Full Video: McDonnell, Deeds debate in Richmond, VA

Update: The entire debate video has been added to the post.

Former Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell and Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds sat down for a one-on-one live televised debate last night from Richmond, Virginia. Having watched it fully, Deeds fell far short of appealing to voters with anything new or filling in any gaps in his missing policies concerning transportation funding.

Here is the full McDonnell/Deeds debate video from WTVR:


Here’s a video recap from MyFOXDC:

A story on it from WTVR:

RICHMOND – With three weeks until election day candidates Bob McDonnell camed armed and ready to Monday nights debate. The People’s Debate was designed to focus on issues important to Virginia voters, but the candidates spent a good deal of the evening attacking one another.

“I just heard him restate a lie just now. I’ve not proposed a billion dollars in tax increases,” said Deeds.

Deeds referenced what he called McDonnell’s dishonesty more than once in the debate, but when the subject of women in the workplace surfaced McDonnell turned the attack in the other direction.

“Attacking me for not supporting women…that’s just not true,” said McDonnell.

The two did manage to share their positions on issues like higher education reform and transportation.

“My plan will generate a billion four, his plan doesn’t have a dime for transportation funding that’s the truth”, said McDonnell.

Deeds countered, “His laundry list of funding proposals the Washington Post calls phony baloney.”

Both candidates told reporters they were pleased with their performance in the debate. However, Deeds accusations of McDonnell for lying did resurface in the post debate comments.

“I found that below the dignity of a gubernatorial campaign for Creigh to say that. I’m sure he’s not happy he said that tonight,” said McDonnell.

Deeds admitted that the charge may have been a bit strong for the event but stands by his comment.

“Maybe that’s too strong of a word for a debate format but you know he’s a one trick pony and he keeps telling the same untruths,” said Deeds.

McDonnell did very well, staying on his consistent campaign message and didn’t appear to lose any ground to Deeds on any topic discussed. Deeds simply sounded as if he wasn’t able to articulate his plans fully, perhaps either succumbing to pressure or he truly does not have a well-thought policy platform he’s running on.

  • JD

    I don’t know… I really think both of then did a great job of sticking to their talking points and defending each others attacks.

    I don’t think this put any new voters in either corner. If you were undecided before than I think you are still undecided?

  • If someone is undecided at this point, they should probably not bother voting.

    Undecideds a couple weeks out will vote on stupid things like a candidate’s hair, what kind of dog they have, what their kids look like, what car they drive, and other completely meaningless things.

    So please, decide now, don’t walk in the booth and flip a coin.

    The term “undecided voter” this late in the game is another way of saying “I don’t have principles which govern my decisions and will choose on a whim.”

  • JD

    Nate – hahaha… Isn’t that the truth. I have never fully understood this whole “undecided” voters other than they are just late comers to the the election.

    Maybe they have had their heads in the sand until the last minute which seems impossible but we all know every election has the idiot voters who vote on last names instead of candidates.

    I was just talking to 4 of my friends and the idea came up to have each one of us run for some obscure county or city position. We would record it as a sort of documentary proving that idiots vote for people they don’t even know. This is assuming one of use were to win. Not sure if we are going to actually follow through with this.

    But maybe we could become Youtube sensations!!!

  • I’m not just saying this because I am working to get Bob McDonnell elected, OK I am, but McDonnell wiped the floor with Deeds. Deeds actually was on defense for the duration of the debate. That’s pretty bad. Deeds admitted twice that McDonnell comes off well-spoken and polished, hello, he is running for governor. People don’t care to see their candidates come off looking like bumbling fools. Can you say Creigh Deeds? It’s pretty bad when he admits that Bob is the polished candidate of the two.

    So it was clear the day after the debate who won. Clearly it was Bob McDonnell. Even the Washington Post, who came out and endorsed Deeds, has admitted that Deeds has NO transportation plan. I will remind you that here in DC the Post is the liberal publication and the times is the Conservative choice. Also the Post as well as the Times has come out accusing Deeds of outright lying. Recently, Jim Moran (not to be confused with Moron), came out publicly and asked Deeds to pull back on the negative adds and start focusing on his campaign.

    As a side note, Sheila Johnson, co-founder of BET has come out and endorsed McDonnell. Shes a democrat who for some reason doesn’t trust or put faith into the VA democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds. Take a peek at her recent appearance in a Bob McDonnell ad.

    This is one Democrat who doesn’t tow the line, unlike JD.