Feeling Surrounded!

Feeling a little claustrophobic lately, like something is closing in; paranoid?

Moving, generally, from smaller to larger; Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are former Soviet Republics in Central Asia.  These political and economic behemoths are screwing around with us.  Refusal to allow scheduled re-supply efforts for Afghanistan to proceed, and stamping their feet over a fuel contract creating logistical nightmares for NATO forces. ……Why?

China says the U.S. has to be more sensitive to their needs.  Apparently providing the capital for China to re-industrialize and putting them on the road to super power status is insufficient.  Perhaps we could cuddle after the check clears.  China has also refused to approve a visit by Secretary Gates.  How do we cuddle up if you won’t see me?

North Korea (read China) engages in an act of war and sinks a South Korean military vessel.  What good possibly comes of that?  But, wait, wait, did not North Korea (China) decide to test missiles and generate a “nuclear weapons test’ right on the heels of crisis in the Middle East during the Bush Administration?  No, I’m sure I’ve got that wrong; coordination between Iran, China, North Korea, nah, that just too paranoid. 

Iran may have passed the nuclear red line; reports indicate enough “stuff” for two weapons.  The United Nations, IAEA, The European Union negotiating team (5 years), Russia and China collectively have guaranteed that this eventuality would be reached.  Russia and China expect a westward looking geopolitical shift in their favor. 

The U.S. provided an assist by doing none of what they could have done.  A stronger presence in the negotiation process would have helped.  Insistence that the IAEA under Mr. el Baradei take U.S. provided intelligence seriously, he did not until forced to by the weight of the sequential provision of intelligence and leaking of the fact that it was being presented to the IAEA.  Unilateral sanctions would have provided a smidgen of leadership and demonstration of resolve.  We could have insisted on delivering a message of strength as opposed to years of messages and actions that screamed “please behave; we’re a little tied up”.   We could have said (even if we did not want to or mean it) “hey, we’re with Israel,  if you guys cross the red line we’re going to smack you………hard!  

Mexico is falling apart.  We’re getting ready to build a Mosque at Ground Zero. Pakistan is still a 50/50 proposition.  Afghanistan could last another decade.  NATO is on the verge of being downsized, Russia says it will use nukes in “regional conflicts”, the U.S. says it won’t use them at all.  Fighting in Yemen continues. Iran maintains allies and “friends” throughout Central and South America.  Military equipment in Central and South America is coming from ….. Russia!  Major energy deals have been executed between Russia and China; geopolitical implications anyone?  

Financial crisis is on the horizon for, potentially, everyone.  Is it possible to identify the point in time where government level deficit spending becomes the straw that breaks the global camel’s back?  Where is the “money”?  What is that number?  How far away from it are we?  Am I crazy?

Almost forgot, Iran has also set up temporary military bases in Kurdistan five miles inside the Kurdish border.  There appears to be no resistance!  ???

Hiz’bAllah may have Scud missiles, supplied by Iran via of Syria.  Why?  Use of those weapons as conventional weapons will generate a massive conventional response from Israel.  Those missiles may be more dangerous than they’re worth, in a conventional sense.  However, if Iran can get Scuds into Lebanon, could they get a warhead in? 

We have an oil leak unlike any other in history no one knows for sure why or how it happened.  It’s hard to avoid the thought that diabolical should be on the list of possibilities along with malfeasance, reckless disregard and many others.

Dennis Blair a senior security advisor for the President does not “get” what Jihad is.  Jihad is different things to different Muslims.  Unfortunately, the folks that want us dead have a very clear definition of Jihad that Mr. Blair refused to recognize.  That may be a hard lesson learned when the time comes, which it will.

According to Andrew McCarthy the Muslim Brotherhood is considering downplaying terrorism.  The reason; “that they are making so much progress marching through our institutions, mush as the left has that they are reevaluating the “blow back” from terror events, especially terror directed against the U.S.    

The Attorney General announces that he and the President are committed to addressing “global corruption”.  What?  We don’t have enough to do?  Start in Chicago, move on to D.C.     

NATO ally Turkey has clearly decided to enhance its position of power in the region, motivated in part by the rise of Iran and Turkish interests gravitating in that direction.  Turkish, Israeli cooperation is long standing but the noises related to Israel from Ankara have become increasingly harsh over the past few months.

