The Saudi Bailout Of The West

The Times of London reported that Saudi Arabia is prepared to authorize Israeli use of its air space in the event of an attack on Iran. 

My first reaction was, “THANK GOD SOMEONE HAS STEPPED UP TO DELIVER A SIGNIFICANT MESSAGE TO TEHRAN!”  My first thought; this is significant evidence of Iran approaching the nuclear red line.

There are problems with Saudi Arabia: charity based funding of terrorism, the aggressive spread of state sponsored Whhabism, power sharing with those self same Whhabists, oil politics dating back to the 1970’s, women’s issues, gay issues, effective slavery and, well you, no doubt, get the idea.  

This news however, is shocking, totally unexpected.

In March of 2007 a report by Whitney Raas and Austin Long, based on open source material, attempted to evaluate the likely success of an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. A critical unanswered question was what route would Israel have available?  Today’s news was not considered an option.  Today’s news eliminates the need to cross countries that have publically stated that they will not allow the Israeli’s to do so.

The Saudi’s see shared self interest with Israel; the enemy of my enemy is my friend…………..for today!  Whatever else the Saudi’s are they are conservatively astute about foreign relations.  The first Gulf War was supported from Saudi territory based on a shared self interest regarding Iraq and Saddam.  Domestic terrorism visited Saudi Arabia in large measure due to Gulf War cooperation and the basing of non Islamic forces in the lands of the Prophet Mohammed.  Exceptionally serious stuff if you’re a Jihadist and the Saudi’s paid a price.

The Saudi’s know there will be repercussions; they also know they can weather them.  They will justify the action by casting Iran as the immediate danger and reminding all that Israel is the only guy in the neighborhood capable and willing to do something about it.  Behind the scenes they will remind Brother Arabs that Iranians aren’t Arabs and that they are Shia.  That might be enough. 

If not I recommend, “Shut up, you spineless whiners! You’d rather have a nuke in the hands of a nut?”

The Saudi’s have signaled to all; Iran is the problem, Iran is our number one priority. Worse than America, even worse than Israel!  Who saw that coming?  If there is to be the long doubted diplomatic solution, the Saudi announcement combined with Russia’s turn slightly against Iran last week may supply the long absent motivation that diplomatic settlements rest on.

The Saudi’s may also have given a thought to the Goldfinger Scenario, based on Iranian love notes to the Royal Family over the last year.  Nuke the biggest stock pile of gold rendering it radioactive for 100 years and the value of the gold you have skyrockets!  Same might apply to oil fields.  A couple of small nukes in the Saudi oil fields and they are out of business folks, for a very long time.  The entire global Sunni network is also out of business, based on the absence of Saudi money.  Is the rest of the Sunni world in jeopardy, Egypt, The Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq? 

Presto, oil is $500 a barrel and the West is in big trouble, China too. The West and China in trouble means everyone is in trouble.  In this scenario every response option is either horrific or simply a day late and a dollar short.  Global economics turns on its head in the time it takes you to say BOOM!  

The U.S. faces decisions in the upcoming week as to positions we will take in the U.N.  A trial balloon regarding supporting a U.N. investigation of the flotilla incident was subjected to scalding criticism from the right to the center left.  The Saudi’s don’t want the U.S. to back away from Israel; that is part of today’s message; Saudi’s support Israel but the U.S. does not?  The Saudi’s don’t want the Palestinian Question solved either.  As long as the U.S. backs Israel Saudi Arabia has a box full of excuses and justifications for regional behaviors.  If the U.S. distances itself from Israel one of the Satan’s just cooled off a bit and after all, they need their enemies.  In terms of Palestine, the stalking horse has worked for decades and will continue to deflect attention away from internal Saudi behaviors.

But in the final analysis, I say to Saudi Arabia which is the enemy of my enemy:


  • Bill Hedges


    “Saudi Arabia: We will not give Israel air corridor for Iran strike”

    “Saudi Arabia would not allow Israeli bombers to pass through its airspace en route to a possible strike of Iran’s nuclear facilities, a member of the Saudi royal family said Saturday, denying an earlier Times of London report.”

  • landreaux

    Stay tuned, I think there is a good possibility that either the story will push Iran to “discussions” or Saudi Arabia will allow the Israelis to use their air space.

    Keep in mind that public statements of this kind bear no credibility in the Middle East. What is said behind closed doors is the only thing that matters.

  • Bill Hedges

    Like liberals, the mid-East mind set is beyond me. Ok I understand cautiously preceding down a dark alley in bad part of town. Anywhere in this age. Even saying one thing in a way the other person knows you mean something else.

    I left that life, working with crafty criminals, when I retired. I check and double check facts that you gave even though I know to be true. Because things change. Especially if very logical and/or desirable.

