Video: Proof the Tea Parties are Bi-Partisan

A lot of nonsense has been made from the mainstream media that these Tea Parties around the country are some right-wing gatherings put on by Republican backers. I know from everything I’ve seen and read that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The people attending these rallies have one thing in common and one uniting complaint: They’re sick of all politicians in Washington wasting our money into oblivion! That includes Republicans and Democrats along with President Bush and President Obama.

As proof of this concept, watch this video from the Greenville, South Carolina Tea Party. Keep in mind South Carolina is a very conservative state and has been a Republican stronghold. Republican Representative Gresham Barret took the mic to address the crowd and it wasn’t pretty.

Barret supported both the trillion-dollar TARP and now supports the trillion-dollar porkulus package. The crowd was well-aware of his record on the porkulus plan and here is what happened:

Keep in mind that is a Republican congressman being booed and told to “go home” because he supported both stimulus packages.

I can tell you that this would have happened to anyone who supported Bush’s stimulus package and now Obama’s stimulus package as well, regardless of their party affiliation.

Politicians like Barret are clueless, completely clueless to the fact that these people are sick and tired of people like him spending their money!

So the big lie coming out of the mainstream media is that these tea parties were just anti-Obama or just pro-Republican is a complete misreporting of what actually happened.

  • Bill Hedges

    “It became unpatriotic to drink tea around the time of the Boston Tea Party, so chocolate became a popular alternative in the colonies. Since chocolate was much less expensive than in Britain, where imported cocoa was highly taxed, it quickly permeated all walks of life. For instance, chocolate was a military ration during the American Revolutionary War, was drunk as a medicine during the Lewis and Clark Expedition and on the western overland trails by California Gold Rush miners, and was a common food desired by soldiers and civilians alike during the period of the American Civil War.”
    Jim Gay

    When you have chocolate…Remember..Tea party Day.