A crisis is precipitated drawing Israel into a no win situation.  Set up?  Absolutely!  Does it matter?  Not even a little bit!   Dropping onto the Flotilla with paintball guns not withstanding, the facts, whatever they are, will not stand in the way of a good story.  The rants will follow their well established,  predictable course.  And, it happens just as the Iranian nuclear program begins to get “red line” press coverage.  Lucky break!   

Wait, there’s more. The Iranian Majlis have joined the flotilla.  The Majlis is a paramilitary organization under the control of the IRGC. The Majlis was a key part of suppressing the post election demonstrations in Iran.

Only the U.S. has adopted the semblance of a balanced position regarding the flotilla.  Nearly the entire rest of the globe, however, stands in opposition to Israel.  Is it hypocritical, sure what’s new; it’s still contributing to that claustrophobic feeling.

  • Bill Hedges

    Sorry I am off topic, is great article, but are you listening to obama’s speech. What mistakes and down right lies.

    Bill Clinton caused excess surplus money in government ? Did I hear obama say drilling 4 miles deep ? Republican were against all good things. I guess no ever !

    Bush’s tax cuts cause this mess. Heck Waren Buffet today said HOUSING caused mess on CNBC. Bill Clinton’s bad housing plan I might add.

    Obama’s ears will be burning tonight because of Fox correcting ALL HIS MISTAKES IN SPEECH.

    obama must not have read Nate’s article on Republican plan to cut existing budget. It’s his idea now. He is going to cut the bad programs. Because Republicans is party of No.

    Oh BOY….

    Election campaigning has begun…

    Ah, election bull ….

  • Landreaux


    I can’t listen to the speeches anymore. I get them as transcripts when I need them. I try to play off actual facts and I don’t find many in the President’s speeches so he’s off my primary source list.

  • Bill Hedges


    I do like this article. Is very important. Very. It’s like good news but happened shortly before Perl Harbor. Good new drown out.

    I have plan to go line by line and destroy. obama mentioned the ‘pay as you go’, heck they have basically ignored it since passed.

    Politics is all speech was. Ok nothing is all politics. He may be right some. But I’m busting to destroy line by line.

    Do me a favor and consider critiquing this speech. Or Nate. One of you two. Would save me a lot of time. You guys are better writers and more aloof. At least compared to me.

  • has the speech been posted somewhere online in its entirety?

  • Bill Hedges
  • Bill Hedges

    Destroying obama’s speech is going to be a piece of cake. Going to take many, many comments…

    Slick obama… Divert attention to BP not self.

    We need not have had this oil leak. Administration did it… Yes you obama…

    “Right now, stopping this oil spill and containing its damage must be the top priority of my Administration, and we are waging this battle every minute of every day.”

    “. Obama Could Have Prevented the Deepwater Horizon Disaster”

    “ Ken Salazar’s First pledge as secretary of the interior was to reform the scandal plagued Mineral Management Service (MMS), which had been found by the U.S. inspector general to have traded sex, drugs, and financial favors with oil-company executives. In a January 29, 2009 press release on the scandal, Salazar stated:”

    “President Obama’s and my goal is to restore the public’s trust, to enact meaningful reform…to uphold the law, and to ensure that all of us — career public servants and political appointees — do our jobs with the highest level of integrity.”

    “Yet just three months later, Secretary Salazar allowed the MMS to approve — with no environmental review — the BP drilling operation that exploded on April 20, 2010, killing 11 workers and pouring millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The disaster will soon be, if it is not already, the worst oil spill in American history.”

    “BP submitted its drilling plan to the MMS on March 10, 2009. Rather than subject the plan to a detailed environmental review before approving it as required by the National Environmental Policy Act, the agency declared the plan to be “categorically excluded” from environmental analysis because it posed virtually no chance of harming the environment. “

    “But how could Obama have known that Ken Salazar is a gung-ho booster of offshore drilling, instead of a responsible guardian of the public interest?”

    “Let’s blame it all on Salazar, and BP, and Halliburton, and… anybody but Obama!
    “In 2006, while Salazar was in the Colorado Senate, he fought to get increased oil and gas leases in the Gulf Coast region, by sponsoring the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006.”

