Obama says socialized health care can’t wait for 2010

President Obama has issued a decree to his supporters stating that his proposed changes to socialize America’s health care industry absolutely have to happen this year or the opportunity will be lost. Funny, this sort of reminds me of the pace and arguments used to push through the bailouts and stimulus plans which become bigger mistakes with every passing day.

Nonetheless, the AP reports:

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama warned Thursday that if Congress doesn’t deliver health care legislation by the end of the year, the opportunity will be lost, a plea to political supporters to pressure lawmakers to act. “If we don’t get it done this year, we’re not going to get it done,” Obama told supporters by phone as he flew home on Air Force One from a West Coast fundraising trip.

Obama’s political organization, Organizing for America, invited campaign volunteers to a midday conference call to describe a nationwide June 6 kickoff for its health care campaign. The president’s message to his re-election campaign-in-waiting was simple: If volunteers don’t pressure lawmakers to support the White House’s goal on health care, Washington would drag its feet and nothing would change.

“The election in November—that did not bring about change, it just gave us an opportunity for change,” Obama said. “So now, we are really going to have to remobilize, we have all had a chance to catch our breath after election and we have gotten a lot of things done during our first four months.

“But health care, that’s a big push.”

The presidential plea came as lawmakers prepare for an aggressive schedule of work aimed at producing comprehensive health care overhaul bills in the House and Senate by August.

Committee hearings—and soon thereafter votes—will start next week, as soon as lawmakers return to Washington from a weeklong recess. Many members of Congress spent the break holding town hall meetings and other forums with their constituents about health care, even as opponents and supporters of Obama’s plans ramped up television and radio ads for and against.

“I think the status quo is unacceptable and that we’ve got to get it done this year,” Obama repeated, ginning up his supporters for a door-to-door and phone-to-phone canvass similar to his presidential campaign.

Obama’s top aides, including former campaign manager David Plouffe, told the supporters they have a challenge ahead of them.

“If the country stands with the president and if the country is demanding health care reform then we’ll get it done; Washington will not have any option but to follow us,” Plouffe said on the call, which was not announced on the White House’s official schedule.

Of course, “health care reform” is focus group talk for socialized medicine. People support health care reform so long as it isn’t truly called what it is, which is a total revamp of the health care industry in which the government becomes the sole provider of your care and makes your health-related decisions for you, won’t that be nice?

To me, this sounds like a President desperate to cram down as many liberal social programs as possible before the American people wake up to the fact that they have empowered the government, not themselves. Why the rush? Why not take time to find a working solution which won’t socialize health care and bankrupt our country further? Why, President Obama, must you continually rush through these overhauls without taking time to make your case to the American people? You scare people into supporting your proposals using words like “catastrophe” and “crisis,” we witnessed it firsthand with your pork-laden stimulus bill.

The White House is leaving it to lawmakers to work out the details of a health care plan, but Obama has said it should ensure choice and lower costs, while extending coverage to the 50 million Americans now uninsured. The cost of accomplishing that has been estimated around $1.5 trillion, and figuring out how to pay is emerging as a major challenge for Congress and the White House.

The Republican National Committee said Obama’s approach was not the right path, arguing that Democrats are pushing for a government-run health care system that will take away individual choice.

If President Obama really wants to “ensure choice” and lower costs, then he shouldn’t be looking for a government solution here. The way to create more choices and drastically lower costs in this area is to get government out of the way and remove unwarranted regulation of the health care industry, it clearly hasn’t helped and has only made it worse.

Robert Moffit at Heritage explains the President’s “health care reform”:

President Obama may pretend otherwise, but if Congress passes his health-care agenda, America will be taking a giant leap toward Canadian-style, government-run health care. And many Americans will find themselves left with no choice but to sign on.

How so? Start with the fact that government already controls almost half of America’s health-care spending. Now consider that the Obama plan would give Washington a broad and powerful supervisory role over the remainder.

Detailed legislative language hasn’t been unveiled yet, but a key feature of the program is a government-run plan that supposedly would compete with private-sector plans. Congress would determine the benefits, premiums and co-payments of this plan, as well as reimbursements for doctors and hospitals and who would be eligible.

Coverage could be offered just to citizens and legal residents who lack employer-based health care or are ineligible for other government programs, like Medicaid. Or it could extend to a much broader pool.

Liberals in Congress, especially those who want a Canadian-style, “single-payer” system, can be expected to push for broad eligibility — opening the plan to all employees and their families, starting with small companies and expanding to large ones.

The Lewin Group, a leading econometric firm, estimates such broad eligibility, combined with artificially low provider-payment rates (based on those of Medicare), would result in about 119 million Americans’ being forced out of private health coverage into the new government-run plan. That’s because many employers would simply drop their own plans — leaving their workers little choice but to sign up for the government’s package.

