Showtime For Eric Holder, KSM and The Boys

One can only hope that Attorney General Holder’s assurances that his review of the evidence will, in fact, convict KSM and his fellows. Mr. Holder, however, has a bit of an inconsistent history on terror related issues and terror detainees including a self admitted failure to recognize terror events as the equivalent of war.  During Senate confirmation hearings; “To be honest,” Holder explained, he believed that “our nation didn’t realize that we were at war when, in fact, we were”:  that assertion is a bit difficult to accept based on this week’s decision.  Making it more difficult is the fact that Mr. Holder was a central figure in the pardon of Marxist FALN thugs (130 bombings in the U.S.) under President Clinton’s watch.  

 Prior to being named Attorney General Mr. Holder’s law firm was pivotal in the law suits and motions that held up the implementation of Gitmo Military Tribunals; those same attorneys are now part of his staff at the Justice Department.  We hope they do as good a job of prosecuting KSM and the boys as they did of insuring the inability of Military Tribunals to proceed.

 Mr. Holder refused to bring Jose Padilla accomplice Binyam Mohammed to trial despite the assertion that valid war crimes charges could be brought.  Mr. Mohammed was transferred to British custody resulting in his release and eventual residence on the British dole.  Mr. Holder’s release of the “interrogation memos” is fresh in memory, as is his stated intention to prosecute some of the involved parties; this in the context of his assurances during Senate confirmation hearings of his heavily felt “responsibility for the safety of the American people.”

 Back in 2002, however, free of immediate political considerations it was a different story.  In a CNN interview Mr. Holder said the following in response to a question regarding terror detainees “It seems to me that given the way in which they have conducted themselves, that they are not, in fact, people entitled to the protection of the Geneva Conventions. They are not prisoners of war. If, for instance, Mohamed Atta had survived the attack on the World Trade Center, would we now be calling him a prisoner of war? I think not. Should Zacarias Moussaoui be called a prisoner of war? Again, I think not.”

 How Mr. Holder has moved from detainees not being eligible for Prisoner of War status to granting criminal trials, with constitutional protections on U.S. soil is a trail of logic that is, at best, difficult to follow, absent political considerations.   

 There is, as expected, dueling experts more orientated to political positions than legal ones, opining on the viability of a U.S. criminal court proceeding for KSM and the boys. 

 Concerns include the behavior of KSM and the boys, will they represent themselves? Will NYC be subjected to more terror attacks surrounding the trials?  Will security be an issue, what about the jury pool?  Will a change of venue be ordered, what about the cost?  There is a spectrum of issues that are rendered mute had the traditional application of Military Tribunals been allowed to proceed by Mr. Holder and his staff at the time.

 Expect KSM and the boys to take the position that as Muslims they refuse to recognize the validity of the U.S. court system.  Expect them to demand Sharia proceedings.  Expect them to make the most of their supposed “torture”.  Expect them to demand immediate execution as martyrs as they did in their Gitmo confessions. KSM and the boys told a military judge at Gitmo that they wanted to skip their commission trial, admit, no, brag about their guilt, and proceed straight to execution.”  The transcript of the confession is, to be kind, chilling.  No doubt the lure of those heavenly virgins is looking pretty good.

 All KSM and the boys have left, as far as they are concerned, is the opportunity to position themselves as Jihadist icons.  Mr. Holder is cooperating fully with their intent as we have, to all appearances, constructed an elaborate set and stage to allow for exactly that.  We have set the circumstances for this drama to be a decade long show. 

 It took three years to convict Zacarias Moussaoui, a thug of considerably lesser status, free of the taint of “aggressive interrogation methods”.  If a death penalty is imposed on KSM and the boys we get the show’s extended run in the form of a long series of appeals typically associated with the death penalty; all the while listening to KSM and the boys brag about their “accomplishments” and how evil we are. 

 This trial will be less about KSM and boy’s guilt than it will be about providing fodder for propaganda in the Jihadist world.  It is worth remembering that the well executed trials of the Blind Sheik and the embassy bombers were derided in the Jihadist world as nothing more than show trials, this one will labeled a show trial as well.  The often stated goal of “showcasing the American justice system” will have zero impact on people avowed to our destruction because they simply don’t accept the underling validity of any system outside of Sharia law.  

 If Mr. Holder and the President think that Bush Administration activities and policies only “provided for more aggressive recruiting of Jihadists”, just wait until this show gets rolling!. 

 If this is Mr. Holder’s idea of getting to “closure”, to hell with it!

