Christie agrees to 3rd debate in NJ Governor race

The New Jersey governor race is heating up and now Republican candidate Chris Christie has agreed to a third debate between himself and incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine.

Report from New Jersey Newsroom:

Republican Chris Christie agreed Monday to face off with Democratc Gov. Jon Corzine and Independent Chris Daggett in a third gubernatorial debate, this one on WBGO radio in Newark.

That means the candidates will meet at least three times, at 8 pm., Thursday on New Jersey Network TV, on Oct. 18 at William Patterson College, and on Oct. 22 on WBGO. The three candidates for lieutenant governor will debate on Oct. 8.

Christie initially resisted joining the WBGO debate because Corzine declined offers to debate him before the New Jersey League of Women voters or on pro-Republican New Jersey 101.5 FM radio.

Corzine agreed to the WBGO debate two weeks ago.

“…We’re actually happily surprised that he’s (Corzine) actually planning to join Chris to discuss the critical issues facing New Jersey,” said Bill Stepien, Christie’s campaign manager. He added, “Considering the poor economic climate facing our state, the voters are better served by more debates on these vital issues, not less. Chris welcomes this opportunity to add a third debate to the schedule, and i’m sure the voters of New Jersey agree.”

This puts the current New Jersey governor debate schedule as the following:

October 1st, New Jersey Network TV

October 18th,William Patterson College

October 22nd, WBGO Radio

More details will follow as they become available.

  • JD

    New Quinnipiac survey shows the incumbent trailing GOPer Christie 39-43%.

  • It’s going to be tight but I feel reasonably comfortable saying New Jersey and Virginia will end up in the red column.

    Corzine has very little in defense of his liberal incompetence. New Jersey is another failing state run on liberal principles of big government, high taxes and bankrupt services. Go figure people are getting sick of it after Corzine ran it into the ground even further.

  • JD

    I’ll give you Virginia but I think New Jersey is going to stay Blue. Man, I missed election season.

    Houston is going through our Mayoral elections right now as well.

  • Leslie Duval

    Daggett has the only realistic plan to significantly improve the way we raise money in NJ. Continuous real estate tax increases with no end in sight is what NJ will get with either Corzine or Christie. You can squeeze the state budget down to zero and you would still not balance the budget…that’s how big the debt hole is we are in. It’s time to take the blinders off, throw the entrenched and incompetent political parties out, balance our tax burden by the sound reallocations proposed by Daggett, get on with sustainable job development through renewables and green tech, and build a business environment where companies will be excited to come to NJ NOW (not in 4 years), bringing jobs and growth. Transparency in government is what Daggett wants and what we need in order to get government working for us again.