    “Now some people are calling the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe “Obama’s Katrina,” but that characterization is completely unfair… to George W. Bush.”

    “Because nobody claims that Bush could have prevented Hurricane Katrina, like Obama could have prevented the Deepwater Horizon disaster, by enforcing existing environmental law”


  • Bill Hedges

    Is Holder checking here for possible prosecution ?

  • Bill Hedges

    Obama proudly proclaims:

    “we expect to see strong job growth in Friday’s report. ‘

    “Census hires to wildly inflate May employment numbers?”

    “Advance word on this week’s employment numbers due on Friday morning is that the figure will be eye-popping — a growth of over a half-million jobs in May. However, only a third or less will come from the private sector. Most of the rest will come from an explosion of Census Bureau hires last month, some of which have already ended “

    “In fact, if Zandi is correct, the inflated number will obscure a drop in private-sector growth. April’s employment figures showed the addition of around 224,000 private-sector jobs, the first significant growth against population expansion in more than two years. Adding 150,000 jobs would still beat population growth — it takes adding more than 100K jobs to keep pace — but not by much. That would signal a slowing economy, not a move to sustainable growth, although one month could also be a hiccup — just as April’s could have been a hiccup as well.”

    “The Census employment numbers have their own issues as well. People who get laid off and recalled apparently get counted twice as new hires, although that shouldn’t affect monthly employment figures as much as it does the Census Bureau’s own statistics”


    Obama brags:

    “The taxpayer money it cost to shore up the financial sector and the auto industry is being repaid, and both GM and Chrysler are adding shifts and operating at a profit.”


    “GM Did Not Really Pay Back Its Loan”

    “ If you own a GM vehicle and they have your email address, you’ve gotten a nice email in the past few days that they paid back their bailout loan from the federal government.
    A lie. Well, technically true, but a lie.”

    “Turns out they took money out of one pocket and put it into the other. More precisely, GM took TARP money to pay off the auto bailout money and now must pay off the TARP money”


    It’s good news in that they’re reducing their debt,” Barofsky said of the accelerated GM payments, “but they’re doing it by taking other available TARP money.”…

    “It sounds like it’s kind of like taking money out of one pocket and putting in the other,” said Carper, who got a nod of agreement from Barofsky“.

    “The way that payment is going to be made is by drawing down on an equity facility of other TARP money.”


  • Bill Hedges

    Did the car companies close plants and lay off people ?

  • Bill Hedges

    Obama charges:

    “We cannot go back to an economy that was too dependent on bubbles and debt and financial speculation.”


    “Buffett Says Moody’s Chief Shouldn’t Be Singled Out (Update1)”

    “ Buffett praised New York- based Goldman Sachs Group Inc. at Berkshire’s annual meeting last month in Omaha, Nebraska, saying he disagreed with regulators’ claims in a lawsuit that the bank misled clients in the sale of mortgage-linked investments.”

    “In 2006, I was not sitting there thinking that the housing bubble was going to get as large as it did,” Buffett said. “And if I had, I probably would have sold my stock.” Moody’s has declined by about 68 percent since the end of 2005 on the New York Stock Exchange.

    “The decline in home prices led to some of the biggest bank failures in history, including the collapse of Washington Mutual Inc., and forced the U.S. to commit $700 billion to prop up firms such as American International Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc.”

    “Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown”


    Obama swears up and down:

    “reforms that will make health care cheaper”


    “CBO: ObamaCare bends the cost curve upward”

    posted at 3:35 pm on June 2, 2010 by Ed Morrissey

    “ A little-noticed analysis by the CBO last week showed that rather than controlling costs in the near- and long-term, ObamaCare does nothing to change the upward pressure on medical costs. In fact, as Keith Hennessey argues in a guest column at Business Insider, the bill in combination with the anticipated “doc fix”, it will substantially worsen the situation. CBO chief Douglas Elmendorf obliterates the Obama administration’s argument that the health-care cost issue was at the heart of the deficit crisis in the first place, emphasis mine”


    Obama says:

    “our government less burdened with debt“


    .“Obama Budget Raises Taxes and Doubles the National Debt”
    Published on March 9, 2010 by Brian Riedl
    “bstract: President Obama declared: “I didn’t come here to pass our problems on to the next president or the next generation–I’m here to solve them.” Yet rather than “solve” the runaway spending that is projected to cause historic deficits, the President’s budget doubles down on it with trillions of dollars in new spending and taxes, culminating in a doubling of the national debt. Heritage Foundation economic policy expert Brian Riedl lays out how a $3 trillion tax hike and an additional $74,000 debt burden on every U.S. household will affect the country–and why Congress should reject President Obama’s budget proposal.”


