California says “No” to wasteful state spending

The state of California went to the polls yesterday to vote on a number of measures which were designed to halt the state’s spiraling our-of-control budget deficit. All but one were soundly defeated as California voters blatantly rebuked lawmakers’ attempt move money around without actually cutting any wasteful spending. Of course, the one measure which passed was aimed at prohibiting lawmakers from taking a pay increase during a recession, something the federal government needs to entertain.

Golden Gate Xpress reports:

California voters have officially voted no on five of the six propositions in Tuesday’s special elections, according to the results provided by California’s Secretary of State’s official website.

Proposition 1A through 1E were critical in seeking to change the state’s budget system, but the five propositions received over 60 percent of voters saying no.

Prop. 1A was to limit state spending and increase the “rainy day” funds from 5 percent to 12.5 percent.

Prop 1B would have given supplemental payments of $9.3 billion to schools and community colleges, if Prop. 1A had passed.

Prop 1C would have modernize the state lottery and allow the state to borrow $5 billion against future lottery revenues.

Prop 1D would have moved $1.6 billion in tobacco taxes from services for children five and younger to the state’s general fund, where it would be spent on other children’s programs.

Prop 1E would have revised 2004’s Prop. 63 to temporarily allow tax money earmarked for new spending on mental health programs to be moved to the general fund to help balance the state budget.

The only proposition voters approved of was Prop 1F, with about 75.5 percent of voters saying yes. Prop 1F prohibits government officials to receive a pay raise during a deficit.

Since the first five propositions did not pass, California will expect more budget cuts.

The special election was aimed to close a gap of approximately $42 billion and now will mostly likely face a growth of $21.3 billion shortfall this summer.

The people are clearly clamoring for budget cuts, not increases in borrowing and spending. The state has threatened things like releasing prisoners and cutting fire departments, however, that is absurd when the state is still spending billions on other completely useless projects like eco-friendly school buildings.

I don’t know but maybe it’s just me. I’d be canceling the $25 million for a eco-friendly school building before I release rapists. I’m just sayin’, that’s all. Then again though, California applies the liberal Democrat prism when deciding what to cut first. Wasteful environmental studies are at the bottom of the list compared to teachers, firemen and keeping prisoners in jail. So long as we keep the sea otter study going, the state will be fine.

Glenn Beck elaborates:

No doubt, the tax dollars from fiscally sound states will be used to bail out Democrat-controlled states like California and New York because they have employed too much tax-and-spend liberalism and, not surprisingly, it has failed.

Also not surprising is that, when polled, a strong 72% of voters feel that voting against these spending propositions was a way to send a message to Sacramento about it’s incompetence.

So hooray for California and I hope the rest of the nation continues to follow in rejecting lawmakers’ attempts to cover their own incompetence and inability to manage their respective state’s financial resources.

  • D.D.Mao

    “Humanities innate folly is the belief that the clothes will some how remake the man. We may change the wardrobe of humanity but not it’s nature.”..Albert Jay Nock

  • Path

    It’s not that easy to cut spending when it requires a two-thirds majority in both houses to pass a budget. And another two-thirds majority to determine the tax rate. And when citizens can use a simple referendum to get any project going. You end up with a lot of stupid ideas. It’s time for them to call for a constitutional convention. The economist did a good article about this last week.

    And who said they would be releasing rapists? Or are you just fear mongering?

  • “And who said they would be releasing rapists? Or are you just fear mongering?”

    That is not me fear mongering, that was Gov. Schwarzenegger and other state officials who said they’d be forced to close prisons and release prisoners.

    I was repeating their ludicrous threats to voters.

    If all measures fail, Schwarzenegger warned he will have to take drastic measures to help with the budget crisis.

    That includes shortening the school year by a week and a half, cutting tens of thousands of education jobs, eliminating health insurance for nearly a quarter-million low-income children, laying off 1,700 state firefighters and withholding $2 billion from local governments, which could trigger cuts in law enforcement and other services.

    A defeat of the provisions could also mean 38,000 inmates in the California prison system may be freed and the state may be forced to sell the notorious San Quentin prison — home to Scott Peterson.

    That is all fear mongering since the state still spends billions on worthless programs that should be cut before any of those items. Luckily the people didn’t buy it.

    California officials are fear mongering so they can keep being incompetent with taxpayer dollars. Also, I will concur that California voters hold some of the responsibility for the state’s situation as they continue voting in the same liberal Democrat policies time and time again. Schwarzenegger has been worse than Gray Davis, which is hard to accomplish. He gave in on all the spending cuts he pledged to make.

