Harry Reid: “Don’t know how Hispanics could be Republican”

My friends, this is comedy gold at its finest. Not often does such raw material come forth from the mouth of a lower than low approval rating Senate Majority Leader locked in an uphill reelection battle during a wave of conservative unrest.

Story from Weekly Standard:

While campaigning in Nevada Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told an audience of mostly Hispanic voters: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?”

Reid’s racially-charged comments come as the Nevada Democrat is trying to boost Hispanic turnout in his bid for reelection this November. Polls show, however, that Reid’s positions on immigration are very unpopular with Nevada voters in general. Reid supports the Obama administration’s lawsuit against Arizona over its immigration law, but 63 percent of Nevada voters oppose the lawsuit, according to a Rasmussen poll.

Reid voted against a measure to complete a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border in May, but 68 percent of voters nationally support building a border fence, according to Rasmussen.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Reid leading Republican Sharron Angle by 2 percentage points. The Angle campaign has not yet officially responded to Reid’s remark, but an Angle staffer wrote on Twitter that Reid made an “idiotic” statement.

Luckily one of my most favorite candidates in 2010, Florida Senate Candidate Marco Rubio was generous enough to respond to this gem:

Shocking, but true. Despite Harry Reid’s well thought out, articulated theory on whether or not it is possible for anyone of Hispanic heritage to be “Republican,” Rubio has managed to break out of Reid’s box and come back to bite him.

For such a fantastic response, I’m think we all should be sending a little love in Rubio’s direction. Come on people, open the checkbooks.

  • Bill Hedges

    Reid says:

    “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?”

    Well later he clarified his meaning. Sorry, can’t recall the bull he spewed. Don’t want to waste my time looking it up.

    With deep investigation I have uncovered the Reidgate connection. Why Reid is upset.

    I expect to win the Nate Well Done Reward. Yes the NWD thumb-up gold plated trophy for my mantle. I will donate the $1 million prize to my cats.

    “Harry Reid Can Meet a Hispanic Republican, Right in His Home States”

    “Maybe if Rory Reid weren’t having to distance himself from his father to the point of forgoing his last name, Harry Reid would be more familiar with the idea of a Nevadan, Hispanic Republican. In his quest for the Nevada governorship, Rory Reid is getting trounced in polls at the moment by Brian Sandoval, a former federal judge, Attorney General, and…Hispanic Republican.”

    “In the race for governor, Republican Brian Sandoval has increased his lead over Democrat Rory Reid to 19 percentage points, according to a new poll, despite being outspent and under attack by the Reid campaign.”

    “The Las Vegas Review-Journal/8NewsNow poll says that 50 percent of respondents now support Sandoval, 31 percent favor Reid and 14 percent remain undecided, a widening of the 11-point margin of two weeks ago.”

    “The polls shows Sandoval with a double-digit lead in every demographic group other than Democrats.”


    Father Reid has Son who wishes to deny his name. Can’t imagine how this latest senseless speech will affect Son-Father relationship.

    Candidate Marco Rubio was very impressive. Our future leaders are diverse and things are looking bright.

  • Bill Hedges

    “Joe Donnelly Indiana Democrat Rep Political Ad Attacks Obama & Pelosi”
    August 11, 2010