Help For The President

The President has some, admittedly, significant and difficult management and leadership issues magnified by a lack of experience.  Looking through the White House roster it’s hard to identify who the President would actually turn to for leadership and management support.    

So, Mr. President, in the absence of executive experience in the White House here are some suggestions that you may find helpful.

Leadership is a consistent, passionate, optimistic illumination of vision.  Management is an exercise in task completion.  Don’t confuse the two.

Unintended consequences are minimized by pressing and leading the evaluation of the worse case scenario and its implications.  The worse case scenario is typically where the unintended consequences live.  The drilling moratorium would be a fair example.

The 80/20 rule says that 80% of any solution lies in effective analysis and addressment of 20% of the issues that impact the solution. This rule, when applied, results in focus and directed action. 

Tell the truth, tell them you don’t know or tell them you can’t tell them.  Pick one of the three, never vary.

Cconsistency is important; take care not to blame others as you tell students to step up and take responsibility.  You see, sir, that absent certain points of consistency all comments and commitments come into question.  It is also true that saying you take responsibility and taking it are two different situations. 

If you say it, you have to do it; credibility depends on it, even for politicians.

Control is an illusion!  This is especially the case in a crisis.  You must make up for the lack of control with a focus on engagement, proactive motivation and competence. 

Accountability is important, but it’s not everything.  Counting bad results instead of trying to change bad results doesn’t work.  Assigning accountability to folks who have already accepted it does not create a cooperative environment.  The “so, do you still beat your wife” question is essentially unproductive.

Delegation beyond the scope of capabilities is the death knell of crisis management.  In a crisis, formal organization must be replaced by a commitment to get the best talent in place no matter what the organizational chart says. 

Spending and investing is not the same thing.

The pursuit of an “ass” to kick(someone to blame)  guarantees that more critical issues and opportunities will go screaming by unnoticed. 

The right answers, typically, have a short shelf life.  The pursuit of the next right answer is an inescapable mantle of leadership that begins immediately following the acceptance of the current right answer.

Hope this helps, Mr. President.

  • Bill Hedges


    You wrote good. If possible our President should know those things you mentioned. Apparently to me he does not.

    The circus atmosphere of this Presidential election was unabated BLAME BUSH. Bush caused recession. Simple ignore reality. McCain can’t use computer. Bend over backwards seeing potential in Barry without much accomplishments.

    Our leader-to-be met HARD DECESIONS nearly 130 times in Illinois with PRESNT:

    “Sometimes the “present’ votes were in line with instructions from Democratic leaders or because he objected to provisions in bills that he might otherwise support. At other times, Mr. Obama voted present on questions that had overwhelming bipartisan support. In at least a few cases, the issue was politically sensitive.”

    “Although a present vote is not unusual in Illinois, Mr. Obama’s use of it is being raised as he tries to distinguish himself as a leader who will take on the tough issues, even if it means telling people the “hard truths” they do not want to hear.”

    “If you are worried about your next election, the present vote gives you political cover,” said Kent D. Redfield, a professor of political studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield. “This is an option that does not exist in every state and reflects Illinois political culture.”

    Teddy Kennedy sparked Camelot memories to Barry. Wright, Bill Ayres, and other radical friends were dismissed and Barry forgiven. Dope use just made him human. Given free passes at each turn. Racism applied to those who did not come aboard the obama train.

    Perhaps surest signal ignored was Barry’s ease to change direction, adapting to mood of voters. I called him Flim-Flam Man. I believe I cast that after Joe the Plumber revelation.

    A formula for disaster.

    “The 1.2 percent plunge in retail sales was the largest drop in eight months. But excluding three of the most volatile sectors — autos, building materials and gasoline station sales — retail sales actually rose one-tenth of a percentage point in May.”

    I enjoy how they say if you ignore autos, building materials and gasoline station sales, then spending is actually up. Can we really ignore all that stuff or is it part of the whole picture ?

    Does that somehow relate to Barry ? Of course. It’s me writing after all. We removed the questionable and enhanced the possibilities of our new world order. Heck he received a Nobel Peace Prize for COMING ATTRACTIONS. Have they revealed themselves ? YET ?

    Barry I think is insecure. He sat across from McCain and announces HE’S PRESIDENT. Duh…

    How secure can he be with his legislation getting passed and much not read by Congress. Polls hate. Call for repeal. Allie ACLU coming down on you. Approval 46%, was 65%.

    Bill Clinton gets more elected than he does. Blaming BUSH doesn’t have the same satisfying results anymore. Fingers seem pointed more toward him. Main stream media getting FOX LIKE. Barry lost his god luster.

    Now Barry must stop making off the cuff blunders. Can’t afford more beer parties on the lawns. Barry is shamed with each day passing. Oil mess has him flustered. no rising to OCCASION as the Twin TOWERS for BUSH. Things not going well. He must react as news says he must react. Show emotion. Go to Gulf. React as tv tells you to. Use bad language.

    Barry has not grown into his position. He has little hope of earning his Nobel pay. Did he cash ? Bet he moved the reward to a closet.

    Will he get fluster and walk away ? So little understanding given him ! Give him empathy/sympathy. PLEEESE…

    Sometimes a story can express my opinion better.

    A young girl wished to follow in her brother’s footsteps and sail around the world. What a great accomplish it would be and a life long memory.

    She went for it. Gung-ho.

    Was talk of child abuse. Something I don’t normal hear in such endeavors. Harsh winter seas noted.

    Something happens. Beacons manual turned on. Search begun. Ending thankfully was good. In this case.

    Biden said Barry not ready. Girl attempted at wrong time.

  • Bill Hedges

    “Obama: Time to end ‘cozy’ ties with oil firms”
    “Orders extra scrutiny of drilling permits as BP works to stop massive leak”

    _____Obama declares himself angry, follows news suggestions_____ Note. No Bush blame_____

    “WASHINGTON – Declaring himself as angry as the rest of the nation, President Barack Obama assailed oil drillers and his own administration Friday as he ordered extra scrutiny of drilling permits to head off any repeat of the sickening oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Engineers worked desperately to stop the leak that’s belching out at least 210,000 gallons of crude a day. ”

    _____Is this first time obama admitted this ?_____

    “Obama announced that the Interior Department would review whether the Minerals Management Service is following all environmental laws before issuing permits for offshore oil and gas development. BP’s drilling operation at Deepwater Horizon received a “categorical exclusion,” which allows for expedited oil and gas drilling without the detailed environmental review that normally is required.”

    _____Obama losing it ?_____

    “Obama: “I Can’t Suck it Up With a Straw.”

    “Even though I am President of the United States my powers are not limitless,” Obama said last Friday at Camardelle’s Live Bait and Boiled Seafood, “So I can’t dive down there and plug the hole. I can’t suck it up with a straw. All I can do is make sure that I put honest, hardworking, smart people in place.”

    “I will do everything in my power to do right by you guys. And everybody along the coast,” the president promises the residents, seated around a table,”

    So honest, hardworking, smart people in place.” added to engineer’s report that the recommend 6 month moratorium was needed ?

    “Will do everything” but waver JONES ACT as Bush did in Katinia and let foreign skimmers “suck it up with a straw” at the source instead of on the SHORES.

    Yes, obama has leadership issues !!!

    Barry beyond help in my estimation. He’s losing it !