McCain, GOP gain ground in swing state ad wars

For days, we’ve heard that Obama is massively outspending McCain on ads, which her most certainly is, however, news out today that with the help of the RNC, McCain’s campaign is now matching Obama with ad dollars in several swing states.

Here’s the report from USAToday:

WASHINGTON (AP) — After weeks of being out-advertised by Barack Obama, Republican presidential candidate John McCain and the Republican Party are nearly matching the Democratic nominee ad for ad in key battleground markets.

Ad spending and ad placement data obtained from Democratic and Republican operatives show that in the closing days of the campaign the Republican voice has grown louder in states such as Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

For instance, Obama had been scheduled to buy about $2.5 million in Florida ads for the last week of the campaign. McCain is now set to spend about $1.6 million and the Republican National Committee added $1.5 million to their buy in the state this week. Obama appears to have added more weight to his ads since.

The ad war is especially noticeable in Florida’s central corridor, which includes Tampa, Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Those near-parity levels in crucial states come with a price. McCain has had to trim back his ads in Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, giving Obama even greater edges there.

A map of the states where McCain and the RNC are spending their money also illustrates the defensive nature of their 11th hour strategy. Except for Pennsylvania, the McCain-GOP focus was on trying to hold states that President Bush won in 2004.

And while the GOP may have turned up the volume in crucial states, Obama had outspent them for weeks with ads that promoted his cause and attacked McCain.

The last round of ads comes as national polls show Obama with a lead but with McCain closing in. State polls, however, are the more important barometer of how the election might turn out. And by that measure, Obama is in a much better spot, with clear holds of past Democratic states and competing in what have been reliably Republican states.

As the article stated, Obama may have since added more dollars to the swing state so there’s no way to tell. The real issue, though, is that matching Obama in swing states forces McCain to withdraw resources from states like Missouri and Indiana, where he needs to defend their previous “red” status.

TV ads from both candidates simply annoy me personally. I spend all day staring at polls, reading stories, and defending my honor against you heathens in the comments. 😉

The last thing I want to do when I sit down to watch mindless television is be reminded about this nonsense. Unfortunately here in Virginia, we’re inundated on local broadcasts from both sides.

  • JD

    I feel for you battle ground states. There is no campaigning in Texas so I don’t see hardly any TV ads other than what I catch on the internet.

    The early voting here is crazy. Hour + long waits to vote… I can’t imagine what it is going to be like next Tuesday.

    Still, I wonder if it is even worth McCain paying all that money for Television ads. Haven’t is been proved in the past that just because you out spend an opponent doesn’t they win.

    I would think McCain would spend his money in the battleground states better than that.

    Obama is in the unique position of having more money that things to do with it so he can afford extra air time.

    Not to mention America loves Obama and he will be our next president. 🙂

  • I guess when you say “America loves Obama” you must mean 50% of the country. Since the rest of us don’t really care for his policies and are about to make that known in a few days.

    Your cocky attitude is entertaining though, keep it up. Keep telling your Barry supporters they don’t need to vote, it will be funny when half of them don’t show up because they’ve been programmed to believe the race is over, like you.

  • Deb

    JD..who are you talking about when you say America loves Obama?

  • U.S.A.

    Sweet Suzie Q It don’t really matter what % of America loves Obama
    now does it? All you need to know is that enough % of America loves
    him to make him president. You can cry, throw things, call a
    friend, or whatever. Maybe you can did up more meaningless dirt on
    Obama but in the end, President Barack Obama will still help you
    out. Congratulations to President Barack Obama and Vice President
    Joe Biden ’08

  • JD

    Deb, I was talking about America and America loves Obama. It is
    like a coke and a smile. They just go together. You shall see.
    SuzieQ – “It will be funny when half of them don’t show up because
    they’ve been programmed to believe the race is over, like you.”
    That is your only hope isn’t it suzie…Don’t worry, I already
    voted. 🙂 Man, the republican base is literally in fear on this
    site. It is like they are already on step 2 of the grieving
    process, anger. After the election they will be on step 3 which is
    bargaining… If McCain hadn’t done this or if he had done that..
    Then will come depression. I think that will last a few months but
    by April of 2009, you republicans will have finally gotten to the
    last stage. ACCEPTANCE! lol. In all seriousness, good luck in the
    election. No matter who wins this, they are going to have a hard
    term ahead of them and this election has been one for the history
    books. Also, after November 4th we will not have any campaigns to
    give donations to so maybe we could start throwing a little over to
    the man behind the curtain, Nate, founder of He
    has created a family here and we all have enjoyed playing our
    parts. I, the red headed step child, have enjoyed the ride and look
    forward to the Cheers and on with the show!

  • Stalin

    JD and USA

    If I were you guys, I would never go to Vegas. You guys have pollitis. You do realize they have been known to be wrong…we’ll all find out soon enough. When you point the bat to the left field stands, you better step up to the plate and hit a homerun or it’s going to be a painful walk back to the dugout…..and I’ll be laughing my ass off.

