A lesson about government dependence

Do you remember back to The Messiah’s old fashioned revival meetings? The ones where countless supporters swooned over President Obama’s every word and begged for assistance?

I’m sure you’ll remember Henrietta Hughes from back in early February of this year in Fort Meyers, Florida:

She pleaded with President Obama because she was homeless and jobless. President Obama said he’d get her some help, etc…

Well, fast-forward to today and it seems Henrietta Hughes is still in need of assistance:

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Henrietta Hughes is still struggling to make ends meet.

Unemployed and homeless, she caught national attention during President Obama’s visit to Fort Myers when she asked for his help. After her plea, Hughes was given a free place to stay, but she still can’t find a job and may soon find herself homeless again.

From CNN to Fox to WINK News, her story was everywhere. Today though you’ll find her at the Career Service Center in Fort Myers.

“It’s almost our second home,” Henrietta said of her time at the center.

She and her son Corey are taking computer classes. She hopes it gives them the edge to get a job. “We can start fresh,” she said.

However, her problem is that few industries are hiring. Since February she says they’ve been knocking on doors and applying for as many jobs as they can, but no luck.

Adding to her worries the house she’s living in for free, is only temporary. Representative Nick Thompson’s wife, Chene, owns the home and is allowing Henrietta to live there until it sells.

“Thank God for Mrs. Chene Thompson for allowing us to stay in her house,” Henrietta said.

If she has to move without having a job, Henrietta fears she’ll be back at square one — living in her truck.

Though she hasn’t had to pay rent, Henrietta says she hasn’t saved much money either. Her bills are often more than her income. Now she’s praying her story ends how she hoped it would. “Get a job and get on to do things that I decide to do,” she said.

Henrietta does have a job interview on Monday to do administrative work at a local hospital. She’s hoping some of the computer skills she was learning help her get the job.

Just a few things to note here:

A) Henrietta’s initial assistance came from a private citizen with an extra home, not the government.

B) Despite her please and President Obama’s promise, the government was not able to “help” her.

C) Henrietta has job interviews for positions which are not with the government nor were they created by the government.

D) Relying on the government to find you a job and housing is like relying on a rock to win a marathon. Like the rock which lacks the ability to move and/or run a marathon, the government is ill-equipped to help individuals find jobs and housing nor should it be in the business of doing so.

The moral of the story here is something everyone should take note of, I hope Henrietta Hughes has at this point. The government, including President Obama, cannot solve your individual problems. The government cannot create a job for you and provide housing, that’s called communism.

If you look to the government to solve your problems, you’ll be waiting a long time like Henrietta Hughes has been.

Rely on yourself! No offense to Henrietta Hughes who genuinely wanted a hand of support, which she received in some respect, though not from the government.

You are the key to your success, not President Obama!

I truly wish Henrietta Hughes the best and some success in her job interviews, though I hope she realizes it comes from her own actions, not the government’s.

  • bones

    I’m glad government assistance isn’t easy to get, it should only be available to those in most extreme need, because it certainly does run the risk of making people lazy and dependent. I have some experience helping to get people government assistance, and it’s really not easy.

    I once helped a man with severe multiple sclerosis get on disability, and it was nigh impossible. It took years, and this man was in constant pain (and the most disabling painkillers), couldn’t reliably stay standing, and had triple vision, and very little small motor control.

  • Bill Hedges

    I am on full physical disability. I received first try. I had solid proof from my Doctors and work record. I even enrolled in study that documented my progression in physical disability. Future proving my case.

    I have 23 year private retirement income.

    I have savings and allowed by rules to supplement my income through stock trades with no diminished disability pay.

    Ones successful retirement is based on ones personal planning. Reliance on government is bad plan. Government has programs to help improve your education. Good work records expands your work choices.

    I do not know how old Henrietta Hughes may be. Is good she is trying hard to succeed. As in all things, begin as early as possible for best results. Plan on muliple sources of income at retirement. Never know what may happen

  • bones

    If you needed assistance, I’m glad you were able to get it. If you don’t mind me asking, did you have assistance applying for it, or did you go through the process alone? Just curious

  • D.D.Mao

    I worked at the county Housing Authority for a number of years and it didn’t take much for you to get assistance.Hell you don’t even need to look for work.The only thing that would have you taken off the program it seemed was drugs and having unauthorized people stay at your residence.

    Nate and Conservative Gal care to comment on Fairfax County’s Section 8 program?

  • Bill Hedges


    Just myself