    Such as the hopes inspired by obama has led us down the path of fictious nuevana land. Dismissal of flaws. Accentuating the possibilites. The flimming by the Flam Man. Even Nobel must now feel the sting/imbarassment. All that glitters is not gold.

    My biggest contempt for liberals is their arrogance. Factitious statements like Republicans are against regulations. Bush wanted regulation for F/F to stop tragedy, but Democrats stopped. Foolhardily some blame Bush for recession. Some even say his tax cuts caused recession. How absurd. They see recent cause as effect. Cause/effect a difficult relationship to master for wishful thinkers. So short sighted. Ignore facts. Perhaps needed. Justifies beliefs.

    Didn’t mean to get into liberal bashing. The recent beat up of peaceful tea party member defending his wife being touched enflamed me. Liberals paint tea members by that disgusting name. And oh hail the racist non obama believers. Yet they say tea baggers are the violent ones. They need but one bad apple to toss the barrel into obscurity. If no bad apple, then make one up. Sarah. Such uncalled for, misrepresentation, reprehensible portrayal.

    So quiet are liberals when obama must face his reckoning. Even ACUL forsake him.

    That’s my Sunday mash, did not exactly make kool-aid, more like fermented tea. Hope my thoughts resembled coherency. This lazy Sunday afternoon.

    I have no STRAWBERRY BLOND to chase. Then, I’m no James Cagney. I’m not a dentist. This isn’t that movie.

  • Bill Hedges

    Sorry, forgot to spell check

  • landreaux


    The Saudi’s always feel like they’re peering down a dark alley. The Saudi’s may have the most to lose of the players in the Middle East

  • Bill Hedges

    I had a nephew who worked in Saudi Arabia. Desalting water into using and drinking water. I read his handbook on expected behavior. He went, his second contact, with contraband. He did not take my advice but took his porn.

    He said he knew Royalty. Went into the desert and partied eating goat and local cuisine with Saudis.

    He was physical fit but died a young man. Formaldehyde applied to outside of his body. I believe he was murdered for chasing wrong woman or breaking their rules.

    All I am saying is I have a insignificant minor degree in Saudi way of life.

    The citizens from families that lived there prior to 1949 (I think is year) receive the benefits of the oil.

    With all those miles of pipeline, is one tantalizing target. With many terrorist sympathies prevalent. Hey even in the Royal family circle.

    After my lengthy rambling explanation I agree Landreaux.

    I just heard obama mystical speech. Evoking God’s name and prayer while wearing his flag pin. Sitting in room Richard Nixon resigned in. Saying he will do all to stop the leak and bad effects.

    Looking very Presidential.

    If I knew nothing of subject matter, I would have been impressed.

    Bill Clinton reduced America’s royalties to companies that drill in deep waters. Barry blames government regulatory system of past 10 years. Yet obama’s Head of Mineral department appointment announced overall long ago. Just after elected.

    “Mr. Obama, shortly after taking office, had assigned Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to clean up the agency, the Minerals Management Service. The office’s history of corruption and coziness with the industry it was supposed to regulate had been the subject of years of scathing reports by government auditors, lurid headlines and a score of Congressional hearings.”

    “ But the promised reforms of the agency were slow to arrive, and the subject of the minerals service never came up at the meetings leading to the new drilling policy, according to a senior administration official involved in the discussions.”

    The required paperwork for rig that failed had required studies WAVED.

    Refusal to allow Dutch technology, ship skimmers stopped because of Jones Act. Protecting union jobs (obama‘s big campaign contributors and obama‘s big outlay of help), when there are no American ship skimmers, is enough reason for me to insist on his resignation in my estimation.

    New technology has discovered in recent years new and abundant oil and gas reserves. Some can bring on line to our pumps in short order. But with Barry’s restrictions much riskier drilling.

    Charles Krauthammer doubts obama in his speech. He point out solar program is going under. Cost too much.

    Palin also pointed out on O’Reilly of the refusal of experienced Dutch knowledge and use of their Skimmers. Mentions obama‘s aid quote “take advantage of a bad situation”.
    In time of recession Speaker Nancy moved into lavish new office in California, near twice more expensive than second highest in House.

    Perfect thing to do in bad times. But Nancy says is energy efficient. Oh, ok. Never mind.

  • Bill Hedges

    Got to throw in two more points. We are hearing Congressmen say oil leak is Bush fault on tv. Obama, not by name, did say 10 year problem. Yet, as noted above, there where Congressional hearings on this under Bush. Obama demanded change. Yet slow to action.

    How do you blame Bush. The blame is still Bush ? At age of 140, his natural death will be Bush’s fault. Cynical aren’t I.

    This trust fund mentioned, BP is suppose to put up, was it $ 20 billion ? That obama will hand out, is this legal ? Constitutional ? Who thinks of slush fund ?