So much for the president’s repeated promise that you can keep your private health plan if you like it.

Let’s be honest: The idea that Congress is going to create a genuine “level playing field” for competition between the newly created government health plan and private health plans is nonsense.

Congress will be the rule-maker, financier, umpire and owner of a team in the “competition.”

For starters, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Congress, the government plan would be “too big to fail,” assuring it periodic taxpayer bailouts and giving it a big edge over the private sector. If Medicare can run up $38 trillion in unfinanced benefit promises, after all, then a plan modeled on it (as Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus wants) could run up big debt, too — especially if Congress sets low rates to make it “affordable.”

The president also champions “shared responsibility.” That’s code for an employer mandate, whereby employers must either offer a government-approved health-benefits package or pay a federal tax. The new tax revenues would probably be used to finance subsidies for coverage in the government health plan.

Employer mandates are sure to erode employer-based health-insurance coverage. That’s because millions of companies would simply pay the tax rather than hassle with or spend more providing insurance that meets new federal specifications. Million of Americans, therefore, could find themselves left with no company health coverage.

Chalk up another victory for the congressional “single-payer” caucus.

Finally, congressional liberals can be expected to expand “shared responsibility” to include an individual mandate to purchase health insurance. If they do, Americans should check out the penalties imposed for not buying federally approved health insurance. This will push yet more folks onto the government plan.

Obama says that if you like the health coverage you have today, nothing will change. But with Washington controlling health care, you may have no choice in the matter.

That is the bottom line here, that congress and the President will become the rule makers in the government plan. In fact, whatever they come up with might even sound enticing to some Americans who only think short term.

Think of programs like Social Security which sounded good at first as well and are now going bankrupt. The same for Medicare and state-run Medicaid programs. They are terribly inefficient, full of holes in coverage, very limiting in terms of choice and ultimately give the government some control of your life. Do we want the same for health care? I believe most Americans would say absolutely not.

Government-run health care will, inevitably, mean more deficit spending and continuing to grow the size of government, two things Americans are disgusted with already.

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  • Bill Hedges

    Wasn’t that long ago some liberal said Obama will provide plan. Well our hero with a broad brush stroke on a canvas wants Congress to fill in the blanks.

    There are so many great social programs in America. Some liberal here try to call military and police that. Guess they never read Preamble to our Constitution.

    Name one successful social program in America. Point out one successful Social health care country in the world. Come on liberals, You got every social program in American government and every social health care in world tto pick from. Can’t you name one from each of the two ?

    England has a horrible health care program. Have posted links.

    Doesn’t that tell you something Liberals. Kind of like__Got proof, provide link. Don’t just say Obama is smarter than the world.

    We are finding Obama exaggerates on his success, with link, today. Here comes another on savings and benefits health care Obama.

  • Bill Hedges

    “EDITORIAL: Protecting Black Panthers
    The Obama administration ignores voter intimidation”
    By | Friday, May 29, 2009

    “Imagine if Ku Klux Klan members had stood menacingly in military uniforms, with nightsticks, in front of a polling place. Add to it that they had hurled racial threats and insults at voters who tried to enter.”

    “Now suppose that the government, backed by a nationally televised video of the event, had won a court case against the Klansmen except for the perfunctory filing of a single, simple document – but that an incoming Republican administration had moved to voluntarily dismiss the already-won case.”

  • Bill Hedges
  • Bill Hedges

    Another liberals don’t wish to discuss. How odd ?

    I look forward to 10 % sales tax. Would not surprise me if President can increase wrtten in bill. His Will Be Done.

    Liberal’s Lord admits He saved the jobs of GM. Praise him. How Donald Trump lived without him I no not. He will not run GM he says. He did not fire CEO, require green cars, check out system for board. I did that, not Him

    How socialist is it to take secured loans and place below workers. His will be done.

    He has put the judge in bondage, Retructed Bankruptcy. He is the Master. Expect judge to be well picked and kicked out if not following orders.

  • Bill Hedges

    I guess all American’s make more than $250,000 a year. Can we say__


    “Obama said to be open to taxing health benefits”

    By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press Writer Erica Werner, Associated Press Writer – 14 mins ago

    WASHINGTON – “President Barack Obama is leaving the door open to taxing health care benefits, something he campaigned hard against while running for president. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., raised the issue with Obama during a private meeting Tuesday with the president and other Democratic senators and later reported the president’s response: “It’s on the table. It’s an option.”

    “The federal government would reap about $250 billion a year if it treated health care benefits given to employees like wages and taxed them.”

    “reap about $250 billion a year”. Drop in the bucket for Obama.

