The sick aspects of dependence on ObamaCare

Nothing sickens me more than a story I’m about to share with you. Nothing disgusts me more than watching free individuals flock to a government program like it is the new shining light in their world. They flock to “free” government handouts as if they actually believe they’re “free,” such as nobody has paid a dime for them.

Here is a story from McLatchy on this subject:

WASHINGTON — Two weeks after President Barack Obama signed the big health care overhaul into law, Americans are struggling to understand how — and when — the sweeping measure will affect them.

Questions reflecting confusion have flooded insurance companies, doctors’ offices, human resources departments and business groups.

“They’re saying, ‘Where do we get the free Obama care, and how do I sign up for that?’ ” said Carrie McLean, a licensed agent for The California-based company sells coverage from 185 health insurance carriers in 50 states.

This isn’t shocking considering how President Obama has been teaching his followers that their freedom and liberty can only be expanded under new federal programs. Of course, the exact opposite is true but don’t let that get in the way of creating more Democrat-voters.

It reminds me of these saddening sound bites which came out earlier this year from the City of Detroit:

Obama’s personal “stash” is you and I, the United States taxpayer. These people waiting in line don’t care, they just want their payday from Obama since “they love him” and “that’s why they voted for him.”

The same will hold true with ObamaCare except that some will be perturbed to learn they won’t quite yet be getting the “free” health care they’ve been promised. Furthermore, it will never be “free” since we’ll all be paying tremendously increased taxes in ways we probably haven’t even imagined yet.

When I observe individuals who cannot see past dependence on government programs, I yearn for them wishing they would regain the motivation and independence away from government mediocrity. There is so much more, so many better ways to live life other than waiting on the next government program to get your payout.

President Obama has helped to further the entitlement attitude, he has done nothing to try and empower individuals to achieve their greatest. Reading the story on people calling up to “sign up” for the free ObamaCare brought me back to the sound bites above.

  • JD

    It is interesting how you dwell on the few bad and idiotic apples. I guess the people who yell Race slurs represent the movement as a whole so the tea party is just a racist movement.

    Give me a break.

  • That does appear to be a bit ridiculous. So you take a sound bite from a couple ignorant people and make it appear that ALL of those who voted for Obama can be represented by such people. No doubt their or ignorant, simple minded, easily swayed people who vote republican as well. Anyone with an IQ above 80 can fathom that.

  • or = are

    P.S. Those ignorant people are NOT going away. Whether there are people like Obama or not. People will always be looking for a hand out. There are people who know nothing about government programs that have their hands out in front of convenience stores everyday, and they’re not going anywhere. Just like you say government can not save the country, Obama CAN NOT DO ANYTHING TO, “try and empower individuals to achieve their greatest.”

  • I knew you two would be irritated, it’s funny. After rereading my post, I don’t believe I said these people represent “every Obama voter.”

    However, you Bobbsey Twins sure get defensive easy.

    Let me put together a primitive flow chart so you can try to follow along.

    Do you or do you not believe that the health care industry is “broken” and a government health care plan/mandate is the only way to “fix” it?

    If you answered “Yes,” then you also believe the government has to be your defender in life and you might as well be waiting in the handout line for “Obama money.”

    If you answered “No,” then why do you support any aspect of ObamaCare and why are you so defensive?

    If you answered “Somewhat or Not Sure,” don’t waste my time.

    You have ten minutes, pencils down when the big hand hits the 1.

  • JD

    lol. Healthcare is broken and we do need government and the private sector to fix it.

    I guess for you things have to be black and white. But there are plenty of other colors used to paint a picture.

  • JD, I’m sure he just wants the white….

  • JD

    The only problem with white is it shows all the dirt.

  • Ignoring Kendale’s childish attempt to label me as raaaaacist.

    JD, you said this: “Healthcare is broken and we do need government and the private sector to fix it.”

    Please show how the private sector is involved in ObamaCare?

    You can’t, because ObamaCare is government-driven and it will kill the private health insurance sector.

    Therefore, I can only assume you either don’t support ObamaCare or you don’t know what is in ObamaCare. Seems like the latter to me.

  • JD

    Ok, nate. You got me. I don’t know anything about the healthcare bill but I could have sworn stocks went up in a certian sector since this whole thing happened. I guess when you mandate coverage it adds alot more customers to the pool. More demand means what for Supply?

    Anyway… from what i hear Newt is claiming that a new republican heavy congress will result in blocked funding. Funny he didn’t mention repeal, though.

  • “However, you Bobbsey Twins sure get defensive easy. ” – Nate

    I got defensive?

    “I guess for you things have to be black and white. But there are plenty of other colors used to paint a picture. ” – JD

    “JD, I’m sure he just wants the white…. ” – Kendale

    “Ignoring Kendale’s childish attempt to label me as raaaaacist. ” – Nate

    Now who is defensive?

    Was JD talking race? Nope. Was I talking race? Nope. I simply meant you only care about one side of ever story/picture It’s never changing, and dont say one side is ALWAYS right and the other wrong. Again I dont mean race.

    Racist? lol

  • TheGreatZ

    Do you or do you not believe that the health care industry is “broken” and a government health care plan/mandate is the only way to “fix” it?


    “then why do you support any aspect of ObamaCare and why are you so defensive?”

    A thing called “ordinal preferences”.

    We have 3 options:
    1. Government health care.
    2. Private Health Care
    3. Worker-run Health Care

    I prefer in this order
    Worker-run Health Care
    Government run Health Care
    Private Health Care

    At least if the government controls it the people as a whole have some say in it. If someone dies from denied care the people can vote in politicians to fix it (if they have the political will). How do I get private insurance companies to stop denying care to people? I can’t vote them out.

    BUT if we gave health care over to health care workers themselves that would be the best because nobody would die from denied health care. Why? Because when you have to see the person yourself it’s hard to look them in the face and say “sorry you’re just going to have to die”. Government bureaucrats and private insurance company employees don’t get to see you so they can put your health and mortality out of their minds. Even if there’s a few people out there who wouldn’t care the patient can easily find someone else because most people aren’t that cold.

    Unfortunately nobody is even discussing an option that gives health care workers themselves any power. We could even just give them some limited power, such as preventing health care workers from being prosecuted for providing care against the wishes of the hospital and insurance companies (or government) if there is medical necessity and the patient has a genuine inability to pay. That would be sufficient, but the reason they don’t even discuss that is it would erode the power and position of the elites. As long as either private hierarchical corporations or the government are running things things are in the hands of the elites. We should start talking about giving real power over to ordinary people.

  • Good luck with that.

    P.S. I am one of those Health Care Workers (Registered Nurse)