You Might Be a Conservative If………….

Frightening to some, but you might be a conservative If……………

….. It is unacceptable and incomprehensible that your generation may be the first generation in American history to leave the succeeding generation with less; financially, economically, spiritually and skeptical of the view that anything is possible.

….. The idea of America devoid or disconnected from the brilliance of its founding is not your idea of America.

….. You think American exceptionalism is a real thing, to be valued and celebrated.  History will render an unequivocal verdict, we were and are exceptional.  Conservatives think that’s a good thing. 

….. You are proud to be an American and at the same time you realize that mistakes have been made, prices have been paid.  Maybe you know the details, maybe not, versions differ.  Pride rests in the fact that you “know” there has been no greater force for good in history, warts and all.    

…… The difference between what you hear and what you see has become intolerable.

….. For the first time in your life you see the glimmer of the idea that being fearful of your own government is actually… not paranoid!  

….. You’re not planning to sit on the sidelines this time; “Yes, my voice too!’’

….. You look at the numbers, the plan, and realize that the plan says we’re totally insolvent, by design, by 2020.  That your government sees insolvency coming, predicts it; yet you can’t understand why that would be allowed to continue apace.  The only change to the plan is that it’s happening quicker than the planners thought. 

….. The logic seems to be disconnected; a prediction of collapse based on a particular policy direction and the insistence that those policies be continued and expanded. 

….. If you think the idea of receiving lectures on economics from the Europeans, Russians and Chinese is a bad sign.  If you also tend to agree with them, you might be a conservative.

….. If you think the best way to be safe is to be sufficiently strong that it’s just not worth anyone’s while to try us on for size.  

….. If you realize that some facts are inescapable, spin notwithstanding.  You put stock in the fact that not a lot of folks are trying to get out of America!

You may be a conservative if you feel you “know” America in your heart.  You may not be a student of history or politically active.  You may be lazy about public affairs.  You may simply be too busy getting by to apply the time or energy.  However, somehow, in your DNA you “know” who we really are.  You have an idea of what we should be and can be.  You know right from wrong, you also know sometimes it takes us a while for us to get around to it.  Churchill said it “Americans always do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else.”  Ultimately you “get it!”  You know that when the chips are down we are compassionate and generous.

You may be a conservative if you realize that part of what makes us special is the price we pay in blood in the interest of ideals.  We care not for empire or subjugation, at least not lately.  We bleed most often to offer others the chance at the blessings of freedom and opportunity that we’ve enjoyed.  We put our proverbial money where our mouth is.  Our profit is the growth of democracies; free representative democracies don’t attack each other.  

You might be a conservative if it’s impossible for you to imagine what the world would look like absent a strong confident America.  You might be a conservative if you can!

  • Bill Hedges

    You might be a Conservative if as a kid you cut grass to make a few bucks for burgers and shakes after school. Turn 16, given car, and worked summers away from home.

    Saved some and gave to Dad who invested in Chase Manhattan, buying new 66 Mustang with big profits. Good old inside trading. Regulations shortly changed after.

    Might be Conservative if you saved your money instead of taking fancy vacations. Got job with good solid retirement. Place were advancement was possible.

    Raised to love Country, honor family, and treat people fair.

    I was raised a Democrat. German and English heritage. They knew Ellis Island. Converted under Clinton. When Newt came to power with contract with America.

    Landreaux article said it best. Am glad I grew up when I did.

    One of obama’s men said our glory days are behind us. Sadly, may be true. Saying jobs lost may be gone, we my have Europe’s high unemployment now. This from our leadership. Was this their plan ? Some in administration wanted this before joining obama.

    I am Conservative. Have hope. Here comes November.

    God bless America.

  • Wow, who knew I was a conservative. I cut grass in the summers and shoveled snow in the winters when I was a kid to make pretty darn good money to play with.

    I was never given a car though.

    I was certainly taught to love all people.

    I don’t know if I have hope so much as I never worry in the first place. I’d say I’ve got faith and with faith I can’t fear.