    I guess Obama could not say “Read my lips”. That caused a one term President.

  • Bill Hedges
  • Socialized medicine. If the government takes control of health care decisions it can certainly have a bad outcome if, say, the governments idea of a healthy citizen is a poor idea of a healthy citizen. If the governments idea of a healthy citizen is a good idea for a healthy citizen I’d imagine a government run health care system might be a good one.

    I understand how a powerful government can quickly seem like a scary thing. I’m interested on how this will pan out. As a nation of religious people I can hardly justify being afraid of government. The bible itself say “Do not be anxious.” Because by doing so you are doubting God.

    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. [Philippians 4:6, 7]

    If we are going to be a nation built on religion then let us follow the word of God. Everyone appears to be in need of a Xanax. Why be so doubtful, why be so anxious, why all the negative feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and words? Let us being a nation of people with FAITH.

    Life is not as dark as what it is made out to be here. 🙂

    Have faith in your elected officials. Barack Obama can not institute Socialism without the votes of the officials we have all elected. If Socialized Medicine comes about then who is to blame Barack Obama? The House? The Senate? The people who voted for all of these individuals?

    It’s amazing how a single man seems to be the blame for everything that is wrong with today.


  • Bill Hedges

    Kendale Sturdivent

    “Socialized medicine. If the government takes control of health care decisions it can certainly have a bad outcome if, say, the governments idea of a healthy citizen is a poor idea of a healthy citizen. If the governments idea of a healthy citizen is a good idea for a healthy citizen I’d imagine a government run health care system might be a good one”

    Obabamaites always like ideas without the plan. No liberal has done this yet. Maybe you are the brave one. But you won’t because you can’t. Name one country, in all the world, that has this ideal social health care you want for you and your family. Or is Obama the real Messiah and can do what no other can do. If he is, have HIM lay his hands on social security and prescription program.

    I remember late one night when you were working, you came on this site mad. May have been your first time. Then started your Bible quotes.

    There is a reason the Bible is not our Country’s Law. If I need to explain it I will. I will say this. United States Constitution governs our stay here on Earth. The Bible tries to get us to Heaven. Quoting the Bible, no, quote the Constitution. That’s our governing rule here on earth. Concerning your soul don’t go to the Constitution, go to the Bible. Can you distingish the difference?

    “It’s amazing how a single man seems to be the blame for everything that is wrong with today. ”

    It is amazing to hear a liberal say this. Go to Oct,Nov, and Dec. and see what all Bush was blamed for because it happened under his watch. No other reason.

    Now, when we blame Obama we give reasons. If not, then ask for reasons. Just as I ask for reasons tonight from you, instead of saying “silly” as you have done.

  • Bill Hedges


    Just planning by Hillary went way over budget

    “In 1993, (has it been that long?) Bill Clinton proposed a government takeover of our health care system, which constitutes one-seventh of the US economy. His liberal health care plan would have created huge new bureaucracies, taken health choices out of the hands of citizens, and paid for it with staggering new taxes on working Americans– taxes that would have shattered the economy and cost over a million jobs. This type of rationed health care will not work.”


    “On September 22, 1993, Bill Clinton proposed the most sweeping Big Government program in fifty years– a 1,342 page bill for socializing America’s health care system. The plan was born after months of planning by no other than Hillary Clinton, Ira Magaziner, and a hand-picked task force they created. Americans were given many assurances by the Clintons, but when the public found out what was really in the bill and what it meant– huge government spending increases, equally huge tax hikes, massive new government bureaucracies, loss of freedom, and loss of jobs– they rejected it overwhelmingly.”


    “According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the Clinton Health Care Plan would have increased federal spending by $1.584 trillion over five years. (CBO Analysis, 2/94) Nearly all of this enormous cost would have been paid for with new taxes on working Americans.”


    “The total new tax burden imposed under the Clinton Health Plan was a staggering $1.511 trillion over the first five years– an economy-wrecking amount. (CBO Analysis 2/94) This gigantic tax increase consisted of two key amounts. The first, $1.384 trillion to pay for Clinton’s mandatory health alliances, would have entailed a new payroll tax of between 14% and 17% on every working American. (Joint Economic Committee) In addition, the Clinton Plan would have imposed 17 other new taxes that would have cost $127 billion over 5 years, and $300 billion over ten years. Thus, the average American family would have faced a massive new tax bill of $3,056 per year to pay for Bill Clinton’s plan.”


