Breathe in, Breathe Out!

Time for a revelation, here it comes, hang on; “there is a disconnect between the political class and the rest of us!”  Relax it’s going to be OK, breathe in, breathe out; repeat as necessary. 

It’s not a single issue problem.  The political class and mainstream Americans disagree on immigration, health care, free markets, regulation, deficits, spending and whether or not the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. 

Rasmussen Reports says 67% of the political class is good with the current direction of the country.  The rest of us?  84% say “not so much!”  It gets worse.

2% of the political class believes that taxes, fiscal policy and government spending are key issues; twelve times that, 24% of the rest of us think those are key issues.  Consistent with those numbers, 68% of voters believe the political class simply do not give a damn about what they think.  Really, you think so?  What makes you think that? 

Perhaps you think the disconnect is because the administration continues to propose massive spending programs, or major legislation has passed despite negative public opinion.  Maybe it’s because not securing the border as a precursor to immigration reform does not make sense to you.  Maybe you’ve reached the opinion that the stimulus was not so stimulating.  Maybe it’s because you are actually reading articles where the author did what the Speaker wanted and is “finding out what’s in the bill” and it’s scaring you to death.  (No pun intended) 

Perhaps it’s folks like Pete Stark (D, CA) who won’t “waste urine pissing on the legs of constituents”, or opining that the Federal Government can “do pretty much anything it pleases”.  Oh my, you are soooooo sensitive.  I’m sure that’s not what he actually meant, so says Judith Miller.  Hey, even Democrats don’t like Pete Stark, 30 years in Congress and no Committee Chairmanship?  Has to be a reason! Just saying.

It get’s worse still.  Only 23% believe that the Federal government has the consent of the governed. 

23% means that even a small percentage of the hard left aren’t on board with the program anymore, no doubt curled up in the fetal position hoping someone, anyone will deliver another bag of Cheetos before it’s too late.  That number, which has not moved much lately, also means that there is a hardening of opinion occurring.  That same manner of hardening has occurred in the Right Track/Wrong Track polling showing a consistent two to one wrong track; that relationship is not moving and has not moved to any large degree since February.      

When opinion shows signs or clear evidence of hardening it’s very difficult to move the numbers.  The political pros know this.  They may also know that when opinions harden folks tend to look for ever more justification for the opinion that they’ve reached.  This is not good news for Democrats.  According to Gallup even African American support for the president has slipped a bit.   Only 30ish% of independents are favorably inclined in their view of what’s happened over the past 18 months. 

Pros should also know that there are not a lot of options left.  Profligate spending hasn’t worked, massive entitlement programs have not worked, a speech a day has not worked, more Federal centralization has not worked, demonization of business and enemies has not worked, blaming Bush has not worked and issuing an executive order to suspend bonuses to overpaid government employees has not given us a sense of impending fiscal responsibility.  Has anyone seen the damn Cheetos?

23% means that 77% consider this administration and this Congress to have serious legitimacy issues.  It means people have simply stopped listening.  They have crossed the red line and it is unlikely the numbers will get anything but worse.

Who’s responsible for these numbers?  You are, God bless you!  The collective American sense of right and wrong has kicked in.  The instinct for when things have gone too far in one direction or the other is in clear evidence.    

Please, do continue to breathe in and breathe out!

  • Bill Hedges



    HAVE DOROTHY ALONG WITH TOTO SNAP HER HEELS. Please bring us back to Kansas. Home. Family. We have learned brain, courage and heart is within us. Don’t get caught in the rain if made of tin. Go early to shelter in case of tornado. In reality trees don’t talk. Houses can fall on the bad. Our brick roads paved with gold has been vandalized and removed. The yellow brick road is obamacare and all that is window dressing. You know who the Wizard is, is…

    Now to tie…

    We the Conservatives here knew. Thank God all but the most liberal are coming around.

    Never, never land has lost its luster.

    Dorothy is preparing to click her heels in November. So sane change will appear again in Kansas and throughout our Nation.

    Soon we can take the oxygen tanks back to vendor and breathe free air. Begin taking back America.

  • Its no longer politics as usual. It use to be that democrats would be in office for a bit then the republicans would have there shot. The parties had there differences, taxes, spending, social programs etc. But the ballgame all changed in 08. It does feel like we are living in never never land. This man rode up on his unicorn and sunset preaching change, and change is what we got. The Presidency had never been approached by such a radical socialist and we are now left with buyers remorse.