  • Bill Hedges

    With determination obama said:

    “I understand this argument. After all, one-third of the Recovery Act we designed was made up of tax cuts for families and small businesses. Despite calls for a single-payer, government-run health care plan, we passed reform that maintains our system of private health insurance.?


    You passed what you could get passed. Plan and simple.

    “Obama on single payer health insurance ” video, he wanted single pay health insurance.


    Obama quote:

    “There were accusations that Social Security would lead to socialism, and that Medicare was a government takeover.”

    Republicans voted for.


    Obama puffs out his chest and proclaims:

    “ For much of the last ten years, we tried it their way. They gave tax cuts that weren’t paid for to millionaires who didn’t need them. They gutted regulations, and put industry insiders in charge of industry oversight. They shortchanged investments in clean energy and education; in research and technology. And despite all their current moralizing about the need to curb spending, this is the same crowd who took the record $237 billion surplus that President Clinton left them and turned it into a record $1.3 trillion deficit.”


    Bush’s rax cuts

    “Bush Tax Cuts Increased Tax Base, Study Says”

    “Ten Myths About the Bush Tax Cuts | The Heritage Foundation “


    “Durbin and Dodd Admit Fannie and Freddie to Blame”

    “Senator Johnny Isakson, who probably didn’t like being impugned, then took to the floor to remind Durbin that one of the reasons Republicans voted no on cloture was in fact because the bill did nothing to address Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which drove the subprime mortgage market and the housing market as a whole to ruin.”

    “I think a little history lesson is due for all of us,” said Isakson. He noted that Fannie and Freddie built up so-called “affordable housing loans” into their portfolios. He rightly mentioned that the government sponsorship of these particular loans helped them to become very popular, and then the securities from Fannie and Freddie were sold all over the world.”

    Bush wanted regulations. Democrata stopped.


    Bill Clinton had no surplus until Newt closed down Government like twice because Bill would not sign balanced budget. No surplus until Newt.

  • Bill Hedges


    So we already know where their ideas led us. And now we have a choice as a nation. We can return to the failed economic policies of the past, or we can keep building a stronger future. We can go backward, or we can keep moving forward.”


    Bill Clinton’s bad home loans caused minor recession and the big one. History shows tax cuts of Kennedy, Reagan and Bush increased government revenue and longest bull market.,




    “To start with, we cannot compete as a nation if the irresponsibility of a few Wall Street bankers and executives can bring our entire economy to its knees“


    Bill Clinton forced banks to make bad home loans..

    “Almost no one realizes that this entire subprime lending mess was created by the Community Reinvestment Act, which was passed by President Carter, a Democrat, in 1977. Later on in the 1990s, Bill Clinton, another Democrat, passed laws to enforce the original bill. The purpose of the CRA is to force banks to make risky loans to people who can’t afford to repay those loans.”



    “We also know we can’t compete in a global economy if our citizens are forced to spend more and more of their income on medical bills; if our businesses are forced to choose between health care and hiring; if state and federal budgets are weighed down with skyrocketing health care costs.”




  • Bill Hedges


    “The other party has staked their claim this November on repealing these health insurance reforms instead of making them work. They want to go back. I say we move forward“


    People agree with Republicans on repealing obamacare as shown in polls. And like all obama‘s laws.


    “.And I always find it interesting that the same people who participated in these decisions are the ones who now charge our administration with fiscal irresponsibility“




    “We’re also investing in the ideas and technologies that will lead to new jobs and entire new industries. Consider what we’ve done with clean energy”


    “Deep Pockets Needed for Alternative Energy”



    “But we have to also acknowledge that there are inherent risks to drilling four miles beneath the surface of the Earth”


    One mile Bush, oh, I mean obama.


    All my obama speech quotes came from link at “Bill Hedges Jun 2nd, 2010 at 5:34 pm”

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