling into the lowest economic status was 39%, Muslims in that category, 61%.  In France 27% of the general public, 45% of the Muslim population, In Spain 50% versus 73%; Germany 35% versus 53%.  In all cases the differential ran between 18% and 23%!  Complimentary variances in favor of the general European population exist at the upper middle class wage category.    

In the aggregate, 38% of the general European public falls into the lowest classification while 58% of European Muslim populations are shown there.  There are, of course, many discussion points related to why that is the case; lack of assimilation, social welfare systems, closed communities and, no doubt, many more.  However, facts are facts.

The United States, on the other hand, maintains no more than a 2% plus or minus differential for Muslims versus the general U.S. population.  In fact in the lower classification Muslims do better than the general U.S. population.  In the middle class category Muslims do exactly the same as the general population, in the upper middle class the differential is only -2%.  25% of American Muslims are self employed or own their own business.

The point?

The point is that far too many American columnists and political commentators easily and comfortably apply the labels of bigot and Islamophobia.  You don’t even have to read the articles, its right in the title heading.  It remains unclear what the frame of reference is outside of fact challenged, righteous indignation over the N.Y.C. Mosque controversy.  These selfsame pundits blithely apply Constitutional principals; but only when it fits the ideological position in the moment. 

The facts are that Muslims do well in America.  The facts are that they are not an oppressed minority.  The facts argue against generalized bigotry and Islamophobia. Unlike our pundits who apply sloppy generalizations in the absence of factual considerations. Were those two charges true economic integration in the U.S. would mirror the numbers in Europe.   

Is there Islamophobia and bigotry here and there?  Sure; there is some of anything and everything in America.  Is there opportunity for Muslims in America? Yes again, essentially Muslims in the economic categories surveyed are essentially equivalent to the general population. 

No other “advanced democracy” to use the Pew Research designation comes close to providing the opportunity that America does.  It is also true that no other “advanced democracy” demands the points of responsibility we do, but that is their problem.

We might just want to put the horse hair shirt aside for a while and put the whip back in the closet.

  • Bill Hedges

    Landreaux you sure write pretty. You usually dumbfound this poor illiterate country bunkum.

    The strategy I feel in my gut is Muslims are wanting minority status with all the trimmings. Want those pass go and collect $200.00. Heck get out of jail free pass. Shoot their own Court System too.

    Naturally recognition of more minorities will occur with everybody wanting in on the gravy train. America will have too many minority. Can’t spit into the win without hitting one. Someone will be sore getting a little wet and will want compensation. America will end up building that religious building for the Muslims maybe right there at ground zero. And we must like it right Nancy.

    I swear the earth axles has shifted.

  • landreaux


    It would never occur to me to refer to you as a bumpkin. I’ll be happy to give them their $200 to pass go if they are interested in being “American” in all the truest senses of the word.

    You bring up an interesting point. What happens when there is no dominant ethnic or religious group. What happens when we’re all minorities?


  • Bill Hedges


    I try to be spontaneous and original in my comments. El natural. You recently remarked about all my facts and links hit home.

    A little creativity and innovation is needed in America to undo our wrong path we are going down. Sociology/ Psychology teaches us we are a group of individuals. We, each one of us, are special and unique. A battle of powers seems to be erupting with undercurrent of resentment. Poised for bitter power control battle many conflicting irons are in the fire.

    This particular recession came from socialisms. Soul of this movement lead to conditions causing our nation’s deflowering. Largest transfer of wealth came at the hands of welfare. Some years back idea was born of retribution to blacks. Not children of slaves but to blacks in particular in America. Unique and unlike Japanese internment retribution and confiscated wealth of Jews under Nazis reimbursement. Old American values of work hard and earn ones dues has given rise to fractions of society desire of give me.

    One can look at barry’s rise to power and see SPECIAL INTEREST prevail. His campaign of revolving promises according to group he speaks to. Results being low approval for him as President and even lower approval for his passed legislation.

    obama never was all things to all people as he campaigned. A candidate can be honest and give stance as the new Senator did by taking the unimagined liberal crown win in MA away from Democrats.

    In summary:

    America is great because of hard work and innovation. Give me this and that doesn’t future or support our American lifestyle. We are # 1 in the world due to CAPITOLISM. Bill Gates began his aspiration in a garage. Too many today aspire to a government paycheck.

    Robin Hood’s take from the rich fairytale clouds too many eyes. When all the rich are gone the rest of us will not know how to fish.

    I definitely strayed from Muslim subject. But to quote a famous news giant Walter:

    “That’s the way it is“.

  • “What happens when we’re all minorities?”

    Hehe.. I guess then no single group can ever be oppressed or relegated by another group. We will live in a Utopian unicorn land like a 60s commune.

    The progressive goal will have been realized.

  • JD

    Maybe we would all stop talking about what makes us different and start working together in the areas where we are the same.

    Basically, we would be aboard the Star Ship Enterprise! 🙂

  • Bill Hedges

    JD I am going out on a educated limb here and will say Nate was being facetious.

    Most productive crops were grown on the individuals own plots. USSR constantly had to import grain in those days. Communes were short lived in America. Dare I say the 60’s were not all WOODSTOCK, FREE LOVE, BEACH BOYS, & SUGAR SHACK. We had CHARLES MASON. Notice any/many communes around today ??? Notice the changes occurring in Russia ???

    Most productive Country is Capitalist America. Not socialist Countries.

    You may want Captain Kurt as you Dictator “aboard the Star Ship Enterprise!”. I’ll still take liberty.

    I cherish Viva la Difference. Is what has made our Country the envy of the world. Few risk their lives on unseaworthy boats to enter Cuba illegally to live. The wall was not build to keep people from entering East Germany.

    Being different is a good thing. Compromise do occur and result is better for the differences in opinion.

  • landreaux

    Beam me up Scotty/(JD)

  • “We tolerate everthing and call it love” -Justin Moore

    Capitalism does not discriminate against creed, color, religion etc. This is what makes America stand apart from all other countries, anyone can come the USA and take advantage of the free market system. Do Muslims have a right to earn a good living and support their families, absolutely! They have capitalism to thank for their success. That said the United States should not waiver on holding strong to our laws and cultural values. This country needs to take a firm stand and make it known that we will not change our laws to be “tolerant” of another culture. Just in case you may say that Muslims are not trying to enforce the laws of their religion, let me remind you that last month a judge in NJ ruled in favor of Sharia law. It didn’t seem to matter that a woman was raped repeatedly. Can you believe that this woman actually thought that she had the right to not be raped? That Americans, the tolerant beings that we are, would actually treat our women differently then in an Islamic third world country…foolish woman.

    I see the way this country is following the European socialist path of tolerance and with a Muslim in the white house it leads me to wonder how long before women in this country will be subjected to wearing Burkas. You better man up out there or it will be the end of bikinis as you know them.

  • Landreaux

    Oh NO, not the bikinis!

  • Bill Hedges

    Give me bikinis to look at or death…