Will the Democrats force through socialized medicine?

The possibility now is becoming very real and very scary. Right now opposition to socialized medicine and Obama’s “universal health care” plan consists mainly of the Republican filibuster in the senate.

However, the Democrats are now considering ways to defeat the filibuster paving the way for unopposed socialism and Obama-controlled health care.

Fox News reports:

President Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress are poised to trample Republican opposition to his health care bill with a controversial legislative tactic known as reconciliation.

The fast-track process would protect Obama’s ambitious plan to overhaul the U.S. health care system from a potential GOP filibuster and limit the Republicans’ ability to get concessions. It also would give Democrats far more control over the specifics of the health care legislation.

Under typical Senate rules, 60 votes are needed to advance a bill, but reconciliation would enable Democrats to enact the health care plan with just a simple majority and only 20 hours of debate.

Democrats hold 56 seats in the Senate, and two independents typically vote with the party. Republicans have 41 seats, and there is one vacancy.

Republicans have complained furiously about the prospect of health care reform passing under fast-track rules. But they’re not planning to go down without a fight.

A GOP Senate committee aide told FOXNews.com that Republican lawmakers are considering offering amendments to the legislation that would be unpalatable to Democrats.

I find it rather ironic how the Democrats championed the power of the filibuster when they were minority. Now, however, the shoe is on the other foot and they want nothing more than dictatorial passing of legislation with no opposition, no debate and no examination of it’s abysmal effects.

Even if you’re in favor of socialized health care, don’t you think we should have the opportunity to debate and examine the legislation before we cram it down everyone’s throats like the bailout?

It’s amazing to me how “important” things like the filibuster are when Democrats are the minority. Now that they’re in the majority they want no questions asked on their socialist agenda.

Proceed with discussion!

  • Bill Hedges


    “Even if you’re in favor of socialized health care, don’t you think we should have the opportunity to debate and examine the legislation before we cram it down everyone’s throats like the bailout”

    Aren’t you being picky wanting them to change their ways all of a sudden. The PEOPLE voted Obama into office and want things this way. Although there doesn’t seem to be a good working socialized health care Country in the World, Obama will do for health care what was done to Social Security. Healthy and prosperous.

    Heck, add illegal immigrants to health care and social security too. Right thing to do. World will see how we care.

  • bones

    Filibuster isn’t exactly about an opportunity to debate proposed legislation. If I thought it would ultimately improve whatever passes, I’d probably be for it. I just see it as a form of pointless stalling, an exploitation of the system.

    I thought it was dumb when the democrats were in the minority too. And you know, back then I heard a lot of republicans voice the same sentiments, calling filibusters by all sorts of nasty names and labels.

    See, now that positions are reversed democrats have all forgotten how much they like filibusters and republicans have all forgotten how much they hate them. Nothing like role-reversal to get people to come around to a new way of thinking, is there?

    I’m sure if roles were reversed again tomorrow, everyone would go back to their original positions on the subject. That’s politics for you

  • D.D.Mao

    As you know I’m AGAINST NATIONALIZED HEALTH CARE.Health care needs reform sure but the government shouldn’t have any part in this process.Nate gave numerous alternatives to JD not long ago.WITH THAT SAID bones IS CORRECT.A fillibuster is just a means to delay and not a means of debating a legislation.The CLUELESS GOP knows it hasn’t any chance (with only 41 votes)to bring changes to the SOCIALIZED MEDICINE bill that the left will propose and have little to offer as an alternative in any regard.
    And in that these political pygmies have no one to blame but themselves with the past eight years of re-thinking and not shrinking government.No ….they will stand and give their schmaltz about how they are outraged but until they get some leadership and ideas to present to the American public the GOP platform is one of convenience and not conviction.And the American public will have no choice between “Give me Liberty or give me Debt”.

  • Bill Hedges

    Obama promised us_ change_ and _cooperation between the parties_ Obama has explained so well the health care program and how it will be paid for. The ungrateful Republicans should let it go. Accept the health plan, whatever it is. Hasn’t it been explained enough. I’m sure Republicans will have plenty of time to read and study.

    I understand in October of 2012 we will get to see purposed bills 5 days before signing. Things are progressing. Having ability to compare filibuster to Bush’s term is wrong. This is our progression in our new found _change_. This _new change_ only appears to be repeating history.

    His plan to fix social security and toxic debt some day will be revealed. All in due time for the greater good. Answer will be more taxing of rich and lowering overall benefits to be sure. That’s good.

    The American_NEW CHANGE_ Dream. Look to France for our future. Well, we may not have it that good. Being biggest DEBT COUNTRY IN WORLD or history of World, may_change_ our economy. Then again, rich can pay, our bottomless pit. How could taking from rich to give to poor be bad or harmful to America”s economy ??

    I plan on getting a job working for Obama’s Aunt. If she is not kicked out of Country !

  • JD

    Can someone post up the link of the bill. I would be interested in reading it. If not I will google around for it tomorrow. But it would be nice to wake up in the morning with a link. *smile*

  • Bill Hedges

    Hummm…Could there be reason WHY we are not talking about the specifics of the plan..

    Hummm… I wonder !!!

    JD…Please post universal health plan bill. Didn’t Obama mention Congress health plan durng his campaign ? Maybe that’s it ?

  • JD

    “Even if you’re in favor of socialized health care, don’t you think we should have the opportunity to debate and examine the legislation before we cram it down everyone’s throats like the bailout?”

    I am in favor of healthcare reform and, yes, I believe we should be able to debate but I wonder if anything would come from debating.

    It reminds me of an episode of “the office” where they were debating if Hillary Swank was hot or not. In the end they all stayed on the sides they originally started on.

    So in the end, it may not matter.

  • JD

    DeParle Anticipates Health Care Tug-of-War


    White House’s health reform czar expects “a vigorous, healthy debate” over parts of Obama’s plan.

  • Bill Hedges


    “but I wonder if anything would come from debating.”

    Not the pont. Point is it is openly discussed. Transparent.As promised

  • “It reminds me of an episode of “the office” where they were debating if Hillary Swank was hot or not. In the end they all stayed on the sides they originally started on.”

    That’s right JD, everyone goes to D.C with there minds already made up. Why would we actually think that Obama or Congress will actually play by the rules. Remember, to a liberal its all about intentions. So what if they didn’t get around to doing what they actually said they were going to do, they had good intentions! Losers, everyone of them.

    As for Hillary Swank, not a hottie. Her bone structure is to manly.

  • Bill Hedges


    I don’t know about Hillary Swank. Never watched the show.

    If we are not going to allow Congress to read and debate, why not just get rid of everybody but Senate and House leader. They can team up with Obama and do their thing. They might tell us Americans of the new laws. Sometime. Stream line the system. That’s CHANGE.

    Obama can take what George Washington refused…KING

  • JD

    CG… Congress is playing by the rules.

    Filibustering and all the other games are all apart of the politics that go on in congress. Has been like that from the beginning.

  • Bill Hedges


    How many $ Trillions’s bills have been passed and not read ?

  • That’s an excellent point Bill.

  • bones

    It is an extremely good point. It’s terrifying how often our nation is altered by men and women who haven’t been given the time to know what they’re doing, or haven’t taken it. It’s an excellent formula for disaster.

    But again, I don’t think a filibuster is a particularly constructive way to address this. In fact, I think it makes a mockery of the whole system (and it’s not as if the system needs much help with that).

  • Bill Hedges


    I know just a little about this fiibuster. As I understand it, Republicans are slowing it down, wanting some changes.

    Again, I have limited knowlege