Classic liberal hypocrisy from

This one is so good I can’t contain my utter contempt for the left-wing activists who once chided President Bush’s deficits yet now make excuses for President Obama’s.

Seems that the liberal PAC took a quarrel with President Bush’s spending and put out this ad back in March of 2008 called “Child’s Play“:

Funny, I don’t remember President Bush ever hitting a “trillion dollar deficit.” Oh wait, that would be President Obama who will be hitting a $1.85 trillion deficit this year. So I guess, in essence, President Obama’s spending is indeed making President Bush’s spending look like “child’s play,” they’re correct.

So thank you for pointing this out.

Yes, President Obama, who is going to pay off your $1.85 trillion deficit on top of President Bush’s $400 billion deficit?

There is no good answer here and it simply proves that liberals are fine with deficits so far as they’re done by Democrat Presidents. I think Bush’s spending was terrible as well but now it pales in comparison to Obama.

  • JD

    Nate, do you believe that Obama’s budget is a result of Bush? Or do you really believe that Obama racked up 1.85 trillion deficit in 100 days?

  • Bill Hedges

    Let’s see, Obama will put us in debt equual to All American Presidents. Oh yes. Blame Bush.

    Bush caused our sub prines. Oh yes

    Bush cased Great Depression. Oh yes

    Bush did not ask for more regulations on loan institutions. Oh no..Everybody knows Republicans are against regulations. Oh yes

  • JD, Obama is responsible for earmarks such as 685 Billion dollars for health care reform. He even stated that was just to kick off the program, more to come. Obama is responsible for the huge amount of spending on Stimulus that he proposed and congress passed. Yes, Bush put us on the path to socialism, Obama smiled and put the pedal to the floor. The scary thought is, Obama in his first 100 days has spent more money then all the President’s combined in this countries history. How can you ignore that?

    Even you JD, must be starting to question your vote for Obama.

  • “Nate, do you believe that Obama’s budget is a result of Bush? Or do you really believe that Obama racked up 1.85 trillion deficit in 100 days?”

    JD, just for the sake of arguing your faulty premise, lets say you’re even half correct. Lets say Bush left Obama with around a $900 billion deficit.

    How do you explain the rest?

    Tell me JD, will Bush be responsible for the deficit in 2019?

    JD, you tell me where on that chart Obama becomes responsible so we can wait until then to discuss the deficit and spending. I will ignore the topic until then so you can’t use the “blame Bush” strategy anymore.

    Just tell me at what point the Obama administration becomes responsible? I’d like to know what you think because this is becoming a stupid, pathetic discussion every time you blame Bush for what Obama is clearly doing. Tell me, did Bush want $600 billion for health care, or was that Obama’s new policy? Duh?

  • JD

    I think 2010 is where we should really start looking at the budget as being 80% Obama. I will give obama 55-60% responsibility for the deficit but for you to claim Obama is 100% responsible is crazy.

    I told you this from the beginning. If obama is able to cut the current deficit in half by the end of his first term than he has been successful because he has covered his programs.

    Still, Look at what he is looking to fix, whether you agree with how he is fixing it or not… Healthcare, energy, and a shaken economy.

    I know you don’t understand because republican’s solution for fixing something is to keep doing the same thing and ignore the problem.

  • “Still, Look at what he is looking to fix, whether you agree with how he is fixing it or not… Healthcare, energy, and a shaken economy.”

    He’s not “fixing” them, he’s nationalizing them. There’s a difference. You’re fooling yourself into believing they’re solutions when they’re not good for America, they will grow government, kill jobs and hurt every single one of us. Are you too ignorant to understand that? It seems so. Sorry but I’m sick of playing nice with your ignorance and arguing on your false premises, it’s crap.

    Furthermore, you want to use government-subsidized “green jobs” to fix energy, which is a total sham. Look at Spain which champions green jobs and 17% unemployment. Furthermore, the government is still propping them up because they’re too expensive to maintain. Electricity rates or obscene and companies are leaving the country. Great ideas we should copy! Boy, you have good solutions, JD!

    However, that seems to be the Democrat motto. Lets take bad ideas from socialist countries and apply them here because we’re mentally incapable of moving toward more free market solutions.

    I’m in favor of solutions which work and you should be too. Instead you’re in favor of solutions which do not work and have been proven not to work time and time again.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. Obama is pushing the same socialist programs and policies which are failing in Europe yet he doesn’t care, and neither do you.

    I could support a lot of things if they were going to work. The problem is that, unlike you, I choose not to ignore history so I can’t support them. You’re fine being the doting Obama supporter who doesn’t take the time to research anything or question your government nanny.

    JD, do you care about solutions which work or are you just a kool-aid drinker supporting whatever your Mom, er I mean, Obama says?

  • JD

    NO nate… you chose to support the programs that you choose to support. That is the beauty of being you! Then you call all other solutions stupid or dumb because you don’t agree with them.

    Nate, I know you are upset because your party is not in power and it is freaking you out. I understand what you are suggesting solutions that you think are better than the ones we are going with.

    The good news is that we have an election process that helps us decide what direction we want to go in as a nation. So no, I don’t drink the kool aid but I do think that a national health insurance agency is a good idea and that we need to get off of oil… not just foreign oil.

    Nate, you sound like a whining baby when you go on your personal attacks. You claim that you hate liberals who persecute poor Miss America contestants because they don’t agree with her point of view, yet you turn around and do the same thing. I guess we all become the things we hate.

    So all that being said, America is not going to end up in the gutter like you believe it to be and I don’t drink the lemon juice of fear that you like to sell. I guess that bothers you.

    You live in a bubble where you feel safe to blame entire deficits on a president who has been in office for a little over 100 days and so be it. But it makes you short sighted.

    Should we just talk crap to each other or stay on the topic? Which is that Obama is not responsible for the Deficit as it stands now. There were wars and neglect that occurred before he was in.

    Just like when you neglect your car…The expense of fixing it grows the longer you put it off and putting it off was the standard of business from the previous administration.

  • Bill Hedges


    Referring to Nate..”You live in a bubble where you feel safe to blame entire deficits on a president who has been in office for a little over 100 days and so be it. But it makes you short sighted.”

    Let me quote you again..”hahaha”

    Not that long ago the economy was getting better. Was before Obama’s 100 days and hardly any of his stimulas package was spent. Still hasn’t. You talked of recovery of sorts

    Did you give credit to Bush ?

    Are you giving improvement to date to Bush ?”

    Glad you are ! You are, right ?

    Now you must ?? I might have to check archives depending on your answer. Might be best to ignore this comment..Right ?

  • JD,

    I’m sorry you have lost the ability to espouse anything other than what Obama tells you to. Some day you will think for yourself and open a history book.

    So sad when decent people become so government-dependent they’re unable to see any other solution than more government. It would be nice to see people look to the free market before looking to government for once.

    I feel nothing but compassion for you JD, I hope you’ll wake up sometime and realize that government isn’t the solution to your problem.

  • stephen


    Do you really expect any liberal to actually blame their Messiah for making a shaky economy worse? Or to take at least part of the blame for propping up Freddie Mac and Fannit Mae knowing at everybstep they were crap loans and would burst the husing markets. They knew they would be able to blame Bush and the gullible American public (aided by their stooges in Hollywood and the media) would swallow it faster than a fat kid swallows a Twinkie. According to them Bush is responsible for the huge deficits that Obama’s stimulus packages WILL accrue. Bush is also to be h eld rresponsible for the failure of Obama to create any jobs outside of more government jobs, as well as all natural disasters of t e last years and my high blood pressure.

  • Bill Hedges