    “The Clinton Health Plan would have created new federal entitlements that would have exploded the deficit. By 1998, just the second year in which Clinton’s plan was to be in effect, the total cost of these government subsidies would have been larger than any federal program except Social Security and Medicare. (Senate Republican Policy Committee, 8/15/94) By the year 2000, and despite a tax increase of $1.511 trillion, Clinton’s plan would have also added $74 billion to the deficit. (CBO Analysis, 2/94)”


    “The Clinton plan would have created 200 new regional health cooperatives run by 50,000 new bureaucrats, 50 new government bureaucracies, 177 new state mandates, and nearly 1,000 new Federal powers and responsibilities. (Heritage Foundation analysis, 10/23/93) This Byzantine structure would have placed one-seventh of the US economy under the control of federal bureaucrats.”


    “The Joint Economic Committee found that Clinton’s Health Plan would have caused a potential job loss of between 600,000 to 3.8 million, with an average probable job loss of 1 million. (Senate Republican Policy Committee, 8/15/94) The National Federation of Independent Business estimated the Clinton Plan would have killed 400,000 to 1.5 million jobs in the first year alone.”


    “At the center of the Clinton Plan was a government-defined “core benefits package,” a bureaucratic attempt to put the health needs of all Americans into one egg carton. Under the Clinton Health Plan, a new bureaucracy, the National Health Board, would have had extraordinary powers to determine the type and amount of health care that every American would receive. This government control, and the mandatory structure of the Plan, would have led inevitably to rationing of care, and would have threatened the ability of Americans to choose their own doctor or form of health care.”


    “Individual citizens who failed to pay their share to the new system would have been subject to fines of $5,000 or three times the amount owed, whichever was greater. (G. Arnett, “Cops and Doctors,” Washington Post, 12/19/93)”


    “What is today considered normal patient advocacy would have become a federal crime under the Clinton Plan. For example, if a doctor tried to get an early date for surgery for a sick patient in his health plan, and took “anything of value,” he would have been subject to stiff fines and a 15-year jail term. (G. Arnett, Washington Post, 12/19/93)”


    “Under the Clinton Plan, the government would have taken over the power to determine the “correct” number of physicians trained in specialties. No longer would the free market determine the demand for obstetricians, surgeons, or other specialists. This feature of Clinton’s Plan would have led to rationing of specialty care.”


    “In January 1993, Bill Clinton established the President’s Task Force on Health Care Reform chaired by Hillary Clinton. The Task Force members, hand-picked by Mrs. Clinton and a liberal planner, Ira Magaziner, proceeded to draft a health care bill in secrecy without regard to federal open meetings and open records laws.”
    “- Following a lawsuit, and after vigorous and protracted opposition by the Clinton White House, a federal judge ruled that Mrs. Clinton violated federal open meetings laws, and ordered that records of the secret sessions be made public.”

    “- The Clinton Health Plan was characterized by broad assurances from the Clintons and Ira Magaziner about the key issues of cost, taxes, bureaucracy, and consumer choice. Congress and the public soon learned that most of these assurances were contradicted by the plain language of the Clinton legislation.”

    “- The Clinton Health Task Force vastly over-spent its budget of $100,000, eventually wasting $13.8 million of the taxpayers’ money– surely a metaphor for the entire Clinton Health Plan. (GAO Report)”

    Three years ago Bill Clinton tried a government takeover of the greatest health care system in the world. Don’t be surprised if he tries this again!”
    “- On May 6, 1996 Ira Magaziner, the liberal architect of President Clinton’s failed government-run health care plan, stated, “Certainly his views haven’t changed…President Clinton remains committed to the idea. Indeed, the President will try again if a more receptive Congress is ever elected.” (Providence Journal, 5/7/96)”

    “- In early July 1996, Hillary Clinton told reporters she still believes there is a need for more “sensible government regulation” of the US health care system and that it will eventually happen. Referring to the Clinton health care bill, she said, “I think the basic model is still the right model.” (White House Bulletin, 7/9/96)”

    “- Consistent with the statements by Hillary Clinton and Ira Magaziner, President Clinton has already begun efforts to revive his government-run health care plan. In fact, a new plan is being drafted by those who developed the original Clinton plan that includes health insurance purchasing cooperatives, government- defined benefit packages, and premium subsidies, all key structures of the original Clinton Plan. (G. Arnett and R. Moffit, Heritage Foundation)”

    “Sen. Ted Kennedy, the chief Congressional proponent of socialized medicine, said earlier this year, “We’re going to get this done, and we’re going to keep coming back at it. If we have a big sweep for Democrats in the House and Senate, we’ll get single-payer [health care].” (Reuters, 6/17/96)”

  • Bill Hedges
  • NonaJo Business

    Ha, just listen to all the close-minded ignorant people in here!

  • NonaJo,

    Care to elaborate?

  • Bill Hedges

    NonaJo Business

    You have totally overwhelmed me with facts…I change my mind and agree with you.

  • Bill,

    haha, he’s got me convinced as well. I stand corrected!