  • NiceKing

    obama is a patriot…buying the 30mins primetime tv helps the economy because if we dont start spending money/investment, the economy crashes. oba is wise so he invested his money on a 30min add whilst McSame invested his on Palin’s wardrobe. thats the bad judgement Obama has been warning us thruout the entire campaign…
    he’s probly gonna get a heart-attack if he wins coz he dint expect the suprise and if he loses coz he’s just mad & upset. i guess its a no win situation. before you cast a vote, just stop and imagine a palin presidency if somethin is o happen to McCain. i mean she doesnt even know the duties of VP let a lone Pres.

  • U.S.A.


    I realize it is hard to accept defeat but I believe you can do it. I will post on here after the election, will you?
    It is a good thing that President Barack Obama has it won because you may look odd without an ass.
    It’s going, going, going……Gone. HOMERUN!

  • Pats

    Talking about the ad competition now between the two camps reminds me of the two catch phrases they use in these last days of the campaign trail “Spread the wealth” and ” create the wealth”. Obama, according to McCain, wants to spread the wealth, while he, McCain, wants to create wealth. Though McCain ties these phrases with their tax policies, I’m viewing them in terms of their ad spending.
    Obama takes the money from the contributors and spread it to the media and the GOP add their bit to McCain and also spread it to the same media. Are both camps not creating and spreading the wealth? May be I confused the two concepts- creating and spreading, can someone help?
    On the tax factor, definitely whoever ascends into the Oval Office will tax. The mode and pattern will differ,but will invest in either creating new production units or maintaining the existing ones or both. I think again this is both creating and spreading wealth. Am I right?

  • Pats

    Nate, your second to last paragraph is touching and I really feel what you are going through. “……I spend all day staring at polls, reading stories and defending my honors against you heathens in the comments”.
    I know how difficult it is with you to moderate all the nonesense we write, the language, the tone and the contents. You are doing a tremendous piece of work and you deserve very high commendation. Honestly, you will be irritated by the same nonesense on tv after a very long hard day. I wish we could make your work lighter. Please bear with us and keep the good work. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Hedges

    Pats- In my opionion you are wrong. People donate money to political groups. By choice. No one is forced to give. Once given, lets say to Republicans, they spend it to try to get candidate elected. They buy air time are whatever. Same as you buying a sofa…………………………………………………Spreading the wealth is this..Government raises the taxes of a higher income individuals..Not to pay for government functions. Instead Government gives some of this money to people in lower income backet. Thus sreading the wealth from the richer class to a poorer clas. Spreading the wealth.

  • Pats

    BH, I think I understand your point but how does government give out that money to the poorer class, or lets say the lower income earner? It might be by tax exemption, lower tax, wage increment or yet still invest in a venture that creates new jobs for those not working. This I guess could also be a way of creating and spreading wealth. Don’t you think so?

  • Bill Hedges

    Pats- I believe the idea is by check. Yes, there are many ways to do it. But this money is given to the whole lower income group. Is not the same as exemption, which is for a particular reason, example being # of children which applies to all classes.

  • Pats

    Bill, I don’t think your caes is strong enough to convince me. I don’t think the entire amount of money could be given to the whole lower income earners. What about the unemployed, who don’t earn at all? Something must be invested somewhere to create income (wealth) for them too. Again we can call that spreading the wealth to reach them, isn’t it?

  • Babs

    Pats, you brought up a good point, and I’d like to address it. I’ve listened more to financial networks lately, and their interpretation of Obama’s “spread the wealth”. It’s the general consensus that what makes the difference is that the money he raises from taxing the upper 5% is indeed earmarked not to the general fund, but to “tax rebates”, “checks”, “welfare”, whatever they want to tag it. Generally, when taxes are raised it reverts into the general fund to pay down debt, fund new programs, etc. Obama has earmarked his tax cuts to go directly to lower income people who do not pay taxes anyway.

    The point I really want to make, though, is where you said this:

    “What about the unemployed, who don’t earn at all?”

    Interestingly enough, Obama’s original plan included them, but as it has been revised after the “spread the wealth” controversy, it will no longer cover the unemployed. In fact, it covers no one without a job. That will include retirees on fixed income, disabled (including veterans), or the unemployed.

  • DJS

    JD..Boy am I glad I don’t like coke. But what an ad campaign. You should write that into Obama.

    NiceKing…Obama a patriot? Is that the same as Biden saying that it is our patriotic duty to pay taxes? Isn’t that what the Boston tea party was all about. And as far as Obama investing money into his 30 minute dog and pony show and the RNC investing money into Palin’s clothes you have to admit they both help the economy. If people aren’t in stores buying the stores lay off people and close their doors.

  • Babs

    How is Obama’s 30 minute ad buy helping the economy? Nobody gets that money but the networks, and they are investing their money overseas where they get cheaper tax breaks. *LOL*

  • Super Sleuth

    Beware the Obama BOTS luking everywhere just like BIG BROTHER! They attempt to suppress and depress. Blow them and their lying crew off.


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