  • Bill Hedges

    Three ‘sad smirks’ concerning obama, 2 from this kiss the behind of obama news media:

    “Amid all that, Obama has adopted a pragmatic approach that stresses the positive, sometimes earning him criticism for being too soft on Beijing, particularly in the area of human rights abuses and what the U.S. regards as an undervalued Chinese currency that disadvantages U.S. products.”

    “Obama recognizes that a rising China, as the world’s third-largest economy on the way to becoming the second and the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt, has shifted the dynamic more toward one of equals. For instance, Chinese questions about how Washington spending policies will affect the already soaring U.S. deficit and the safety of Chinese investments now must be answered by Washington.”

    What diplomatic language by this article. I perhaps might have thrown in, oh say, yellow streak running down somebody’s President back. No name of course !

    Think of another human right violation, no criticism concerning street murders in Iran from this President who has no throwing objects in crouch area of his pants. Maybe you’ll be able to guess who I am referring

  • Bill Hedges

    Our ‘gee I like to hear opposition president’ is speaking in China. Telling China to lighten up. ( Humm. Where was he in muders in Iran ?) Lucky for him China is completely ignorant about news in America. Thus not showing obama as being a living breathing hypocrite.

    Surely they have heard nothing of on-going feud with Fox. Like only strong truth beacon that causes rashes for his administration. Whose truest has changed the complexion of his administration and bought out inconsistencies.

    We don’t want Chinese to think our president speaks with fork tongue. Thus not taking advantage of his WISDOM and EXPERIENCE. Will his actions match his words if he comes back home ??? Has he found novena in recent days ?

    The holier than thy liberals wanted Bush hung for water-boarding though Congress was informed. Even though Nancy disagrees, I notice this Bush hater is silent in clearing her name from CIA claims she was informed and use that forum for her political devises.

    Just as other Countries water-boarding is no reason for America following suite. We must lead and not follow. So with administration attitude to ALL news media seems double standard and not taking the high road.

    Try in all matters prez to live up to your high promises and words. Would be a welcomed changed.

  • Bill Hedges

    GMAC or new name ALLY BANK, where you should put your money liberals (politically correct) had original bail-out of like $17 billion. They did not pass the ‘stress test’ and got second bail out.

    Name change to get individuals to invest I think is obvious.

    Well guess what, third round bail-out coming for like $1-2 billion. Nothing more important than to save obama’s special interest base. Unions.

    Congress dictated terms of reorganizing car companies. Caring less about competition and more on preserving union happiness. Even discarded secured loans and gave stock to unions. Ally bank is just $loss black hole to prosper government car unions. A new Fanny and Freddie. Will we be seeing bad loans flooding out of Ally Bank from governments ‘junk car’ deal ? Preposterous.

    Buy Ford. No bail-outs and free spirited.

    Buying government cars reinforces their inappropriate behavior and causes more such actions. Treat administration like you would a spoiled child. As Liberals…

    Just say NO more.

  • Bill Hedges



    Published in the New York Post on November 16, 2009

    “Even as Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee confirmed that the government knew of 10 to 20 e-mails between Hasan and a radical imam in Yemen — who was urging the killing of American troops — starting last December, Obama hastened to urge Congress to refrain from investigating why the danger signs were ignored. “

    “The Obama administration has a clear agenda here:”

    1)” Stop people from focusing in how his administration permitted the worst domestic terror attack in eight years.

    2) “Avoid a national airing of how liberal policies — restraints on the intelligence community, political correctness in the armed forces — might have inhibited the military from reining in Hasan.”

    3)” Re-ignite a firestorm on the left and abroad against the aggressive anti-terror policies of the Bush administration. “

    “ Making all this particularly important for Obama are his other political needs.”

    “As he likely decides to send more troops to Afghanistan and eyes abandoning the “public option” to secure Senate passage of his health-care plan, Obama has to rebuild his credibility on the left. A public circus that focuses on waterboarding and interrogations could be just what he wants and needs.”

  • Bill Hedges

    Newsweek came out with front page photo of Sarah Palin in jogging clothes wearing shorts.

    Maybe next week obama will be on cover in shorts and topless.

    Sarah’s pic was used for another mag. on jogging… Not taken for Newsweek.

    Only a liberal can make sense of this. Maybe a liberal did the cover.

    The writing on cover and inside are insulting for her position.

    But, bet her book out sells obama’s books. If not already. When does it go on sale ? Soon I think…