Code Pink crashing the Tea Party?

As with all protests you have supporters and opposition. While I was at the Washington DC Tea Party I noticed a woman who was seemed very familiar. I went over to her and asked the questioned, “are you from code pink?” She was quick to claim her stake on the organization as the founder. I knew she looked familiar, I have seen this women on O’Reilly a dozen times arguing with him over this or that. So I wondered what her purpose in attending the Tea Party was. From what it seemed like, the code pinkers were in step with Americans who were there to express their anger over high taxes, outrages porkulous spending and overwhelming bailouts.

Could it be that this event was truly a non-partisan event?


So is this code pink lady a media hog or is she truly sincere?

Take a look at these protesters that were there to support shutting down Gitmo, I really am shocked they weren’t tackled, who knows maybe they were and I didn’t see it.

All I know is that people were quite voicestrous as these silent protesters passed by. I may have been one of them. That said, I had to remind myself that these people has a right to the First Amendment Freedom of Speech, God Bless ’em.

  • Bill Hedges

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    “Nancy Pelosi on Tea Parties: “We Call It Astroturf” (Video)
    The Queen weighs in on the Tea Parties. At least she acknowledged the existence of today’s events, unlike her buddy”

    I dare anyone to give example where this type of debt spending obama is doing WORKED. Anywhere in the World. Any era. Must have worked once…

    Reaganomics worked.. Longest BULL MARKET in American history. Stopped by sub-prime

  • Bill, Nancy Pelosi has many reasons to be running scared. These tea parties were aimed at lawmakers like herself who think there “untouchable”, well Nancy, we’re coming for you next, pitch forks in hand! It’s to bad her face cannot show emotion, too much botox!

  • Bill Hedges


    Obama backed down on gun control. Speaker lowest appoval rating I think. They know, in their heart or whatever they have, their day is near

  • I hear July 4th tea parties are going to be bigger and better. Next years elections are our opportunity to out the “left wing extremist”.

  • Babs

    Astroturf? Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t know real grassroots people if they walked up to her and slapped her in her transfixed face. *LOL*

    By the fourth of July, CG, I think they will be bigger, too. I’ll plan my summer vacation around one, and I’m sure there are millions of others that will, too. =)