    Check out Barry and his fluffy unicorn:

    For the most part Americans have rejected socialism. We have tasted freedom and know is splendor but I see warning signs of collectivism popping up. As I sit here writing this I want to bash my own generation of 20 somethings but they don’t deserve all the blame. I have been to many of the town halls on health care and I have marched on Washington and stood at the steps of the capital, I see the demographic of people who are for this socialized health care. These people are typically in their 40’s to 70’s and are holding signs that say “yes we can” or “health care is a right”. I thought that as you aged the upside was wisdom?

    These people are zombies and are not asking the serious questions that should be asked. But that’s what was so appealing to Americans, as a candidate he didn’t ask you to think, it was all based on emotion. I realized that alot of these social programs first started with FDR and were suppose to be social nets, yeah, more like retirement funds. FDR wasted no crisis. This is where the collectivism comes into play. The feelings of entitlement and relying on the government. It scares me to think that this country is following in the path of France, Germany, Great Britian, while those countries are starting to distant themselves from socialism b/c of the utter mess it has made. Our young people are being indoctrinated in the collective system 8 hours a day and then after 12 years of praising FDR and learning of the evil south they move on to college where the draft dodgers of the Vietnam war have taken to the soap box to preach hatred for the USA. I feel that these attempts to liberally indoctrinate me actually made me a much stronger conservative and a great debater, all kids aren’t so lucky though.

    If we’re not careful we will become a collective society vs the individual society that we’re barely clinging to now. I can see the dependency happening all around me. All they have to do and already are doing, is brain wash by generation. It will come to a point were no one will remember what freedom is and capitalism (which provides individualism) will be part of Americas evil past.

    This man-child who rode his unicorn in on hope and change has been successful in destroying a great deal of Americans economic structure. But Landreaux is right, things are about to change. The good news is for the most part America has rejected socialism and this administration has awoken a sleeping giant…ALL OF YOU…

  • Bill Hedges

    WOW GS you said a mouth full.

    Age does not grant wisdom. Is a fallacy us old folks perpetuate. A reason to keep us around.

    Like you said S/S is a social nets:

    “When initially signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 as part of his New Deal, the term Social Security covered unemployment insurance as well. The term, in everyday speech, is used to refer only to the benefits for retirement, disability, survivorship, and death, which are the four main benefits provided by traditional private-sector pension plans. In 2004 the U.S. Social Security system paid out almost $500 billion in benefits.[4]”

    “By dollars paid, the U.S. Social Security program is the largest government program in the world…”

    Forced to pay into this plan I have heard liberals say I should turn down my monthly pittance because I don’t like social programs. I am stubborn enough to want what I was required to pay into.

    You are young, I hope your generation is somehow allowed to opt out. With the serious shortfalls due to spending S/S revenue for other things, increasing benefit, and so forth only obamacare with aim to euthanize those in their last years can make S/S survive. In years of life cost breaks the sound barrier like a leather whip crack.

    How fortunate WE would have been if FDR had gone to private S/S. The few loop hole S/S plans are in the black and not red ink. They pay more. Can even draw out your principle as well as interest. Believe as well can extend to your spouse/children. Most important plan pays more. See what can happen when the grubby pickpocket hands of politicians are keep away from our money.

    You mentioned “draft dodgers of the Vietnam war” and naturally I thought of Bill Clinton. A liberal mind is a very difficult thing to understand. Barry foretold our future in many ways but most pronounced with Joe the Plumber. Hillary recently said, best I can recall, she felt we should never had gone to war in Viet Nam. While may be true I wondered if she was defending Billy Bob. She certainly was not thinking of our sacrifice.

    Right now obama is he-hawing in interview about IPO for GM. Boy am I going to buy into that. With mandate for alternate energy and the intact union woes who would not invest in this. They will use Dutch offering You and Nate should empty your savings and bid high to secure this valuable GM stock. After obama gave all that stock to union members I’m letting this great opportunity slip through my hands. My loss I am sure. I wonder if board of this IPO is hand picked by unions and barry.

  • landreaux

    Mr. Carville’s polling firm now calls the polling numbers he has produced indicative of “revolution”. From Carville?