Web Hosting Upgrade

If you are reading this post, you’re seeing the site off the new web host.

Some comments and things might be screwy for 48 hours or so. However, if you are seeing this post, you are all set to continue flaming.

The Management

  • Flame On!

  • JD

    Let the Republicans drink their hater-ade. 🙂

  • Could y’all give me an idea of the performance you’re seeing now? Faster, slower, etc??

    We had to change hosts for cost-cutting measures under new liabilities imposed by ObamaCare. 🙂

    Much faster for me it seems.

  • JD

    It does seem to be a faster and I am using IE so it says alot.

    Clearly this forced change from Obama-care has only improved your situation not only monitarily but performance wise too.

  • Actually you just aren’t clicking enough ads. Please click more to flip the bill for being ridiculed.

  • JD

    Or you could set up a donate link on here…

  • While we’re on the subject, are there any features and/or aspects of this site you find utterly annoying or features you’d like to see?

    Have never felt entirely comfortable with a donate link. We did have one reader during the 2008 campaign email and ask to donate to the site, we accepted that.

    However, I have always felt as if the site can’t survive on it’s own, then so be it. So far it has been fine and still continues to be so. The web host change was mainly out of a move to stop wasting money on hosting we didn’t need at this point. We still had hosting for traffic during the 2008 election which hit up to a million hits a month at times.

    So it was time to move on from that and downsize. Also doing some design tweaks.

  • JD

    Well the only suggestions i have would be more design related.

    a) I think the youdecide banner up top could be updated…perhaps you could post a compitition or give suggestions or user submissions and let us vote on it.

    b) It think the layout could use some updating as well. Smoother colors and maybe different organization of banners and notice boxes.

    c) I think your website does really well for elections as we saw during the 2008 series, so i think some thought needs to go into how to accomidate this a bit more.

    Ultimately, it just comes down to what you are willing to do with this though. I know you have a full time job and a family so sinking some hours into renovating could be taxing.

    Still, I’ll see if I can come up with some design ideas and send them to you so you can kind of see what I am thinking. I am in the industry and have plenty of friends who do this professionally…(although they are Dems) I think they would be interested in giving some ideas.

    Also, you might be interested in this site. I know you mentioned Dave Ramsey so perhaps this kind of discussion site is up your ally.