Video: Giuliani attacks Obama over KSM trial

One of the best arguments I’ve heard on the absurdity of bringing terrorists such as Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, the 9/11 mastermind, to New York City for a trial. Giving terrorists access to civilian courts is a ridiculous notion given the fact that they deserve nothing more than a military tribunal, if that.

One major point Giuliani made beyond the New York trials was that the Fort Hood shooting was indeed Islamic terrorism. Major Malik Nadal Hasan is a radical Islamic terrorist, that is not even a debatable notion. Political correctness prevented common sense in dealing with his ideological hatred and now innocent people are dead because of it.

  • Bill Hedges

    I can understand reasoning if terrorist themselves attacked on our land receving trial in court system. In some sicko dream. If this trial backfires for any reason obama’s name will be changed to Doctor that treated Lincoln’s murderer. ‘MUD’.

    They wanted to plead guilty which would have saved time and money. They can believe in oz and will have 1,000 virgin beauties if they want.

  • To bad the Qur’an doesn’t promise any virgins for being a martyr. LoL

  • Bill Hedges

    Poor Kenny

    Word ‘Oz’ and phase ‘1,000 virgin beauties’ doesn’t give you hint I was being sarcastic ???

    Drugs, jail time, and beating up woman has fried your brain.

    Of course you misquoted me. Saying I will kill someone who beaks into my house for tv, when I saidif he came after me.

  • Bill Hedges

    Oh Kenny !!!!!

    “To bad the Qur’an doesn’t promise any virgins for being a martyr. LoL”

    Just to have more fun at your expense. You try so hard to pick my statements apart like I do yours:

    No where did I mention Qur’an. Just more of you putting word into my mouth. I said ‘OZ’.

    Nor did I use the word ‘martyr’. I said ‘if they want’