    This is why I always said news and politics is entertaining because they don’t guide my life, my faith does. What ever happens between birth and death is just fluff, my faith is the meat and potato’s.

    I’d say I was both liberal and conservative depending on the topic and my mood at that time.

    I don’t hoard my money though, I certainly spend spend spend. There is always ways to make money, especially when you’re happen with the simple pleasures.

    Here in the south, bar b q, a deck of cards, and a few buddies and the wives is all we need to have fun.

    Many people where I live now pay all their bills and pleasures with no job other than selling good ole Southern BBQ. It’s fascinating to see how well some southern black people still prosper, not just financially, but spiritually and emotionally as well during a recession.

    The younger people throw parties and work as DJ’s to make money lately. Many of them run recording studios and sell studio time while those buying the studio time sell their cd’s to make money.

    I’ve seen people going to watermelon and strawberry farms, buying cheap and selling at a great profit in the parking lot of stores.

    I’m not sure if such things are considered having a conservative or liberal spirit, but it’s productive and it makes them happy without causing harm to others.

    Life is what you make it.

  • Bill Hedges


    Naturally I was expressing my life. I was born with golden spoon in my mouth figuratively. Given all I wanted ? No. Work ethics required. At 16 my Dad had a Pontiac-Oldsmobile agency, a unusual combination. I had 6 different cars at 16 temporarily. 57 chevy a very short time. Darn sheriff had talk with my Dad. My Dad was once asked what size engine a car had. He said BIG ONE. My Dad was a entrepreneur not car salesman.

    Entrepreneur is a risk taker. Takes money and created business and creates jobs. Can do still today, but much more risky with these multiply problems and future legislations.

    Anyhow I am a small town boy transplanted to big city. I remember my roots and hear what you are saying.

    Know your corn when stealing from a farmer’s field. Corn for cow feed taste awful and uneatable. That’s County boy philosophy I grew up with.

    Easy fishing is throwing in ground up walnut hull in still water. Then you have smorgasbord of fish to choice from for dinner. Gives more time to pick berries.

    Nothing better than trout line, jug line, and bullfrog gigging. Simple put line next to shore late at night in lake.

    Kendale you and I could go off fishing and have a good time. Politics left out. Not a fishing topic. Fun not tension rules. Women always a good subject. Something to brag/lie about.

    Psychology says each person is unique. Same holds true for conservative or liberal.

    Just heard, obama finally allowing ships from other Countries in for Gulf leak. ABOUT TIME. Guess that converted Wale ship forced issued by coming here. What 65 days late. Big mistake obama not waving Jones Act sooner early on. Will cost him big time. Bigger than Katina cost Bush obviously.

  • And why not? What alternatives we have?

  • Bill Hedges


    At least this is a new idea for me.

    First off (not in article), when people found out that obama is nearly 70 days late getting foreign skimming ships in Gulf his polls should drop so much that if it was over the leak it would plug the leak. Especially when results are outstanding. Proving dirty shores could have been adverted and spread of oil in sea could have been minimal.

    Who to blame ? Barack Hussein Obama.

    Any how, “Obama’s job rating among black voters is 91% positive. “So “Obama’s job rating among the 88% or 89% of non-black respondents is about 39% positive and 54% negative.”

    Now, in States with low black voters Republican have greater chance of winning.

    “Exceptions: Arkansas (where polls show Democrat Blanche Lincoln well behind), Florida, and Illinois.”

    “Similarly, when you look at the list of target House seats very few have substantial black populations. This is partly the result of the prevailing interpretation of the Voting Rights Act — supported and encouraging by most black Democratic politicians –which requires maximization of the number of “majority-minority” districts. When you put lots of black voters in those districts, you don’t have many in adjacent districts.”

    “All of which is to say that the state of opinion in the real political battlegrounds of 2010 is considerably more negative toward Barack Obama than top-line poll numbers suggest.”

    I wish this article would have named the likely Republican winners and losers for House and Senate in November. But darn he didn’t. I don’t know which has a significant number of blacks.

    I can only say it sounds like a bigger win for Republicans than thought before if true.

    In politics, nothing is certain. That’s the truth…