  • D.D.Mao

    1A NOT 2B…….Only 46.8% voted yea on proposition 1A which ask for tax increases in San Francisco County. San Francisco County is Nancy Pelosi’s district.

    Voters are getting feedup with politicians spending all over! Have you been keeping up with the political crisis in the U.K.?

  • Bill Hedges

    Schwarzenegger’s wife is a cutie, but what a family to live with. Wealth from illegal endeavors and murders. Not just Teddy. America’s green family. Green money. Don’t put winds miles off my ocean view. Even if it takes binoculars to see.

    As a weight lifter he was a bully. As a actor he was great. I enjoyed “Twins” and “Kindergarden Cop”.

    If all had passed yesterday, they still would have been in heavy debt. California is a microcosm to Obama’s philosophy. Union strength,no oil and nuclear(?),green at all cost, and debt without limit…

    Nate is right my tax dollars will go to California. High taxes and high spending government soon will be Obama’ plan evolution.. 95% won’t have taxes increased. Wrong and most promises to the people. Special interest got theirs. In more ways than one, taxes will rise on all. With failure of California,so goes Obama.

    We can only hope in the land of Ronald we just had a tea party California style. Like the first tea party, they showed the heart that party certails.

  • Path

    Nate you should read the next paragraph

    “If they are non-serious or nonviolent, non-sex offenders, we could save in general funds about $53 million in 2009 to 2010,” the governor said.

    So no they won’t be releasing rapists.

    And to cut the budget you still need a two-thirds majority. And the way politicians on both sides have gerrymandered their districts only the most extreme voices get elected. And even then they have voter initiatives to deal with that can’t be vetoed

  • Bill Hedges


    What kind of problems are they having in England ?

  • Path

    You haven’t been watching the news? For the first time since 1695, the speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin had to step down. MP’s in every party have been using expense accounts for personal things. From house upgrades to dog food.

  • Bill Hedges

    Deficits worry Intel Chairman Craig Barrett
    May. 10, 2009 12:00 AM
    The Arizona Republic

    Q: What are other signs people should be paying attention to?

    A: “The thing I’d be most concerned about right now is deficits. What we’re doing for short-term stimulus is cool and necessary, and I think everybody buys into that. It’s what we’re doing longer term . . . government infrastructure, government costs we’re putting in place. Personally I’m frightened to death of the trillion-dollar deficits everybody’s looking at years two through 10 of the next decade. I don’t see how those are sustainable” . . .

    “It means a lot for people like Americans because when we start to get up with a deficit which is approaching 100 percent of GDP then . . . the Chinese are going to wake up some day and say, ‘I don’t want your IOUs anymore,’ and all the sudden the dollar’s going to be worth 50 percent of what it was worth the day before, which means the standard of living of every U.S. citizen crashes and the government can’t print money to make up for that.”

  • Bill Hedges
  • Path

    “What we’re doing for short-term stimulus is cool and necessary”

    Thanks for finally admitting that. Obama has already talked about reducing the long term debt which involves reforming social security and Medicare and Medicaid and probably some new taxes. Your party already got its shot now let us take ours.

  • Bill Hedges

    Took Republicans moments ago to pass Credit card Bill of Right

  • Bill Hedges

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    Columbia, MO

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  • Bill Hedges

    “Economic indicators up more than expected in April”

    NEW YORK –” A private research’s group forecast of economic activity rose more than expected in April, the first gain in seven months.”

    “The Conference Board says its index of leading economic indicators, designed to forecast economic activity in the next three to six months, rose 1 percent last month. Economists surveyed by Thomson Reuters expected a 0.8 percent increase.”

    “Conference Board economist Ken Goldstein says that means declines in activity could switch to growth in the overall economy in the second half of the year.”

    “The index is derived from 10 components including stock prices, the money supply, jobless claims and new orders by manufacturers.”

    “The Conference Board says strengths among the components exceeded weaknesses for the first time in more than a year.”

    With all of Bush’s stimulus and Fed. bank infusions, with little of sir’s money even spent til 2010 or later, a sign
    of economic recovery surfaces.

    Would be nice to cancel future spending by governemt as many banks beg to pay the government back

    Maybe California will not fall into the sea after all.

    Thanks Bush

  • Bill Hedges